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Episode Eight


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Wild Thangs (home)

1.(at the Morales house in Danas bedroom)
(Dana, in her nightgown, sits on her bed smiling)
Dana: Tomorrow will be a complete turn of my brother's life. He'll experience thigns that he's never encountered. I'll make sure of it.
(Dana turns off her light and goes to sleep)
(Joe opens the bedroom door)
(he sees that she's asleep, smiles and then closes the door softly)

2.(at the Taylors mansion)
(Rebecca is roaming the mansion)
(it's completely silent)
Rebecca: This is really eerie. Where is everyone? Scott should be home. I know Blain is at that dinner party but he should be here soon. Why do I get this terrible feeling that they're both in great danger tonight for some reason. I just can't shake this feeling I'm having.
(she looks over at the nearby table with pictures on it)
(she picks up the picture frame with the picture of Blain in it)
Rebecca: I don't know what I'd ever do if anything ever happened to you. I'd die. You are the reason why I live on to see another day. You're my life. You're the reason why.... I'm stuck in this marriage to your father. (sets the picture down) Oh, was Katheleen right? Am I stupid to not take heed to my thoughts about my marriage? Should I go on and divorce Scott regardless of how Blain will be affected?

3.(at "Pit Stop")
(Marshall is behind the counter)
Marshall: (looks at his watch) It's late. I wonder if Tracy got out of Victoria's house. I would call her but I don't know if Victoria returned home and Tracy is still stuck there. I wouldn't want to give her away. I just wish I knew how she was doing. I hate being away from her like this. (looks at his watch again)
(meanwhile Kevin enters and Marshall walks over to him)
Marshall: Kevin, may I ask you a question?
Kevin: Sure, what is it?
Marshall: Are you just coming from Andrews Global?
Kevin: Yes.
Marshall: Has Victoria left there yet or is she still there?
Kevin: Oh she left about an hour ago, why?
Marshall: Oh nothing important, thanks.
(Kevin walks off)
Marshall: Please say that you didn't get caught Tracy, please.

4.(at Vacreon Bay where Kelly and Blain are located)
Kelly: You must think I'm a fool.
Blain: No, of course not. I would never think that of you. I couldn't.
Kelly: It's just so hard.
Blain: Don't worry, we'll get through it, together.
(meanwhile a little distance from where Kelly and Blain are, where Scott is)
Scott: I don't like this.
(Scott goes back to his car and opens up the glove compartment)
(he pulls out a gun and puts it in his coat pocket)
Scott: Hello. Is anyone here? Hello!
(meanwhile David comes out from complete darkness, dressed in all black with a hood over his head covering his face)
David: I think you're looking for me.
Scott: I don't know. Who are you looking for?
David: Don't start with games, Mr. Taylor.
Scott: I guess you're him, the blackmailer.
David: I guess so.
Scott: Where's my file?
David: Not so fast, not so fast.

5.(at the Taylors mansion)
(Rebecca is in the living room thinking)
Rebecca: I have to make a final decision and make it soon. I can't continue on lying to Blain.
(she looks at the nearby clock)
Rebecca: Where could they be? It's getting really late. They should both be home. Well Scott's probably decided to go into the office and burn the midnight oil but Blain, he should have returned home from the Andrews already. Maybe he's staying the night.
(Rebecca picks up the phone and dials the Andrews number)
(Jennifer answers)
Jennifer: Hello, Jennifer Andrews speaking.
Rebecca: Hello Jennifer, this is Mrs. Taylor. Is Blain there by any chance?
Jennifer: Oh no he is not. He and my sister just left somewhere. I'm not sure where though.
Rebecca: Ok, thank you very much.
Jennifer: You're welcome Mrs. Taylor, good night. (hangs up)

6.(in the Andrews library)
(it's very dark, with only a lamp on filling part of the room with light)
(Mason stands against the window, with a glass of brandy in his hand)
(he looks at the picture of his father hung on the wall)
Mason: Why? Why didn't you leave me Andrews Global? I'm the one that stood by your side. Did you not trust me? What could persuaded you to leave the business to mother? It doesn't make sense. And now it's all going downhill because of her. Everything that's been accomplished will soon be for nothing. But don't worry. I will get control over Andrews Global one way or another. Somehow, someway I will. I just have to think of the perfect plan that will get rid of dear old mother and make me the head of Andrews Global. What could I do?

