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Episode Twenty


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Only five more episodes this season!!!

1.(meanwhile at the post office)
(Richard pulls up in the parking lot in his car)
(he gets out, as he gets to the door, Samantha is exiting)
Richard: Samantha, hey, it's Richard.
Samantha: I remember. Well, we meet again.
Richard: So we do.
(neither say a word, but Richard breaks the silence)
Richard: So, what are you up to the rest of the day?
Samantha: Nothing really. Just whatever comes my way. I was going to try to do some searching for information about my biological parents but I don't where to begin. I don't really know much about this town.
Richard: Well I could help you. That is if you'd like my help.
Samantha: Sure, I'd like that.
Richard: Great.

2.(at the Morales house)
(Diego is in his room listening to music and cleaning his room up)
(Dana enters without him seeing her, she cuts off the music)
Diego: (turning and seeing Dana) What's going on?
Dana: Oh nothing, just seeing what you were up to.
Diego: Nothing. Is something wrong?
Dana: No, is there?
Diego: No, why?
Dana: Listen, there's something I want to talk to you about.
Diego: What?
Dana: Kelly.

3.(at the Taylor's mansion)
(Scott comes out to the living room where Rebecca is)
Scott: I'm heading out. I'll be at the office, so if I get any phone calls just send them here. I'll be home late so don't wait up.
Rebecca: Do I ever.
(he looks at his wife and leaves)
(when Scott is finally gone she walks to his office, she turns the doorknob but it's lock)
Rebecca: Clever Scott. But just because the door is locked doesn't mean I won't get inside. You're hiding something and I want to know what it is.

4.(at the Morales house)
Diego: Why do you want to talk about Kelly?
Dana: I think you know why. I know I've been gone for a while so I don't have the whole story. What happened? Last time I was home you two were an item and now she's with Blain.
Diego: Things changed. No big deal.
Dana: Why? What happened?
Diego: I don't want to get into it now.
Dana: Why not? Is it still hard to think about? Do you still love her?
Diego: Why do you always have to jump to conclusions! It's long gone. I've gotten overi t!
Dana: I'm not trying to be a burden.
Diego: Then drop it!
(Diego walks out of the room)

5.(at Nathaniel Prescott's house)
Tracy: Thank you.
Nathaniel: I thought that I could hold out longer but I can't. I realize that it's not worth it.
(meanwhile Victoria enters the house and sees them)
Tracy: Victoria? And you say you don't know Nathaniel Prescott. Caught you right in your tracks.
Victoria: Why are you here? What's going on?
Tracy: You know why I'm here. I came for answers. You are nothing but a liar.
Victoria: No, you don't know.
Nathaniel: Victoria
Victoria: My God! You told her! You told her the truth after I begged you not too! How could you! My life is ruined now that she knows! I don't
Nathaniel: (interrupts) She doesn't know a thing!
Victoria: (confused) What?
Nathaniel: I haven't opened my mouth about anything.
Tracy: Too late. Victoria proved right here that you're both hiding something and there is no way that you can deny it.

6.(at "Pit Stop")
(Samantha and Richard enter and take a seat)
Samantha: It's weird being here and not working. This is a great place Tracy has.
Richard: It does well.
Samantha: Thank you again for lending your help for me. I really appreciate it. I'm sure I'll need it.
Richard: I'm happy to help. So how long have you been searching for your biological parents?
Samantha: Not too long. About six or seven months. I only found out a year ago.
Richard: A year ago? Gosh.
Samantha: I know, it upset me at first but then I realized that they did what they thought was best. I couldn't blame them. The only people I can blame are my real parents.
Richard: Why do you want to find them?
Samantha: To know who they are. To find out why they gave me up. Just to know where I came from. Since I found out that I was adopted there was this little piece of me missing. I'm hoping that once I find all the answers about my biological parents, that part of me will be filled.
Richard: I'm sure it will.
Samantha: I hope so.

7.(at the Taylor's mansion)
(Rebecca is outside of Scott's office picking the lock eagerly with tweezers)
Rebecca: It makes sense that Scott wouldn't give me a key to the door when I asked years ago.
(finally the door props open)
Rebecca: There, all done.
(Rebecca walks in the office, closing the door behind her)
Rebecca: Now what's keeping you in this office so much lately? Are you hiding something in here? Something private perhaps?
(she goes through the filing cabinet)
Rebecca: Nothing but business papers about The Tribute. Where would you keep your most secret possessions? In your desk drawer?
(she sits in the chair behind the desk and opens the drawer)

8.(at the Morales house, in the kitchen)
(Diego walks in and Dana walks in right after him)
Diego: Leave me alone.
Dana: No, it's obvious that this is bothering you.
Diego: The only thing that is bothering me is you.
Dana: Thanks a lot.
Diego: I didn't mean it like that. I just don't feel like talking about that. Besides Kelly and Blain are together and that's all that matters.
Dana: What about you? If you still have feelings for her than you shouldn't just hide them. You need to let her know about them.
Diego: I don't have feelings for her, we're just friends.
Dana: That's not all you use to be. How do you even know that she doesn't still have feelings for you? Maybe she's hiding them like you are.
(Diego turns from his sister, thinking over her Dana's last statement)

9.(at Nathaniel Prescott's house)
Tracy: There's no way that you can get out of this.
Victoria: There's just been a misunderstanding, that's all.
Tracy: I don't think so.
Nathaniel: Why don't we all just calm down.
Tracy: I'd gladly do that but your daughter isn't making that easy to do. All I want to know is the truth.
Victoria: Tracy, I think you should leave.
Tracy: I am not leaving, besides this isn't even your house. It's your father's and he invited me in. He was going to tell me everthing until you came in.
Victoria: There's nothing to tell.
Tracy: Oh like hell there isn't.
Nathaniel: Stop it! Now! I 'm going to settle this now, once and for all.

10.(at the Morales house, in the kitchen)
Dana: You're wondering yourself, aren't you? You're wondering if she could still have feelings for you? And what would that mean? Could you two get back together? Maybe, but you have to face your feelings first. Your true feelings.
Diego: Enough!
(Diego bursts out of the kitchen just as Joe is coming in)
Joe: What's the matter with him?
Dana: He's in denial.
Joe: Of?
Dana: Nothing.
(Dana leaves the kitchen)
(Joe watches as Dana leaves but confused of what just happened)
Joe: Hmm. It gets stranger and stranger in here everyday.

11.(at "Pit Stop")
Richard: What exactly do you know already about your parents? Any information that you have could be useful to finding them?
Samantha: I hate to tell you but not much. Although I had a lot of info.
Richard: Had? I don't get it.
Samantha: Well you see my parents changed their names after they gave me up for adoption. When I looked for their names I came up with nothing.
Richard: That's not good.
Samantha: I now.
Richard: But that's ok though. I think I might have an idea. If I'm right we'll be able to find your parents without knowing a thing about them.

12.(Rebecca opens the desk drawer and finds a gun inside)
Rebecca: What in the world...a gun. What is he doing with a gun, in his desk? I didn't even know he had one. My God Scott. I knew something was up but... a gun.
(the doorknob of the door rattles)
Rebecca: Oh no, that must be Scott. What is he doing here? He's not suppose to be here. What am I going to do? How am I going to get out of this?
(she looks around for a hiding spot)