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Episode Twenty-Five


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Season One Finale

1.(at the Lincoln's house)
(Marshall is in the living room going over some papers for the clinic when Tracy comes downstairs and into the living room)
Marshall: Hey, good... well afternoon. You slept late.
Tracy: I know, I intended to. I haven't gotten much sleep lately with everything that's been going on. I needed some sleep.
Marshall: Well you should have slept more.
Tracy: No, I think it was time for me to get up. Besides I might go to the cafe, there's a few things that need to be taken care of. But I'm not sure if I'm going or not. What are you up to?
Marshall: Just taking care of some business for the clinic.
(Tracy sits next to Marshall as he continues working)
Tracy: I'm sorry.
(he stops what he's doing and turns to her)
Marshall: Sorry for what?
Tracy: For everything. I'm sorry for putting our marriage on hold for this entire Victoria thing. I'm sorry for getting you involved. I'm sorry for putting your career in jeopardy. I'm sorry for being secretive at times.
Marshall: Shh. There's no need to be sorry. You were just doing what you needed to do. I can't hold you back for you. Besides I wanted to help you. My job is to help you and vice versa. We're married and we should be partners in everything.
Tracy: I really appreciate everything you've done. I love you.
Marshall: I love you too.

2.(at Hudson Park)
(Diego and Kelly are kissing but Kelly pulls back quickly)
Kelly: Diego! What are you doing?
Diego: Kelly? I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me. I just..
Kelly: It's ok. It's probably just the heat playing tricks on your mind.
Diego: Yeah.
Kelly: Listen I know you said you needed to talk but I really need to get going to Andrews Global. How about you come over the mansion later tonight.
Diego: Ok.
Kelly: Alright. I'll see you later. (picks up all the things and leaves)
Diego: You're wrong Kelly. It wasn't the heat at all.

3.(meanwhile Kevin is walking down Clifflake Avenue, he continues walking)
Kevin: Damn Mason, I know he set me. Trying to put this on me so no one will think that he's the one that did this. Atleast now I know what kind of person he is. He'll step over anyone and anything to get Andrews Global. He'll even destroy his own mother's life to get it.
(Kevin bumps into Jennifer who is walking down the street too)
Jennifer: Kevin?
Kevin: What?! I'm sorry Jennifer. I'm just really tense.
Jennifer: What's wrong?
Kevin: It's your brother!
Jennifer: Mason? Why are you tense over Mason? Has something happened?
Kevin: Oh you can say that. He set me up. You know the files that your mother thinks she lost for her account.
Jennifer: Yeah, but she did lose them.
Kevin: Nope. Mason stole them so she'd think that and she'd lose the account. He's trying to drive your mother from the company so he can have it.
Jennifer: That snake! But what does this have to do with you?
Kevin: Oh it gets really good from here. He tried to push it all on me. Last night I heard him talking about what he had done. He threatened me. Then this morning I think he planted the files in my office for Katheleen to find. She did, and she fired me.
Jennifer: I don't believe him. I guess I know now. What are you going to do?
Kevin: I'm going to get revenge on him. I'm going to prove to Katheleen that he did it.
(Kevin starts to walk off)
Jennifer: Wait! I think I might have something that you'll want to know. I came by Andrews Global this morning looking for my mother but when I saw that she wasn't in her office I went to yours. When I went there was Mason was coming out of it.
Kevin: That must have been when he planted the files. Thank you.
(Kevin talkes off)
Jennifer: Good luck!

4.(at the Morales house)
(the telephone rings, Richard answers it in his bedroom)
Richard: Hello.
Samantha: Richard, hi. It's me Samantha.
Richard: Hi, how are you?
Samantha: I'm doing ok.
Richard: How did you get my number?
Samantha: I found it in the phone book. I hope you don't mind.
Richard: Not at all, not at all. What's going on?
Samantha: I want to meet with you. Are you busy today?
Richard: No, I'm free. Where would you like to meet?
Samantha: Well I don't know that many places. You pick.
Richard: Alright, well how about we meet at "Blair's".
Samantha: The book cafe. Perfect. I'll meet you there.
Richard: Alright.

