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Episode Seven


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Wild Thangs (home)

1.(at Victoria's house)
(Tracy is pacing around the house)
(she goes and opens the refrigerador and finds barely anything in it)
Tracy: Geez Victoria, the least you could do is stock up your fridge.
(closes it)
Tracy: How am I going to get out of here? I can't get caught. That would just ruin everything. Victoria will know that I'm on to her. Marshall was right, this was stupid to do. But I had to go through with it. No matter what I find out about my connection with Victoria. It's such a strong vibe. I feel it everytime I'm near her. What could it be? I've thought over and over about it but I've come up with absoluty nothing.
(her cell-phone rings)
Tracy: Hello.
Marshall: Hey, it's me. I'm calling to let you know that one of your workers at Pit Stop said that they were short on waiters. I'm going to go in and help since you're currently unavailable a the moment. Have you still not found a way out?
Tracy: No, but I'm working on it.
Marshall: Alright, call me if anything happens.
Tracy: Ok.
(she hangs up the phone)

2.(at the Andrews mansion)
(Mason comes out of his bedroom dressed for the family dinner)
(he sees Jennifer in her bathroom combing her hair and walks in)
Mason: I see you're getting ready for this dinner
Jennifer: Yeah but don't think I'm looking forward to it.
Mason: Neither am I. I don't know why mother insists on having these still.
Jennifer: Neither do I. They always end up in arguments.
Mason: You're telling me.
(Kelly walks by, stares at Jennifer for a moment and then walks off)
Mason: What's going on with you two?
Jennifer: (takes a second to answer) Nothing.
(meanwhile the doorbell rings and Kelly answers it, it's Blain)
Kelly: You're finally here.
Blain: I'm not late, am I?
Kelly: No, just in time. Welcome to the dinner from hell.

3.(at the Morales house)
(Dana enters the house and Richard is there in the living room)
Richard: Hey. Where were you?
Dana: I went to see Jen at work.
Richard: Oh, how is she?
Dana: She seemed to be doing fine. Although we couldn't talk long. She had to leave because her family was having some type of family gathering tonight. Where's Joe?
Richard: At work. He should be here any second though.
Dana: I swear, he works too much. That's all he does. He needs to live.
(Joe enters)
Dana: Speak of the devil.
Joe: What?
Dana: I was talking to Richard about how you work too much.
Joe: I do not.
Dana: Of course you do. You never go out anymore. I bet you don't remember the last time you went out on a date.
Joe; Of course I do, it was was...
Dana: My point exactly. Don't you agree Richard?
Richard: Oh, I'm not getting into this. (leaves the room)

4.(at Andrews Global)
(in Victoria's office)
(Victoria is working diligently on her current account)
(Kevin walks into her office)
Kevin: Hard at work I see.
Victoria: Yeah, I have a lot to do if I want this account to go well.
Kevin: You shouldn't work yourself too much.
Victoria: It's ok, I enjoy it.
Kevin: Listen why don't you go home early.
Victoria: I have another hour to go.
Kevin: Don't worry about it.
Victoria: But...
Kevin: Go. It's ok.
(she smiles)
Victoria: Thanks. Listen I'll see you tomorrow.
(she grabs her briefcase and leaves)

5.(at "Pit Stop")
(Scott enters the cafe and sits at the counter on the stool)
(Marshall, has his back towards Scott not knowing that he's there)
Marshall: May I help you? (turns and notices that it's Scott) Great.
Scott: What is this? Your clinic failed so you decide to work at your wifes cafe.
Marshall: Not that I need to explain myself to you but no. I decided to give my wife a hand because she's not here today.
Scott: Ah, likely story.
Marshall: Whatever.
Scott: Oh and don't think I forgot about that punch I received from you. I intend on making you pay for that.
Marshall: Oh I don't want you to forget. I want you to remember that everytime you think of me.... or my father. Oh and know this Taylor, if you ever think of trashing my father again, you'll be the one who's paying. (walks off to help a customer)
(Scotts cell-phone rings and he answers it)
Scott: Scott Taylor speaking.
David: (muffled voice to hide it) Greetings Mr. Taylor.
Scott: Who is this?
David: Who do you think?
Scott: The blackmailer.
David: Right. I told you that I'd be in contact with you.
Scott: What do you want?
David: It's very simple. If you want your file back then there's something I want from you. In order to get it back I want... a quarter of a million dollars.
Scott: What! You're kidding me.
David: Am I laughing? Bring it tonight at eleven o'clock to Vacreon Bay. Don't be late. (hangs up)
Scott: But... he hung up. (hangs up his phone)

