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Episode Eighteen


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Wild Thangs (home)

1.(at the Lincoln's house in the bedroom)
(Tracy awakes from her long rest)
Tracy: Hmm. Morning, morning, morning. I really needed that rest after everything that's happened. Last night was the best I've slept in weeks.
(the telephone rings and Tracy answers the phone by her bed)
Tracy: Hello.
Marshall: Morning beautiful.
Tracy: Yeah, well you should see me now. I probably look like a wreck.
Marshall: How did you sleep?
Tracy: Perfect. Slept like a baby. How are things holding up there?
Marshall: Ok. Victoria hasn't woken yet. However I was able to do a brief examination with her asleep.
Tracy: And?
Marshall: Nothing appears to be wrong. She just had a nasty cut on her forehead. I expect that she'll awake with dizzy spells and headaches but that should be it.
Tracy: That's good. Well I'm going to get dressed. I'm going to stop by on my way to work.
Marshall: Alright, see you then.
Tracy: Bye. (hangs up)

2.(at Andrews Global)
(Mason enters the building)
Mason: Oh look at this place, soon it will be mine
(He walks over to the reception desk)
Mason: Any messages for me?
Receptionist: Um ... (checks the low stack of messages) No.
Mason: Thank you.
(Mason walks down a hall heading to Kevin's office)
(he peeps in Victoria's office, noticing that she isn't there)
(he then enters Kevin's office)
Kevin: Mason, I wasn't expecting to see you.
Mason: I decided to drop by before I get started on some other work. We need to prepare our plan of attack for the board meeting when we show everyone our pitch for our account.
Kevin: Right.
Mason: By the way, I have a question. Where has Victoria been lately? I haven't seen her showing up at the office? She missed the last board meeting too.
Keivn: I don't know. I've called but I haven't gotten any answers.
Mason: Hmm, that's strange.

3.(at Marshall's clinic)
(Marshall is at the front desk talking to a young woman)
Marshall: Well, what exactly are you here for?
Young Woman: Well you do all sorts of tests here, right?
Marshall: Umm... sure. What sort of test are you looking for?
Young Woman: Pregnancy test.
Marshall: Sure. Definately. If you'd just... give me a second.
(Marshall searches through a binder and pulls out a piece of paper and hands it over)
Marshall: If you'd just fill this out for me and return it and we'll take it from there.
Young Woman: Thank you.
(meanwhile in the backroom where Victoria is)
(she slowly opens her eyes, her vision not clear, everything seeming blurry and crumbled up)
Victoria: What's going on? My head, it hurtrs.
(her vision clears up some)
Victoria: Where am I?

4.(meanwhile at South Bay General Hospital)
(David has been admitted in a room, he lies in his bed watching television)
David: This is pathetic. (he turns the television off, a nurse enters the room)
David: Hi, excuse me, but how much longer do I have to stay here?
Nurse: I'm not sure. You'll have to clear that up with the doctor. Although I would believe that he'll want to keep you here to do some tests. Last night you inhaled a lot of smoke and you have some slight burns from the fire.
David: I know, it's just I can't put my life on hold for this right now.
Nurse: I'm sorry. (leaves)
David: What happened? What started the fire? I mean it could have been plugs, wires, but... I don't know.

5.(at The Tribute)
(in Scott's office)
Scott: If everything went according to plan last night then I have no worries anymore. My file should have been destroyed in that fire last night in David's apartment. No longer will he be a threat to me. Oh but you wait Mr. Miller, I'm going to make you pay for messing with me. No one messes with Scott Taylor and gets away with it. Just ask Marshall Lincoln. Oh David, if you think burning your apartment to ashes is something, wait until you see the final act.

6.(at Marshall's clinic)
(Tracy enters)
Marshall: Hey, how are you?
Tracy: I'm ok, considering everything that's happened. Listen I want to thank you again, for doing this. For getting me out of my jam when I needed to.
Marshall: Well you're my wife. I'm suppose to do this.
Tracy: I appreciate it. I would stay to see Victoria awake but I really need to head on over to the cafe. I've abandoned it lately and I need to go.
Marshall: Alright. Maybe we'll meet for dinner?
Tracy: I'd like that. I'll see you. (leaves)
(Marshall walks to the backroom where Victoria is and walks in, he finds her standing there looking him straight in the eye)
Victoria: What the hell is going on?!