5.(at the Lincoln's house, in the kitchen)
(Tracy sits in the kitchen drinking a glass of orange juice and reading The Tribute newspaper when the doorbell rings)
Tracy: I'll get it.
(Tracy walks out of the kitchen, through the dining room to get to the front door, when she opens it, Nathaniel stands right outside)
Tracy: Mr. Prescott, what are you doing here?
Nathaniel: Hello Tracy. May I come in?
Tracy: What for? I think we've both said everything that we needed to say.
Nathaniel: I feel like we need to talk. I don't want any negative tension.
Tracy: Really? And what exactly did you think was going to happen when you decided to keep whatever secret there is for your precious daughter Victoria.
Nathaniel: Please. May I come in? Please.
Tracy: Fine, but only for a little while.
(Nathaniel goes inside)

6.(at Andrews Global, in the boardroom, seated are Mason, Victoria, Kelly, along with other employees and Katheleen standing)
Katheleen: Welcome everyone. I know it's been quite a while since we've had a board meeting and I'll be the first to apologize for that. But aside from that we need to take care of business. I'm sure you've all noticed that Kevin isn't here today. He will not be joining us here at Andrews Global anymore for certain reasons that will be untold. However on a much better note my daughter, Kelly Andrews will join us here at the company. I hope you welcome her completely and show her the ropes around here. Now unless anyone else has any further announcements, this meeting is adjourned.
(everyone starts to leave)

7.(meanwhile Richard is sitting down at a table at "Blair's" as Samantha enters and spots him and sits)
Samantha: I'm glad that you could meet me.
Richard: Well it sounded important.
Samantha: Well it is but let's not get quite into that yet. How are you?
Richard: Good, couldn't be better. You?
Samantha: I'm doing alright. Got a lot on my mind though but I'm hanging in there. Work is going great.
Richard: Now if you don't mind me asking. What did you need to talk about? It sounded really important and urgent over the phone.
Samantha: I guess there's no need in beating around the bush. I wanted to talk to you about the DNA test.
Richard: And?
Samantha: I've decided to take it. I'll do anything to find my biological parents.
Richard: That's great. I'm really happy for you.
Samantha: Thank you. None of this could have been possible without your help.
Richard: That's not true. All I did was show a little support, that's all.
Samantha: Well it really helped. A lot.

8.(at the Lincoln's house)
Tracy: Is there something that I could get you? Water? Coffee?
Nathaniel: No, that's ok. I'm only here to talk to you.
Tracy: Don't think I'm rude or anything Mr. Prescott but I don't believe there's anything to talk about. You've already made it very clear that you're not going to tell me what I want to know so I don't understand what we need to talk about.
(Marshall comes around the corner)
Marshall: What's going on?
Tracy: Meet Mr. Prescott. Victoria's father. Nathaniel, this is my husband, Marshall.
Nathaniel: Nice to meet you.
Tracy: He says that he needs to speak with me but I don't see why.
Nathaniel: I do, but I was hoping to speak with you, alone.
Marshall: I think that anything you have to say, you can say infront of my wife and I.
Tracy: No it's ok, I don't mind.
Marshall: You sure?
Tracy: Yes.
Marshall: I'll be at the clinic if you need anything.
(Marshall picks up his briefcase and leaves)
Tracy: Alright, now that we're alone I want to know what the hell you're doing here.

9.(at The Tribute newspaper offices)
(Jennifer enters Scott's office but Blain is there instead)
Jennifer; Blain? I'm sorry, I was looking for your father.
Blain: Oh he's in the editing room.
Jennifer: Thanks. By the way, I'm glad that you recovered well. It was a real shock when I heard that you had been shot.
Blain: Thanks. Kelly was really happy to seem me out of the hospital.
Jennifer: Ah yes, my dear sister.
Blain: Well I better go, I have to finish my article.
(Blain leaves)
Jennifer: My dear sister tried to expose my secret with that videotape, the little.... stop it Jennifer, just stop it. Now to find Mr. Taylor.
(she walks out of the office, down a hall and enters the editing room which is where Scott is)
Jennifer: Mr. Taylor, I've been looking for you.
Scott: For what?
Jennifer: I need to look at an article that was written in July of 1998. I went to the archives but the entire section of July through September articles or that year aren't there. How come?
Scott: Oh I was looking through them for soemthing for one of this weeks features. I just sent them back to the archives right now.
Jennifer: Alright
(she leaves and walks to the archives room)
Jennifer: They pay me to walk instead of writing.
(she enters the room and walks right infront of the file cabinet labled July 1998 and opens it)
Jennifer: Ok, nope, nope, nope, eww, disgusting, no, oh my.
(pulls out an article)
Jennifer: I had forgotten all about this. This was written about my father the day after he died. "Ben Andrews dies of a severe heart attack". No kidding.


