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Episode Seventeen


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1.(at the Lincolns house)
(Tracy is in the bedroom ready to go to bed)
(she kneels down beside the bed to pray)
Tracy: I know it's been a while since I've done this. I've seemed to be so busy lately that I've forgotten that I could turn to you. I've been trying everything I know to get the information I want but it hasn't worked yet. I just get more questions and less answers. And now I have to deal with Victoria being hurt by my hand, I'm sure she'll make something of that. But I ask you for your help. Please guide me in the right direction, guide me to the truth. That's all I want, the truth.

2.(at David's apartment, in his bedroom)
David: Please hurry. I'm at apartment 123, Lillian Apartments, hurry!
(he hangs up)
David: All I can do is wait. There's no way out. I'm on the fourth floor so there's no way I'm jumping. And I can't get to the door from here without getting toast. How could this have happened? It's not like I had candles burning or the stove on. There has to be an explanation.
(fire starts to come in from the cracks of the door)
David: No, please don't. Not yet.
(the door starts blackening from the smoke)
David: I'm not going to make it. It's going to be too late.
(he hears the loud thump of part of the ceiling top in the kitchen falling)
David: I have an idea. There just might be a way for me to get out here. If the material these walls are made of are as cheap as I think then I'll be able to get out of here easily.
(he throws everything out of the way of the wall)
(he takes a few breaths and begins kicking the wall with all his might)
David: Come on. (kicking continues)
(small dents form on the wall, parts breaking)
(the fire comes in slightly faster from the door, it spreads all around the doorframe and up to the ceiling, and on the wall around the door)
(David continues kicking)
(the fire then catches the carpet and spreads)
David: That's it.
(David backs up some and runs fast toward the wall, hitting it and making an even bigger dent in the wall)
(he repeats it)
David: The fire is coming closer. Please God, get me out of here.
(he hears voices from inside his apartment)
David: Who could that be?
Fireman: (in the living room) Is anyone here!
(other firemen are inside the apartment spraying it down as quick as they can)
(David hears them)
David :Yes! I'm in the bedroom! Hurry! The fire is coming in quick!
Fireman: Hold on! Listen guys, clear the fire to the bedroom, we'll make a pathway.
(the other firemen do as he says and they reach the room and kick the door open, spraying the room down, David rushes out)
Fireman: Get out, head to the door.
(David runs through the path, parts of the ceiling falling around him, he finally makes it out)
(David drops to his knees)
David: Thank you God. I thought I'd never make it. (breathing heavy)


3.(at the Morales house, in Joe's bedroom)
(Joe walks up from his sleep and takes a sniff of the air)
Joe :What's that smell? Smells like it's coming from the kitchen.
(he gets out of bed and walks downstairs and enters the living room and sees Richard heading for the door)
Joe: Where are you going?
Richard: Pit Stop to eat. This mornings meal isn't meant for me. (smiling)
Joe: What is that suppose to mean? I don't get it.
Richard: Go take a look. (he points to the kitchen) I'll be back later.
(Richard leaves the house)
(meanwhile Joe goes into the kitchen and finds Dana cooking)
Dana: Good morning.
Joe: Morning. What are you doing?
Dana: I'm fixing you breakfast.
Joe: Why?
Dana: Just a little something for cancelling on you last night, that's all. Now sit, it'll be finished in a second.
(he sits down slightly confused and surprised at his sister cooking)

4.(at the Country Club)
(outside near the pool and field area, Rebecca and Katheleen are sitting at one of the patio sets)
Rebecca: I'm glad we got the chance to meet with one another here. I haven't talked to you since I saw you at the hospital the other night.
Katheleen: I know. We've both been busy lately. By the way, how is Blain doing?
Rebecca: Much better. The doctor says he's going to be fine and that he's well on his way to recovery.
Katheleen: That's great. I'm sure you and Scott are very happy.
Rebecca: Well one of us is.
Katheleen: What, you aren't?
Rebecca: Oh no, I am very happy but um, Scott has been feeling slightly different. Lately he's seemed preoccupied, too busy to even think about Blain. Although everytime I mention it to him he brushes it off and says I'm wrong.
Katheleen: What's keeping him?
Rebecca: I don't know. I've asked myself that question tons of times but I ever get an answer. I've even asked Scott but he tells me that it's none of my business. But I tell myself not to worry anymore. Infact now it's official that I don't have to worry.
Katheleen: I don't understand. What's changed since the last time we spoke?
(Rebecca takes a sip of coffee)

5.(at "Pit Stop")
(Richard enters and sees Samantha)
Richard: It's you, Samantha, right?
Samantha: Yes, Richard. We meet again.
Richard: Do you uh, work here?
Samantha: Yeah.
Richard: Listen, when are you going on break? Perhaps we can talk.
Samantha: Well I'm not suppose to be going on break for another hour or two but since it's not busy right now I guess I can take a short break.
Richard: Great.
(they both smile)

6.Rebecca: Yes, something has changed. I've come to a decision?
Katheleen: What decision is that? (rethinks what Rebecca said) Wait, you're not talking about your decision of whether or not to stay with Scott, are you?
Rebecca: Yes, I've decided.
Katheleen: Decided to what?
Rebecca: I'm going to divorce him. I can't continue married to him longer. It's really over.
Katheleen: But what about Blain? I mean I know I told you not to think of what Blain will think but you thought different. Has your opinion on that changed or something?
Rebecca: Kind of. It changed when I talked with him. He actually brought the topic up himself. He said that he had noticed that I wasn't happy anymore in my marriage to Scott, and that he knew that much of the time that parents stay together for their kids. He said that he didn't want Scott and I to stay together just for him.
Katheleen: Well that's great then, that should make this easier for you to do.
Rebecca: I know, it's just..
Katheleen: What?
Rebecca: I don't know if Scott is going to let me go that easy.

