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Episode Five


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Wild Thangs (home)

1.(at the park)
Blain: You say you have some kind of decision that you need to make mother. It sounded really important. What is it about?
Rebecca: (confused) What Blain?
Blain: When I came here I overheard you talking. You were saying that you had some sort of decision that you needed to make. What is the decision? Is it about me or dad?
Rebecca: Uh... no dear, it's not about you or your father. I was... just... merely trying to to figure out what should be for dinner tonight.
Blain: Oh that's all. I thought it might have been something bigger. Well I've gotta run. (leaves)
Rebecca: Oh it is bigger, bigger than you think.

2.(at "Pit Stop")
Tracy: I still can't get that daydream out of my head. What does it mean? Why am I remembering that? Wait a second, I know. For years I've been wondering who that mysterious guy was that my mother was talking to. I never knew his name or anything. They seemed to be discussing something rather serious. And they mentioned my name, but for what? This doesn't make any sense. I have to find information somehow, but why. Could somehow my daydream and Victoria link together? This is getting way too complicated.
(she looks at her watch and then walks over to one of her employees)
Tracy: Listen, do you mind closing up for me tonight? I have some important business to take care of.
Employee: No problem Tracy.
Tracy: Thanks.
(employee leaves)
Tracy: It's time that I start some investigating of my own, tonight.

3.(meanwhile at the plaza)
(Scott is walking down the strip)
(meanwhile David is walking down the strip coming towards Scott)
(David bumps into Scott)
David: Oh, I'm sorry.
Scott: Oh it's.... David. Just the man I'm looking for.
(David starts to get nervous but not showing it)

4.(meanwhile that evening at M&L Hotel)
(at the reception desk)
(Dana is fumbling, dropping papers and pens)
(Richard stands there watching her)
(Dana drops a can)
Dana: Darn. Oh come.
(Dana goes to pick up papers and drops them again)
Dana: Shoot!
Richard: Dana stop, stop. Why are you here? You should be taking time off.
Dana: I don't need a vacation right now Richard. I need to be active, doing something.
Richard: Yes, but this is the only place that you can be active at. Listen, don't act like I don't know what's going on.
Dana: There's nothing going on Richard.
Richard: Don't lie to me. It's the exact day five years ago that our parents had their accident. It's the fifth anniversary.
(Dana looks away)

5.(meanwhile at Andrews Global late that evening)
(almost everyone is gone and almost all the lights are turned off)
(Tracy enters the building)
Tracy: Everyone seems to be gone for the day. I wonder if Victoria is still here. If she's not I'll be able to search her office for clues, see if I can find some answers to my questions. Now I have to find her office first.
(Tracy walks down the left hall slowly)
(she walks pass three offices and finds Victorias)
Tracy: She's still here. Now what?
(Tracy leans against the wall and listens)
Victoria: (talking to herself) No matter what happens I have to keep Tracy from nosing around for clues. I know for a fact that she suspects something. If Tracy ever learns the truth, it'll only make everyones life hell, including hers and mine. Tracy is just so determind to find this connection between her and I that I'm not sure of how to keep her from searching. (yawns) I need sleep. Tomorrow I'll be able to think straight.
(she picks up her things and turns off the light)
(Tracy hides around the corner as Victoria then leaves her office and walks off)
Tracy: I knew it. There is a connection and Victoria knows. But for some reason she doens't want me to find out. But I will, oh I definately will.

6.David: You were looking for me. For what?
Scott: I wanted to bring something across you.
David: Bring something across me?
David: (thinking in his head) Oh God, he knows, he knows that I'm the one that has his file. He's going to destroy me for good. What am I going to do?
Scott: I'm not sure if you heard but I'm currently looking for another writer for The Tribute. I've heard that you've been out of work for a while and was wondering if you'd be interested in the position. You'd be doing nothing but feature stories. You could work part-time. You'd be working with Blain.
David: Um, I'm not sure. I think I might have a project to begin soon. Perhaps I can get back to you.
Scott: Oh sure, I understand. You know my number.
(Scott walks off)
David: Feature story. I might just have that story for you already. Scott Taylors deep dark secret front page news. Or do I really want to double cross Scott? Maybe, maybe I could do something better than publishing this story. I'll blackmail Scott. There's a million things I could do with this. (smiles and walks away)

7.(at M&L Hotel)
Richard: You picked a fine day to come here.
Dana: I wanted to take my mind off of mom and dad.
Richard: So you come to the hotel that they developed together. That doesn't make sense.
Dana: Yeah I know. I guess my heart just won't let me forget about them.
Richard: I don't think you should forget about them Dana. You should always have memory of them. The only thing that you need to let go of is the pain in your heart. That's what you need to take care of.
Dana: I know, it's just... I'm afraid of past memories coming up. I'm not sure if I can relive them again.
Richard: That's what your family is here for. Joe, Diego, me, we're here to support you. You just have to decide whether or not your willing to take that next step. It's all up to you. Listen, how about we go home? There's plenty of people here that can close up.
Dana: I'd like that.