7.(at Vacreon Bay where Tracy is)
Tracy: What if there was something in Victoria's house that could have been the ticket to my finding out why I feel so strangely about her? I regret not being able to search much longer. Hmm, I should probably call Marshall and let him know that I'm ok.
(she talks out her cell-phone and calls)
Marshall: Hello.
Tracy: It's me.
Marshall: Are you ok? Did you get out? Where are you?
Tracy: I'm fine and yes I got out. I'm at Vacreon Bay. I decided to go out for a breather.
Marshall: I was worried that you got caught.
Tracy: No I didn't. She didn't even know that I was there.
Marshall: Good.
Tracy: I'll be home soon, don't wait up. (hangs up the phone)
(meanwhile at the stop where Scott and David are)
Scott: What do you mean not so fast? What's going on? Do you have my file or what?
David: Calm down. I have your precious file. Might I say that it was very interesting to read. My, with a secret like that there's no wonder why you'd want the file back. Now, where's my money?
Scott: In the car. (Scott walks back to his car and grabs a briefcase)
(he shows the money and then closes it up)
David: Hand it over.
Scott: No way. How do I know that you're not just going to run off.
David: You'll just have to trust me.
(David takes the case and starts to walks off)
(Scott pulls out his gun and loads it)
Scott: Stop!

8.(at the Andrews mansion)
(Jennifer walks upstairs and looks into Kellys room)
Jennifer: She hasn't come back home yet. I wonder where she went. Atleast since she's gone she won't have to pester me about... oh god. If that ever came out, it'd be a total mess. To think of what everyone would think of me. My mother, Mason, the general public. I've built such an image for myself. I won't let Kelly destroy the life that I've made for myself. There's no way my secret is going to come out. I won't have it.

9.(at Vacreon Bay where Kelly and Blain are)
Kelly: I want to thank you, for everything.
Blain: It's nothing. I keep telling you that. You don't have to thank me.
Kelly: Well I'm going to do it again. Really, you've been such an important part of my life. Even though I've made a lot of mistakes in my life you're always there for me. I don't know where I'd be without you.
Blain: I'm sure you'd be doing just fine. Your family would take care of you.
Kelly: Ah yes, my family. Well I'm nto sure how much help they'd be considering the fact that I feel like they're partially responsible for my problems. But I don't want to get into them at the moment. Listen, do you mind if we stay out here for a little while, I just want to be alone. Just me and you, away from the world.
Blain: I don't mind, anything you want.
Kelly: Cool.

10.(at the Lincolns house)
(in Marshall and Tracys bedroom)
(Marshall enters the room)
(he goes into his closet and takes out a small wooden box)
(he sits on his bed and opens the box)
Marshall: It's been so long since I've taken this out.
(he pulls out letters, postcards, papers, pictures)
Marshall: All of my memories from my childhood are here; memories of my father.
(he sighs)
Marshall: I will never forget what the Taylors did to you. I swear to you dad, I will make them pay.

11.(at Vacreon Bay)
(where Kelly and Blain are located)
Kelly: I'm getting cold. I have a blanket in the trunk of my car. I'll go get it.
Blain: Ok.
Kelly: I'll be right back. (walks to her car)
(meanwhile where Scott and David are)
David: What are you doing?
Scott: What do I look like? An idiot! You're not going to play me for a fool.
David: Hey, listen, put the gun down.
Scott: No.
David: Is that thing loaded?
Scott: Yes it is.
David: Look, calm down. There's no need to bring a gun into this situation.
Scott: The hell it's not. My life is on the line! If anyone finds out what happened in the past I'm history!
(David rushes into Scott pushing him)
(Scott pulls the trigger of the gun, missing David)
(Scott and David both fall to the ground after a struggle)
(both hitting the cold dirt ground)
(a loud scream is heard)
Scott: What was that? I didn't...
(David realizes that his hood is off)
David: Oh no.
(Scott looks over and sees that it's David)
Scott: David? You're kidding me. You're the blackmailer.
David: Crap, uh...
Scott: (preoccupied, changes the subject) I think I shot someone.
David: I know, I heard the scream too.
Scott: I say we both get out of here and forget this ever happened.
David: An innocent person is hurt out there. We can't just leave them.
Scott: Listen. If you give me the papers, my file, to me, I will give you the money in this briefcase. I know you want it.You're currently without a job. This money is what you need. Take it, but you have to forget about tonight. I was never here. Agreed?
(David unsure of what to say)
Scott: Agreed!
David: I'm sorry, I can't.
Scott: Crap, time's running out. I have to go, but trust me this is far from over.
(he takes his briefcase and heads to his car)
(meanwhile where Tracy is)
Tracy: Oh dear god, that was a gunshot. Someone must be hurt, I heard a scream.
(Tracy runs into the direction of where the scream came from)
Tracy: I wonder what happened. I hope no one's... oh no.
(Tracy finds Kelly and Blain)
Kelly: He was shot.
Tracy: By who?
Kelly: (crying) I don't know. The bullet came out of no where.
Tracy: I'll call 911.
(Tracy takes out her cell-phone and calls)
Kelly: Blain? Blain? Come on, stay awake. I can't lose you. I won't. Please God, don't let him die. Don't let him die.
(Blain lays in Kellys arms, his eyes halfway open gazing at his beloved Kelly)