10.(at the Lincoln's house)
Tracy: I want to know what you want. Why are you here?
Nathaniel: When both you and Victoria had left yesterday I began thinking about things. I spent all night and this morning thinking. I couldn't stop.
Tracy: Couldn't stop thinking about what?
Nathaniel: About the secret. The truth that you've been kept from.
Tracy: Well that's splendid. However, is that why you're here?
Nathaniel: No it's not. After all of my thinking I've come to a decision.
Tracy: Decision? A decision about what?
Nathainel: I've decided to tell you the truth, once and for all.
Tracy: You've got to be kidding me. Is this a joke?
Nathaniel; No, I'm going to tell you everything.
(Tracy stands stunned at Nathaniel but smiling)

11.(at The Tribute newspaper offices)
(Blain walks into Scott's office)
Scott: Blain, what can I do for you?
Blain: I was going to ask if my work here was done. I've already turned in my article for the editor so there's nothing left for me to do.
Scott: Fine, you may leave. But make sure that you're back here early in the morning. Your article should have been edited by then.
Blain: I'll be here.
Scott: Oh, have you seen your mother? I called the mansion but I didn't get an answer.
Blain: I don't know, she may have went out shopping.
Scott: I suppose so.
(Blain leaves the office, closing the door behind, he then takes out his cell-phone and calls Andrews Global)
Blain: Hi, yes. This is Blain Taylor. I'm calling for a Ms. Kelly Andrews, thank you.
(Blain waits for Kelly to answer)
(Jennifer walks by)
Jennifer: Well I'm going to head home. I'll see you around.
Blain: Alright, bye.
(Jennifer walks off, meanwhile Kelly answers
Kelly: Hello.
Blain: Hey beautfiul. What's on your agenda this evening?
Kelly: Nothing, yet. I'm about to leave here and head home.
Blain: Perfect. I'll meet you there.
Kelly: Ok.

12.(at the Morales house)
(Diego enters the kitchen and there is Dana cooking)
Diego: What are you doing?
Dana: Cooking dinner. Joe is coming home early from M&L so I decided to fix a little something. You staying too?
Diego; No, I have something that I need to take care of.
Dana: Oh.
(she resumes to her cooking)
Diego: Don't you want to know what I have to do?
Dana: I told you I was going to stay out of your business.
Diego: Well I'll tell you anyway. Tonight I'm going to let Kelly know of my feelings. Tonight I will find out whether or not we still have something. Tonight.

13.(meanwhile at Andrews Global)
(Kevin walks to Katheleen's office and goes in)
Katheleen: What are you doing here? You have no place here. Leave before I call security.
Kevin: Don't. Just hear me out.
Katheleen: I think I've heard enough, now leave.
Kevin: Just give me five minutes.
Katheleen: You have three.
Kevin: I know that yout hink that I set you up but I didn't. I know that it looked as if I ddi but I was set-up. I'm not the one that did this to you, it was Mason and before you call me a liar just listen. You know as well as I that he wants this company. For the past couple of years he's hated having you run this company, he's hated it. He'd do anything to get this company. Last night I overheard him talking about what he had done. He stole your fiules so you'd think that you lost them. He wanted to make you so miserable and make you feel so guilty that you'd resign and leave him the company. When he found out that I knew what he had done he was got really angry. He placed the files in my cabinet. Why were you even going through it in the first place?
Katheleen: I needed your accounts files to review them and Mason..... Mason told me to go there. He was very different... about something.
Kevin: Don't you see. He wanted you to look there so you could find those files. So you could think that I set you up. But it was him all long. Jennifer even came by here earlier looking for you but you weren't here. She came to my office looking for you but instead she found Mason coming out of my office. That must have been when he planted those files. You have to believe me Katheleen. I have been nothing but loyal to you ever since you started working here. Why would I do this? I don't want the company. I couldn't manage this company on my own.
Katheleen: I believe you. I just can't believe that my own son could do this to me. To his own mother. I'm sorry for accusing you so soon. Forget about everything I said, and you're hired again.
Kevin: Thank you. Is there anything you want me to do?
Katheleen: No. I just want to be left alone.
(Kevin leaves her office)

