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Episode Nine


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Wild Thangs (home)

1.(at the Morales house)
(Diego is in his room putting away some of his things)
(he finds the remote control for his television under one of his shirts on the floor)
(he turns on the television and it's a news report on)
Reporter on TV: Hello. I'm Mary Stevens. I'm reporting live for channel 2 news. A tragic accident has happened tonight. Just minutes ago Blain Taylor, son of Scott Taylor was shot at Vacreon Bay. Apparently Blain and girlfriend, Kelly Andrews were together at the time and a bullet out of no where struck him. Police are investigating the situation, however no shooter has been found. I'll have more updates later.
(Diego turns the television off)
Diego: I don't believe this, Blain was shot. Kelly must be going out of her mind. I have to go to the hospital.
(he picks up his coat and walks out of his room)

2.(meanwhile at South Bay General Hospital)
(Blain is rushed in the hospital by the paramedics, with Tracy and Kelly at his sides)
(Blain is placed in a room and Kelly attempts to enter)
Nurse: I'm sorry, only family is allowed in.
Kelly: I'm his girlfriend.
Nurse: It's best if you didn't.
Tracy: Kelly don't worry about it, it'll be fine.
Kelly: I can't believe this is happening.
Tracy: It'll be ok. They're going to take care of him. You'll see.
Kelly: How could this happen. I don't understand it.
(meanwhile Rebecca and Scott enter the hospital and spot Kelly and Tracy)
(there's nothing but silence for a while except the background noises in the hospital)
(everyone staring at each other)
Rebecca: (breaking the silence) He's not....
Kelly: No. We just got here a moment ago. I haven't heard anything yet.
(Kelly looks through the window of Blains room)

3.(at Davids apartment)
(he enters the dark apartment in panic)
(throws down his jacket and hood)
(cuts the lights on)
David: What to do? What to do? I am not going to get nailed for what happened tonight. I forbid it. Besides it's not my fault. I'm not the one that brought the gun tonight, I'm not the one who pulled the trigger, Scott is. I'm safe, I have nothing to worry.... nevermind. I'm not so safe afterall. If Scott tells them that I've been blackmailing him it'll be a whole different story. But why would he do that, if he does then his secret will come out. I never thought it'd get to this. It was suppose to be simple and clean. No one was suppose to get hurt, that wasn't part of my plan.

4.(at South Bay General Hospital)
(in Rebecca and Scotts corner)
Rebecca: Who could do something like this? Who would just leave someone who's in pain like that? I could never do that, no matter who it was. One thing is for sure, if I ever find out who did this, they'll pay.
(Rebecca walks over to the reception desk to get information on Blain)
Scott: Hopefully you'll never find out who did this Rebecca. I don't think you'll ever want to know.
(in Tracy and Kellys corner)
Kelly: I feel bad for Mr and Mrs Taylor. Blain is there only child. It'll kill Mrs. Taylor to lose him.
Tracy: And you?
Kelly: Me? I'd die. Blain is my entire life. He's helped me get through the toughest moments of my life. Even though he may be my fiance, he's more. He's my best friend.
Tracy: That's sweet.
(Diego enters the hospital)
Diego: Kelly!
(Kelly sees Diego and she walks over to him and they hug, Kelly instantly starts crying)
Diego: I heard on the news, how is he?
Kelly: I... I don't know. They haven't told me anything. I'm scared.
Diego: He'll pull through.
Kelly: What if he doesn't?
Diego: He'll be fine.
(they hug again)

5.(at the Marshalls house)
(Marshall is in the kitchen and calls Tracy)
(Tracy at the hospital answers her cell-phone)
Tracy: Hello.
Marshall: It's me. Where are you?
Tracy: I'm at the hospital.
Marshall: For what?
Tracy: I'm here with Kelly. Blain was shot tonight.
Marshall: I heard. How is he?
Tracy: I'm not sure. I haven't heard anything.
Marshall: I was worried about you. You hadn't called or anything and you hadn't returned home. I remembered that you were at Vacreon Bay and hope that you weren't the one.
Tracy: I'm sorry. I was just about to call.
Marshall: Would you like me to come there?
Tracy: No, I'll be ok. I'm just going to stick around a little longer and I'll be home.
Marshall: Ok, I'll be waiting.
(they both hang up)

6.(at South Bay General Hospital)
(one of the doctors come out of Blains room)
(Rebecca, Scott and Kelly rush over to her)
Doctor: Hello, I'm Dr. Helen Frazier. I have some updates on Blains condition. If you'd just follow me to my office.
(Rebecca and the doctor walks off)
(Scott pulls Kelly back who was about to go)
Scott: I don't think that this concerns you.
Kelly: What do you mean? Of course it does.
Scott: I believe she only wants to speak with the family and you aren't in that category.
Kelly: You can't stop me.
Scott: Don't make this more difficult than it has to be. Just stay out of the way.
(Scott heads off to the doctors office)
(Diego walks up to Kelly)
Diego: What was that all about?
Kelly: He thinks he can keep me from Blain. He said that I'm not allowed to go to the doctors office.
Diego: Why not?
Kelly: I'm not 100% sure. Although I've always had a feeling that he didn't like the fact that Blain was dating me. But it doesn't matter. He has no say.
Diego: I'm sure Blain would want you there. It wouldn't matter to him.
Kelly: You're right. I'm going, whether Mr. Taylor likes it or not.
(Kelly rushes off to the office)
Diego: Kelly!