7.(at the Morales house in the kitchen)
(Dana hands over Joe's plate)
Dana: There you go.
Joe: Thanks. It looks great.
Dana: Thank you. I wanted to explain what happened last night. Why I decided not to go out so quickly and so suddenly. Last night I had a dream about the night of mama and papa's accident. It really
Joe: (interrupts) It's ok, you don't have to explain. You've said enough. I completely understand.
Dana: Muchas gracias. Now eat up before it gets cold.
(she smiles at her brother as he begins eating)

8.Samantha: Tell me about yourself.
Richard: What do you want to know?
Samantha: Do you have any siblings?
Richard: Yes, I live here with my two brothers and my sister. My parents were killed in a car accident a couple of years ago.
Samantha: I'm so sorry.
Richard: It's ok. Now I know where you're from but what are you doing here? Are you here for college?
Samantha: Well not really. I'm here in search of something.
Richard: What's that?
Samantha: My parents. I'm adopted and ever since I found out I wanted to find my real parents. Although I'm not sure that a relationship would develop after finding them but I still want to know. So, what's it like living here? What are the people like?
Richard: Well living here can be great. Sometimes it can be hell. It all depends.
Samantha: Yeah?
Richard: Yup.

9.Katheleen: What do you mean you don't know if Scott will let you go?
Rebecca: Well if I'm gone then the merger that my family has with his will be gone. Scott gets his political standing from my father. Once I'm gone that will be gone. Plus the monetary donations he gets from my family for The Tribute will be gone.
Katheleen: You're right. He'll just have to get over it.
Rebecca: Trust me, he probably will. I'm sure he'll find another woman just as stupid as I was to marry him.
(meanwhile Scott enters and sees both of them)
Rebecca: Scott, what a surprise. We were just talking about you.
Scott: Really? About?
Rebecca: Nothing important.
(Scott's cell-phone rings)
Scott: Excuse me.
(he walks away from them)
Scott: Scott Taylor speaking......perfect. Is the whole apartment toast?...... are you sure the file got destroyed in the fire. He didn't have it with him.... so I take it he survived the fire.... ok. Contact me later.
(he hangs up his cell-phone and walks back over to Rebecca and Katheleen)
Scott: Well I must get going, I have to go to the office.
(Scott leaves)
Rebecca: Business as usual.

10.(at the Andrews Mansion)
(Jennifer comes downstairs to the kitchen where Mason is)
Jennifer: Oh my, you're home.
Mason: What's the suppose to mean?
Jennifer: I would think that you'd be at the office already trying to put together Andrews Global while mother is having brunch with Mrs. Taylor. I know how eager you are to have control over the company.
Msaon: How could you ever think that?
Jennifer: Oh please, get over it. Everyone knows that you want Andrews Global. You know I'm wondering how far you'll go to get it. I'm actually surprised you haven't tried anything lately.
Mason: I've actually gotten over it.
Jennifer: Right and I'm Britney Spears twin sister.
Mason: Well it's been nice chatting with you dear sister but I must go. Have a good day.
(Mason leaves)
(meanwhile Kelly walks down the stairs and into the kitchen)
Jennifer :Hey.
Kelly: Aren't you suppose to be at The Tribute?
Jennifer: No, I'm off today. I handed in my story yesterday. Are you going to see Blain today?
Kelly: I don't know, I'm going to try. I have some errands to run first.
Jennifer: What errands?
Kelly: Oh well paying off some credit card bills, looking for a job and
Jennifer: Wait, looking for a job. Did I just hear you right?
Kelly: (chuckles lightly) I know, it's a shock. I haven't had a job in a year. I just feel like I'm well enough now. (looks at her watch) I have to get going, I'll see you later. (leaves)

11.(at "The Tribute")
(Scott enters the building and walks over to the reception desk)
Scott: (to the receptionist) Hold all my calls, I don't want to be disturbed.
Receptionist: Yes Mr. Taylor.
(Scott walks into his office, closes and locks the door and shuts the blinds)
(he sits in his chair and takes out his keys to open his file cabinet)
(someone knocks on the door and he closes the cabinet)
(he answers the door)
Scott: Yes! Yes.
Employee: I'm sorry to disturb you Mr. Taylor. I just wanted to inform you that the test copy of the paper is ready for you to see whenever you'd like It'll be in the print office.
Scott: Thank you.
Employee: You're welcome Mr. Taylor.
(Scott closes the door and resumes to what he was doing)
(he takes out a folder from the file cabinet and takes out the papers inside it)
Scott: It's not safe to keep you here anymore. It's not safe to have you at all. Which is exactly why I must destroy you.
(Scott moves to his paper shredder and turns it on)
(one by one he places the papers in it)

12.(at the Country Club)
Katheleen: I'm sorry to have to say this but I must get going to the office. There's so much to be done.
Rebecca: Oh yes, I heard about what's going on. I'm really sorry.
Katheleen: Thank you. I'm trying my best to get things back together.
Rebecca: I'm sure it'll all work out.
Katheleen: I hope so. I'll see you around. (picks up her things and leaves)
(Rebecca walks over to the poolside)
Rebecca: What will you say when you're served with divorce papers Scott?