8.(at the Lincolns house)
(Marshall is in bed asleep when he hears noises coming from downstairs)
(he notices Tracy isn't in bed)
(he walks down the stairs and sees Tracy in the kitchen cooking)
Marshall: (tired) What are you doing? (yawns)
Tracy: (very awake and chipper) Rise and shine, morning is here.
Marshall: I see. You're awfully up early.
Tracy: I have a busy day instore for me. I have a lot to do.
Marshall: What are you doing?
Tracy: I'm playing Sherlock Holmes today. I'm going to find out what this connection is with me and Victoria.
Marshall: I thought you had gotten over that.
Tracy: I did but the idea kept eating at me. Then I had this weird flashback from my childhood. Last night I went to Andrews Global and I saw Victoria in her office. I listened to her private conversation.
Marshall: So, what does that mean?
Tracy: She was talking about me. Victoria knows that I am searching for a connection between us and she's trying to stop me from searching. She said that if I learned the truth it'll be devastating.
Marshall: I think you're thinking too much to this.
Tracy: Oh no, there's a connection between Victoria and I and I intend to find it.

9.(at the Taylors mansion)
(Rebecca is sitting on the couch in the family room reading a magazine)
(Scott enters the room to get the newspaper off the table)
Rebecca: Mind explaining what that mysterious call yesterday was about?
Scott: As a matter of fact I do mind.
Rebecca: Really and you say it's nothing. I can tell that you're lying. I can see right through you. After knowing you and being married to you for so long I know.
Scott: I didn't think you paid such close attention to me.
Rebecca: I know everything about you.
Scott: (thinking in his head) Oh no you don't, there's one thing you definately don't know.
(Blain enters the room)
Rebecca: Good morning Blain. Are you on your way out?
Blain: Yeah, I'm going over to Kellys.
Scott: Don't you think you should go to the office instead. There's a lot to be done. Didn't we have a discussing earlier about business, about things picking up a litt.e
Blain: Yes, we did. I just thought that that could wait. My next issue isn't due for a couple days.
Scott: Listen son, a story isn't going to just pop up. You have to search for it and searching takes time. You should be using the time you have right now to do that. I'm sure that Kelly will understand. Her family runs a big corporation, they have to make sacrifices too.
Blain: I'll work on it. (leaves)
Rebecca: You really know how to spoil someones day don't you? Why do you have to make everyones life as rotten as yours?
Scott: I'm not. I'm just pointing out to our son the more important things at the moment.
Rebecca: The article is not important. He should concentrate on his relationship to Kelly. He doesn't need you watching over his ever move. Let your son breathe for goodness sake. Give him freedom.

10.(at Davids apartment)
(David is looking at Scotts file)
David: Boy the things I could do with this. Ok, I think I've narrowed down my choices. I don't think I could print the article in The Tribute due to the fact that Scott will be overseeing it. However I could give this story to another writer at another paper. No, no, no, I wouldn't get anything out of it. There's only one thing left to do. Blackmail Scott. I'll simply set up a meeting with him and then give him choices. Now what do I want? Money, no that's too ordinary. Something big and spontaneous. Well money wouldn't hurt, I do need money. Wait, I've got it.

11.(at the Morales house in Danas bedroom)
(Dana is asleep in her bed)
(she twists and turns around on the bed)
(her pillow falls from the bed and hits the floor lightly)
Dana: No, please, no.
(Dana shivers)
Dana: It can't be. It just can't be! They're not! They're not!
(Joe enters the room quickly)
Joe: Dana.
(he shakes her a little)
Joe: Dana, wake up, wake up.
(Dana slowly wakes up in a slight daze)
Dana: What... what happened?
Joe: You were having a nightmare. I heard you screaming all the way downstairs.
Dana: I'm sorry.
Joe: What were you dreaming about?
(Dana has a quick flashback)
Dana: Uh... nothing. Listen don't worry about it ok. I'll be fine.
Joe: You sure?
Dana: Yeah, I'll be downstairs soon.
(Joe leaves the room and closes the door)
Dana: Dana stop bringing that up. It's not your fault. You couldn't have prevented it.

12.(meanwhile Tracy is in her car driving when she parks across the street from Victorias house)
Tracy: Ok, any minute now Victoria should be leaving for work.
(Victoria comes out of her house and into her car)
Tracy: Bingo.
(Victoria start her car up and backs it out of her driveway)
(Tracy bends down in her car so Victoria doesn't see her)
(Victoria takes off in her car)
(Tracy gets out of her car and walks up to the front door of the house)
Tracy: Now if I remember correctly Victoria, you always keep a spare key under your mat.
(Tracy lifts the mat and takes the key)
Tracy: I knew it.
(she puts the key in the door and opens it and goes in)
Tracy: Now, let's see what we can find here.
(she closes the door)
(meanwhile Victoria comes back to her house and pulls up in the driveway)
Victoria: I knew I forgot something.
(Victoria walks up to the front door and puts her key in)





Scott makes David an offer

Tracy cooks up a plan