7.(at Andrews Global)
(in Katheleen's office)
(Katheleen is working at her desk typing up a file when someone knocks on the door)
Katheleen: It's open.
(Kelly enters)
Katheleen: Kelly? What are you doing here?
Kelly: May a daughter visit her own mother at work?
Katheleen: Of course, it's just you've never made visits here before. You just surprised me, that's all.
Kelly: I know. I'm actually here because I need something.
Katheleen: Need? Need what?
Kelly: Mother, I want to work for you here, at Andrews Global.
Katheleen: You can't be serious. You... want to work here. for me.
Kelly: Yes. I think this would be a wonderful enviornment for me to work. Besides I'd have you and Mason here to help, not to mention keep an eye on me. I practically know almost everything there is to know about this company. I've seen you and Dad over and over.
Katheleen: I don't know. It's a lot of work. What would you even do? What position would you take?
Kelly: It doesn't matter. I can handle it, I can handle anything. Please, I really want this, I need this.
(Kathleen looks over at Kelly)
Katheleen: Fine, I think I have a position for you. We've been looking for someone to fill this position for quite some time now. How does... sound?
Kelly: Perfect. I won't let you down.

8.(meanwhile at "Pit Stop")
(Tracy enters the cafe seeing Samantha)
Tracy: Samantha.
Samantha: Tracy, hi.
Tracy: How is everything here?
Samantha: Great, I've gotten use to everything and everyone is helping me out.
Tracy: That's good. If you need anything I'll be in the back taking care of some paper work.
Samantha: Ok.
(Tracy goes to the backroom)
(she takes out the piece of paper with Nathaniel Prescott's phone number on it)
Tracy: Ok, let's try this again.
(she picks up the phone and dials the number)
Tracy: You better be there.
(Nathaniel answers)
Nathaniel: Hello.
Tracy: Hello. I called earlier, now please don't hang up.
Nathaniel; Who is this? I recognize your voice?
Tracy: Tracy Lincoln. Don't hang up.
Nathaniel: I must go.
Tracy: Don't. All I want is to ask you a few questions. I need information and I believe you can give it to me.
Nathaniel: I don't know what you're talking about.
Tracy: I need to talk to you about me and Victoria Prescott.
(he hangs up)
Tracy: He did it again. Last time he hung up when I mentioned my name and now... he hangs up when I mention mine and Victoria's name. What does he know?

9.(at South Bay General Hospital, in David's hospital room)
David: I need answers, explanations. Oh no, I just thought of it, Scott's file. It was in the apartment. I didn't get a chance to get it. The computer is probably toast, so there goes my backup. I have to get out of here, I'm not going to get any answers here. I have to get out of here. I have to get to my apartment.
(he slowly slides out of the bed, walks over to the closet and takes out his clothes, the clothes darkened from the smoke, small tears appear on the bottom of his jeans)

10.Victoria: What am I doing here? And where did you come from Marshall? Where's Tracy?
Marshall: Listen, you need to calm down. Sit.
Victoria: Answer me!
Marshall: I will once you sit. You're suffering from minor head cases and you have a slight cut on your forehead. You need to take it easy.
(Victoria sits down realizing that she does feel dizzy)
Victoria: Tracy, she and I were fighting, she pushed me and I was knocked out. How did you get into this? What, did she call you to come rescue her? The big doctor trying to clear everything up.
Marshall: What we need to concentrate on is making sure you're alright.
Victoria: Oh please Marshall. I know what you're trying to concentrate on. You and Tracy just want to make sure that I don't do something about what's happened. I could file suit on your damsel in distress. After I told her to get off my property and out of my house she wouldn't. Then she had to fight with me which caused this. Hmm, all the wonderful little twists I could put on this.
(she smiles at Marshall who isn't at all amused)

11.(meanwhile outside of David's apartment stands Scott)
Scott: With David at the hospital, I can get a look inside the apartment. I have to make sure that this fire destroyed everything, mainly my file. It had to be. It'd be a shame to have done all this and to have it still roaming. But what if David took the file with him when he left. Come on Scott, we're really cutting it close here. First, shooting my son accidently, covering it up, hiring someone to burn down David's apartment. But that's just what happens when someone messes with me. Now, let's have a looksee.
(Scott goes into the apartment)
(meanwhile David comes around the corner in the hallway)
David: I thought I wouldn't get out of that hospital. Man, my apartment, it's destroyed. Here we go.
(he opens the front door)
David: Oh my God.
(David's eyes widen)

12.(at "Pit Stop")
(in the backroom, Tracy gathers up her things, she walks out of the room and walks up to Samantha)
Tracy: Um Samantha, listen I have to get going, I have some matters to take care of. Would you mind keeping an eye on things. I know it's your first and I
Samantha: No, it's fine.
Tracy: Good, if you need anything go to Jack. He'll be slightly incharge until I get back.
Samantha: Alright, I have it covered.
Tracy: Thanks.
(Tracy walks outside)
Tracy: Well Mr. Prescott, if you won't talk to me over the phone then we'll just have to talk in person.
(she walks to her car)