7.(still at South Bay General Hospital)
(Tracy is at the soda machine)
(she gets a soda and starts to drink it)
(meanwhile one of the doctors confront her)
Doctor: Excuse me, are you Tracy Lincoln?
Tracy: Yes, I am.
Doctor: I'm sorry to disturb you. I'm Doctor Collins. I work with the health records here at the hospital as well. This past couple of weeks we've been doing some checks on our records and we came across yours.
Tracy: What about it?
Doctor: There were some problems that disturbed us.
(Tracy looks at her confused)

8.(in Dr. Frazier's office)
(Rebecca and Scott are there)
Rebecca: What do you want to tell us?
Dr.Frazier: I have some updates on your son's health. We've managed to get the bullet out. However he's lost a lot of blood. The next couple of hours are going to be critical. X-rays are being done. More information will be available soon. Right now we're just trying to keep him stabile and
(Kelly walks in)
Dr.Frazier: Hello. May I help you?
Kelly: I'm Blains girlfriend. I want to know what's going on.
Scott: Excuse me Doctor, but she's not suppose to be here.
Rebecca: Scott just let it go. She can stay.
Scott: No, she won't. She is not family and I do believe that because of a certain rule that the hospital has, she is prevented from hearing anything that goes on in this room without permission.
Dr.Frazier: I'm afraid he's right. It's patient confidentially. Since Blain is unable to communicate with us at the moment his parents are the ones that call the shots. I'm afraid you'll have to leave.
(Scott smiles at Kelly when she walks out)

9.(at the Andrews mansion)
(the phone rings in the dining room)
(Jennifer walks downstairs in her nightwear)
Jennifer: Hello, Jennifer Andrews speaking.
Diego: Jen, it's Diego. Blain has been shot.
Jennifer: Oh my god, how is he?
Diego: I don't know. I think your family should be here, for Kelly. She's not taking this so well.
Jennifer: Definately. Which hospital?
Diego: South Bay.
Jennifer: We'll be there a.s.a.p.
(she hangs up)
Jennifer: Mother! Mason!
(Katheleen and Mason walk downstairs)
Katheleen: What's going on?
Jennifer: I just got a call from the hospital from Diego. Blain's been shot.
Katheleen: Oh no.
Jennifer: He's at South Bay. Kelly's there.
Katheleen: Let's go.
(everyone walks upstairs except Mason)
Mason: This is it. I'll be able to get all the information I need.
(Jennifer and Katheleen come back downstairs dressed to go)
Jennifer: (to Mason) Are you going?
Mason: Yes, I'll meet you there. I have something to do before I leave.
Jennifer: Fine, let's go mother.
(Jennifer and Katheleen leave)

10.Tracy: Problems? What problems? I don't quite get where you're going at this?
Dr.Collins: Well when I looked at your file there were several pieces of information missing from it.
Tracy: Missing? What was missing?
Dr.Collins: Well I can't remember it all but I do know that your fathers info, your date of birth and several other things aren't listed.
Tracy: Really, I never knew. I know all the info. I could just tell you.
Dr.Collins: We believe that when we were checking our files that parts of your information may have accidently been deleted. Or it could be lirking somewhere else in someone elses file. Do you think you could stop by tomorrow morning so we can sort this out?
Tracy: Um, sure, when would you like me here?
Dr.Collins: Nine.
Tracy: I'll be here.
Dr.Collins: Thanks. (walks off)

11.(South Bay)
(Kelly walks to Diego from leaving Dr.Frazier's office)
Kelly: Damn Scott Taylor!
Diego: What's wrong?
Kelly: He's trying to keep me hidden from everything. He wouldn't let me in the office to hear about Blains condition.
Diego: Don't let him get the best of you. You know that's what he wants. Just stay calm.
Kelly: I'm trying but it's not working. I don't know how much longer I can take this. Blain and I are so close. If I lose him
Diego: You're not going to lose him.
Announcer on Intercom: Dr. Frazier code blue in er3. Dr. Frazier code blue in er3.
Kelly: That's Blain!
(meanwhile in Dr.Frazier's office)
Rebecca: Blain. What's going on?
Dr.Frazier: I'm sorry but I have to go.
(everyone rushes out of the office)
(they go to er3)
(Rebecca and Dr.Frazier enter)
Scott: (to Kelly) Don't think about going in there Kelly. Don't.
(Scott enters)
Diego: Kelly.
(Kelly runs off)