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Episode Sixteen


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1.(at Victoria's house)
(Tracy watches Victoria laid out on the floor)
(Victoria is completely motionless, her motuh somewhat open)
(Tracy frantically moves about the house thinking of what to do)
Tracy: This just can't be happening. All I wanted was to get the information I needed. All she had to do was tell me the truth. Now she's lying on the floor knocked out and it's no telling what she'll make of this. I need help, but who. Marshall. He'll know what to do.
(she picks up her cellphone and calls Marshall at their house)
(the phone rings three times before Marshall answers)
Marshall: Marshall Lincoln speaking.
Tracy: Marshall, it's me. I need your help, now!
Marshall: What's wrong?
Tracy: Victoria, she's been hurt. She's out cold.

2.(at "Pit Stop")
(Samantha is at the door waiting for customers to enter and for her to seat them)
(Kelly enters with Diego)
Samantha: Hello. It's just the two of you.
Diego: Yes.
Samantha: Follow me.
(Samantha sits them at a booth)
Kelly: (to Samantha) You must be new here. I don't think I've ever seen you here.
Samantha: I am. I'm Samantha.
Kelly: I'm Kelly Andrews.
Samantha: Are you related to The Andrews?
Kelly: (blushing some) Yes, I'm the youngest daughter.
Samantha: I've heard a lot about your family and Andrews Global.
Diego: I'm Diego Morales. My family isn't as high in class as the Andrews.
(Kelly and Diego laugh and Samantha chuckles lightly not sure if it was okay to laugh)
Samantha: Well, enjoy. (resumes to working)

3.(at David's apartment)
(meanwhile the man Scott sent wanders the living room looking around)
Man: I sure wonder what Scott's beef is with this guy. It sure must be big for him to want me to do this. I sure don't want to get on Mr. Taylor's bad side. There's no telling what he'll do for revenge.
(he glances around, making sure no one is around)
(he walks back to the bedroom and sees David is asleep)
Man: You have no idea what's instore for you when you awake.
(he backs up and walks into the kitchen)
(he takes out a lighter from his hand and looks at it)

4.(at Victoria's house)
(the doorbell rings and Tracy rushes to the door)
(she looks out the peephole and sees that it's Marshall, she immediately opens the door)
Tracy: I'm so glad you're here. She isn't up yet.
Marshall: I couldn't believe it when you explained what happened on the phone.
(they walk in the living room and Marshall sees Victoria on the floor)
Marshall: Did you check her pulse?
Tracy: For what?
Marshall: (agitated) To see if she's still alive. Depending on how she fell she could have really hurt herself or worse.
Tracy: No, she couldn't have, she can't.
(Marshall slowly walks near Victoria on the wooden floor)
(he takes his hand and places it under Victoria's chin and throat to check her pulse, he looks back at Tracy who's crossing her fingers)

5.(at "Pit Stop")
Kelly: What a week this has been. So much has happened.
Diego: No kidding. But after all the mayhem everything has worked out. You're back with Blain.
Kelly: I know. I'm so happy. I finally feel at ease now. It's a great feeling. Now that that's all over I can concentrate on my family.
Diego: Your family?
Kelly: Yeah, we're going through a tough moment. The business I mean. It's not going so well. My mother is really confused and my brother is only making it worse for her. But not that I understand my brothers motives. I mean I love my brother, but sometimes he just takes things too far.

6.(at Andrews Global)
Mason: Talk about what?
Katheleen: Everything, the business, you and I. I'm tired of beating around the bush. I've had some suspicions for the past couple of days but I didn't want to say anything. I think it's because in my heart I hoped and wished that they were wrong but my mind keeps telling me that maybe they're not.
Mason: Is there a point to this?
Katheleen: Did you set me up?
Mason: What?!
Katheleen: I'm sorry to ask you this but I have to. Did you somehow take my files so it'd look like I misplaced them which resulted to my losing the account. I know how much you want this company, I just don't know how far you'd go to get it.
Mason: I can't believe you're accusing me of this. (lying through his teeth)
Katheleen: I had to.
Mason: I'm your son, give me some credit. Besides do you really think that I want to see this company fail? No!
Kathleeen: I know but...
Mason: There is no but... this little meeting is over.
(Mason walks out of the office slamming the door then smiling brightly)
Mason: Boy did that feel good. You have no idea how much of the truth you have mother and it's going to stay that way.
(he smiles and then wanders off)

7.(at South Bay General Hospital)
(Rebecca enters Blain's room to see him)
Blain: Mother.
Rebecca: Were you sleeping?
Blain: No, I'm awakes now.
Rebecca: Good.
Blain: Where is everyone?
Rebecca: Well I saw Kelly leave with Diego. And well your father, well he had some so-called business to take care of, as usual.
(she sits next to Blain's bedside in the chair)
Blain: Mother, may I ask you a question?
Rebecca: Sure. You may ask me anything. You know that.
Blain: Are you happy.
Rebecca: Pardon me.
Blain: Are you happy? Lately I've taken notice and you don't seem to be enjoying life like you use to. Especailly with Dad.
Rebecca: Well these past couple of weeks have been rough.
Blain: But this has been going on for months now. You and Dad aren't like you use to be. You argue a lot more now. I'm even starting to think that you don't want to be married to him anymore. I guess, I guess what I'm trying to say is don't risk your happiness for me. I know that many parents stay together for their children, but it's not right. You deserve all the happiness in the world.
Rebecca: Oh Blain, come here.
(she leans in and hugs him)