14.Tracy: I'm sorry, but did I hear you right? Did you just say that you were going to tell me everything? The truth?
Nathaniel: Yes.
Tracy: But what about Victoria? She was so against this. She didn't want you to tell me and you went along with her.
Nathaniel: It doesn't matter what she thinks.
Tracy: But why the sudden change? It's just really weird.
Nathaniel: I just can't keep this a secret anymore. You need to know.
Tracy: Ok, I'm listening.
Nathaniel: We should probably sit.
(they both sit in different chairs facing one another)
Nathaniel: What I have to tell you is very hard. Keeping this secret was not an easy thing to do. It'll take a lot of understanding for you to know why it was kept.
Tracy: I know and I'm prepared for whatever happens.
Nathaniel: Ok, here I go.
(Tracy, eyes wide open, completely focused on Nathaniel's every word, sitting on the edge of her chair whereas Nathaniel is calmer but nervous)
Nathaniel: Tracy.... I'm your father. And Victoria, she's your sister.
(Tracy backs up in her chair, puzzled)

15.(at The Tribute newspaper offices)
(everyone has left for the day, due to Scott sending them all home for the day)
(he sits in his office reading over some articles that were given to him to read over, a red pen lays in his hand as he marks over the papers when he finds a mistake, the telephone rings and he answers it)
Scott: The Tribute, Scott Taylor speaking.
Rebecca: Hello Scott.
Scott: Rebecca? Where are you? I called the mansion but you weren't there and Blain didn't know where you were either. I needed for you to send something over here I needed for a meeting.
Rebecca: Oh, I'm not home.
Scott: No kidding, I think I realized. Where the hell are you?
Rebecca: Not home.
Scott: I think we've just about covered that. Now stop playing games and answer the question.
Rebecca: I'm at the Dominican Republic. You know where we got married when we were young.
Scott: What? What in God's name are you doing there?
Rebecca: Do you really want to know?
Scott: Of course I want to know. I wouldn't have wasted my time asking if I didn't.
Rebecca: I'm here visiting the court.
Scott: For what?
Rebecca: To handle some legal things.
Scott: That's what people usually do at courts Rebecca.
Rebecca: I'm divorcing you Scott. Lately I've been thinking of whether or not I want to do this and I've decided that I do. I no longer want to be Mrs. Rebecca Taylor and by midnigth night, I no longer will be. I just thought that I should call you and let you know. I'll be counting down the hours. It's 7:00, only five hours to go. It's amazing what the Taylor name as well as Cunningham can do for you. Such power.
Scott: You little
(she hands up)
Scott: She hung up. That bitch!
(he swings his arm knocking down the lamp on his desk)
Scott: How dare you. Oh you have no idea what you've done Rebecca. I'm going to destroy you so bad. You've just made the wrong choice. You think you're free from me but you're wrong. Dead wrong.
(the telephone rings and he answers it)
Scott: (harshly, sounding pissed) What!
David: Now is that anyway to answer your phone. Especially your office phone. What if I was someone important?
Scott: David?
David: That's right. It's me.
Scott: What are you doing calling here? What do you want?
David: One thing at a time.
Scott: I'm through playing your little games now. Either you tell me what the hell you want or I'll hang up.
David: All I want is the money you owe me.
Scott: From the blackmail? You're kidding. Your apartment burned down, so did everything inside.
David: Not everything Scott. I still have it and unless you give me what I want, it'll be prined in the L.A. TIMES. Now I expect you over here with the money in less than hour in exchange for your file.
(Scott slams the phone down once David hangs up)
Scott: It can't be. The fire destroyed my file, didn't it?