6.(at the Andrews)
(Jennifer and Mason walk down the stairs to Kelly and Blain)
Jennifer: Good evening Blain.
Blain: Hello Jen, Mason.
Mason: Blain.
Jennifer: So, where is the hostess for the evening?
Katheleen: (at the balcony upstairs, looking down at everyone one) Right here. (walks down the stairs) Glad you could make it Blain.
Blain: So am I.
Katheleen: Well, why don't we all go sit down in the dining room. Everything is prepared.
(they all go into the dining room)
Blain: Oh this food looks delicious.
Katheleen: I wish I could take credit for it but I can't. It's catered.
(Katheleen, Blain and Jennifer chuckle)
Katheleen: Well let's all toast.
(the telephone rings and Mason starts to get up and answer it)
Katheleen: No calls. Let it ring.
Mason: What if it's the office? It could be important.
Katheleen: Nothing that can't wait until the morning.
Mason: It may not.
Katheleen: Mason.
Mason: Fine. (sits back down)

7.(at the Morales house)
Joe: Then what exactly do you suggest I do?
Dana: I don't know, do something. Go out and have a little fun. Live a little. You spend all your time worrying about Diego, Richard and I that you never have time for yourself. I just think that you need to forget about us sometime.
Joe: But I can't do that. I'm suppose to take care of you all.
Dana: I know but not at the expense of your freedom. Now, starting tomorrow you are going to change your schedule.
Joe: What are you talking about?
Dana: I'm first granting you a day off from the hotel.
Joe: Dana I can't.
Dana: You can and you will. Second, I'm going to take you out shopping for clothes because no offense, but you're not exactly up with the trends hermano. Then I'm going to take you to one of the hottest night spots.
Joe: I don't know.
Dana: There's no way that you're gonna get out of this.
Joe: I guess there's no fighting with you on this.
Dana: Nope. (smiles)
Joe: Ok, I'll do it. I'll do it.

8.(at Victoria's house)
(Tracy is laying on the couch half asleep)
(she hears footsteps at the door and wakes up instantly)
Tracy: What was that?
(meanwhile it's Victoria at the door)
(Victoria puts her key in the door and starts to unlock it)
Tracy: Oh no, Victoria's home. Hide.
(Tracy hides in the dining room)
(Victoria enters her house and immediately shuts off the alarm)
Victoria: Home sweet home. (throws coat on couch) My head is killing me. I feel like I've worked for days. I need to take a long hot bath.
(Victoria walks upstairs)
(meanwhile Tracy comes from the dining room and opens the front door and runs out of the house without closing the door)
(Tracy gets in her car and speeds off)
(Victoria runs down stairs and sees the door open)
Victoria: My door. Did I? I thought I heard a noise.
(she closes the door)

9.(at the Andrews, in the dining room)
Katheleen: Ok everyone, let's toast.
(everyone puts up a glass of champagne except Kelly)
Kelly: I'm sorry I can't do this.
(Kelly leaves the room and out of the mansion)
Blain: Excuse me.
(Blain leaves as well and out of the mansion)
(Kelly pulls off in her car)
Blain: Kelly! Kelly!
(Blain gets in his car and goes after her)

10.(later that night at Vacreon Bay)
(Scott pulls up in his car)
(it's very dark there and quiet, waves hitting the shore)
Scott: Hello? Anyone here?
(meanwhile a little distance from Scott but at Vacreon Bay Kelly pulls up in her car and gets out)
(Kelly crying)
(Blain pulls up next to her and gets out of his car)
Blain: Are you alright?
Kelly: I just need to do some thinking, that's all.
Blain: I understand. I'm here for you.
Kelly: It was so hard back there; watching all that champagne right in front of my eyes. It would have been so easy for me to take a sip.
Blain: But you didn't.
Kelly: Yeah, but I wanted to, so bad.
Blain: Come here.
(Kelly lays her head on Blains shoulder)
(meanwhile at another end of the bay, Tracy pulls up in her car and gets out)
Tracy: Oh thank God I got out of there. If Victoria would have found me it would have been awful. But I will find what I'm looking for sooner or later.
(Tracy sits near the water)