8.(at David's apartment)
(the man has his lighter out)
(he walks over to the curtains in the kitchen on the window and sets them on fire)
(next he lights the papertowels and paperplates nearby)
(in seconds the fire spreads rapidly in the kitchen growing larger by the minute)
(he walks to the front door and picks up a can of kerosene he brought)
(he opens it and pours it all over the living room, on the couch, computer, tables)
(he takes out a book of matches, strikes one and throws it)
Man: Glad I'm not in this guys shoes.
(he drops his lighter without noticing)
(he exits with his can of kerosene and leaves)
(the fire blazes in the kitchen and living room but not yet reaching the bedroom, the firing reds and oranges make shadows against the soon to be black walls, windows crack from the extreme heat)

9.(at Victoria's house)
Tracy: (looking at Marshall) Well? Is she alive or not?
(Marshall stands up and walks over to Tracy)
Marshall: She's live but her pulse isn't strong.
Tracy: I don't know what to do.
Marshall: I knew it was going to be a mistake for you to come here. I knew that it would only cause trouble.
Tracy: Please Marshall, I don't need you telling "I told you so". I need answers of what to do.
(she paces around a little, looking back at Victoria every now and then)
Tracy: I think I have it. She can go to your clinic. You can look after her.
Marshall: No I won't. I'm not getting mixed up in this charade.
Tracy: Please, help me out. I need your help. You're my way out in this mess. All you need to do is make sure she's ok and make sure she makes a full recovery. Please Marshall.
(he looks at his wife and back at Victoria then back to his wife)
Marshall: I don't know why I'm doing this but ok.
Tracy: Because you love me.
Marshall: Yeah.

10.(at Andrews Global, in Mason's office)
(Mason is gathering up his things and putting his files in his briefcase)
(after locking his briefcase he closes the blinds on the window and cuts off the lamp)
(Mason exits his office, mostly everyone is gone, the lights are off however some are still on, he reaches the lobby and stops)
Mason: (looking at the building and smiling) Soon you will be mine, all mine.
(he smiles exiting the building)

11.(at "Pit Stop")
(at Kelly and Diego's booth, infront of them are empty plates that have been eaten off of)
Kelly: Well enough about me and my family's problems. What about you? I haven't heard much about Dana's arrival back home.
Diego: She's doing ok, better than I expected. Things are going good.
Kelly: That's great. (looks at her watch) It's getting late. I think I better head home.
Diego: So should I.
Kelly: I really enjoyed this. It was fun. I needed it. Maybe another time?
Diego: Sure, I'd like that.
Kelly: I'll see you around.
Diego: Bye.
(Kelly gets her purse and leaves)
(Diego has a flashback)

Richard: You two have been getting very close lately, haven't you?
Diego: Lay off of it Richard, it's not like that.
Richard: I'm just saying because I know that before Blain entered Kelly's life that you and her were an item.
Diego: I said lay off.

(flashback ends)
Diego: (sighs)

12.(at Marshall's clinic)
(Marshall is in one of the patient rooms, Victoria lies on the bed)
(Marsall turns the light off and leaves going to the lobby where Tracy is)
Tracy: Is she awake?
Marshall: Not yet. I haven't gotten the chance to examine her. You know that we're going to be cutting it close here. With all of my workers here working they may come across Victoria and start asking questions. Or one of my patients may run into her. I most certainly can't keep Victoria here.
Tracy: I know, I just want her to get better as soon as possible. After that then I don't care what happens.
Marshall: Well fome what I saw she should be up and running again very soon. Listen you should go home. You've had a very busy day.
Tracy: Are you sure?
Marshall: Yeah, I'm just going to stay here the night.
Tracy: Alright. I'll stop by here in the morning on my way to work.
Marshall: Ok, I love you.
(she kisses him and leaves)

13.(meanwhile at David's apartment)
(in his bedroom, David wakes somewhat from his sleep, he rubs his eyes lightly with his hands, looks at the bottom of the closed door and sees reddish-oranges flashes)
David: What in the world...
(he gets up from his bed and walks over to the door, touches the doorknob and jerks his hand from it)
David: Ouch! It's hot.
(he rubs his hand against his shirt to stop the stinging)
David: This can't be what I think it is.
(he takes his shirt off and opens the door with the shirt on the knob and sees his kitchen and living room blazing in flames)
(smoke fills the upper atmosphere of the rooms)
(the furniture and walls turning black in seconds)
(he shuts the door quickly)
David: It's on fire.
(he runs to the side of his bed to the telephone and dials 911 quickly)
Operator: 911. State your emergency.
David: I'm David Miller, my apartment... (taking a breath) my apartment it's on fire.