16.(at the Andrews mansion)
(Jennifer is in the living room when the doorbell rings, Kelly rushes down stairs and answers the door, seeing Diego)
Kelly: Diego? What are you doing here?
Diego: You told me to come over here, remember?
Kelly: That's right. I'm sorry, my mind is just in other places right now. Come in.
(he enters, they walk into the living room as Jennifer starts to leave)
Kelly: Where are you going?
Jennifer: Out on the deck for some air. (leaves)
Kelly: So, you said that you wanted to talk. About what?
Diego: I know this may sound strange but please don't take it the wrong way. Lately there's been something on my mind that I couldn't get rid of. Us. I've been trying to hide this forever but I can't.
Kelly: Hide what?
Diego: Kelly, I still have feelings for you. Feelings that never died when we broke up. My feelings are much more than friendship.
Kelly: Diego, what are you talking about?
Diego: I'm still in love with you and I'm wondering if you may still have feelings for me too.
Kelly: Diego, I'm with Blain. He's the one I love.
Diego: I know but I think you may have buried your feelings for me because you thought it was over.
Kelly: It is over.
Diego: But maybe it doesn't have to be.
(the doorbel rings)
Kelly: Excuse me.
Diego: Wait.
(Diego pulls close to Kelly and kisses her, meanwile Blain enters from the front door and sees them kissing)
Blain: Oh my God.
(Kelly pulls from Diego and looks at Blain)
Kelly: It's not what you think.
Blain: I don't believe this.
Kelly: It's not what you think.
Blain: The hell it isn't.
(Blain rushes out)
Kelly: This isn't happening.
(they hear Blain take off in his car)
Kelly: I have to go after him.
(she rushes out of the manison, slamming the door behind her)
(Jennifer enters the living room and sees Diego there)
Jennifer: What's going on? I just saw Blain take off in his car. He seemed really angry.
Diego: It's a long story.

17.(at Andrews Global)
(many of the employees are gone but some still linger the building finishing things up, Mason is still there in his office when Katheleen enters)
Katheleen: I thought you'd still be here.
Mason: I had some things to finish.
(Katheleen moves about the office, looking around)
Mason: Is there something you need?
Katheleen: No there's not. I just, I just want to talk to you.
Mason: I really don't have time.
Katheleen: Well make the time. What I have to say is not going to wait. I know you set Kevin up. I know you stole my files and why you did it.
Mason: But
Katheleen: I'm talking now Mason! You know deep down inside me I thought tat you may have been responsible for this but I didn't want to believe it. I force myself to believe that I had misplaced those files. You really suckered me. I can't understand how you could have done this though. Especially to your own mother! Don't you have any morals or values! Don't you have any human.... I shouldn't even ask. It's obivous you don't. I just came by to let you know that I know of what you've done. The point is to let you know that you're fired.
Mason: I'm fired? You can't fire me.
Katheleen: Oh yes I can. I own this company and I can do as I please.
Mason: If you fire me you'll be making a big mistake.
Katheleen: That's a mistake I'll just have to deal with. Now please don't make this harder than it needs to be. Please be gone by noon tomorrow. I'm sorry.
(she leaves the office)
Mason: There is no way in hell that you're going to get rid of me that easily. I've done too much to get this company. And Kevin, he doublecrossed me, son of a bitch. I'll destroy them both. I'll destroy them and anyone else that gets in my way.

18.(meanwhile on the road, Blain is driving very fast)
Blain: What is going on? Diego and Kelly? Why would the two of them be kissing?
(Kelly is in her car behind him honking her horn)
Kelly: Blain! Stop! (yelling from her window)
Kelly: I can't believe that he walked right in on us. I can only imagine what went through his mind. What is going on with Diego? What we had is over. I'm with Blain now, I love him. Listen to myself, it's almost as if I'm trying to convince myself.
(meanwhile downthe road Joe is in the parking lot of the supermarket, he places his bags in his car and then gets into his car, starts it up and drives it to the intersection)
(meanwhile Kelly and Blain are still driving down the road, speeding fast, Kelly continues honking her horn)
Kelly: Why won't he stop? If I could just talk to him for one second and explain everything that happened I'm sure he'd understand.
(Blain continues going)
Blain: Why won't she just leave. I don't want to talk to her right now.
(Blain and Kellly start to approach an intersection not knowing, the same intersection Joe is at)
(Kelly flashes her lights as she sees the light turning red, Blain sees her lights in his mirror, taking his eyes off the road to look at her)
(Joe approaches the intersection without seeing Blain coming, Kelly immmediately stops her car creating rough skidmarks)
Kelly: Blain! Stop! Stop!
(Blain looks in his mirror at Kelly stopping her car)
Blain: What is she saying? (sees Joe's car) Oh my God! Move!
(Blain steps hard on the brake, smoke comes from the tires, Blain's car hits the driver's side of Joe's car)
(Joe's car spins out of control and wanders off the road and down a hill finally stopping at a ditch whereas Blain's car twirls around and stops quickly)
(Kelly gets out of her car and runs over to Blain's car)
Kelly: Blain? Blain?!
(she tries opening the door but it won't budge)
(pedestrians and other car owners enter the street looking at the accident)








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