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Episode Twenty-One


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1.(at "Pit Stop")
(Samantha and Richard sitting down at a booth talking)
Richard: I think I might have the perfect solution to finding your biological parents.
Samantha: But how? I don't have hardly any info on them. How can we without any?
Richard: Trust me. We won't need it if my plan goes right.
Samantha: I'm really confused about this.
Richard: Don't be. (looks at his watch) We have to go.
Samantha: Where?
Richard: You'll see.
Samantha: I don't know. Besides my car is here.
Richard: I'll drive you back here and you'll get it. Come on Samantha, I know we haven't known each other long but you can trust me.
Samantha: Uh.... ok, I'll go.
(Samantha and Richard both get up and leave the cafe)

2.(at the Taylor's mansion, in Scott's office)
(the doorknob of the door rattles)
Rebecca: Oh no, that must be Scott. What is he doing here? He's not suppose to be here. What am I going to do? How am I going to get out of this?
(she looks around for a hiding spot)
(the doorknob rattles more)
(she starts to pani and get shaky)
Rebecca: I can't get caught. If Scott sees me in here he'll get suspicious.
(she hears a key go into the door)
Rebecca: Oh no, I'm dead.

3.(at Andrews Global)
(Katheleen walks out of her office and meets Kevin in the hallway)
Kevin: Are you leaving for the day Mrs. Andrews?
Katheleen: Yes I am Kevin. I think my work here is done for the day. Tell the receptionist to send all my calls to my cell-phone.
Kevin: I will.
Katheleen: Thank you. By the way I left a meo on everyone's desk, including yours. The board meeting tomorrow is canceled.
Kevin: How come? That's when Mason and I were going to present the presentation for our account.
Katheleen: I know but it had to be done. I have a lot more to think about. I'm sure the account is fine. Although there will be a little meeting tomorrow, it's all explained on the memo.
Kevin: Very well, I'll see you tomorrow.
Katheleen: Good-bye.
(as soon as Katheleen leaves, Mason comes walking from around the corner)
Mason: Have you seen my mother?
Kevin: As a matter of fact I have, she just left for the day.
Mason: Thank you.
(Kevin leaves)
Mason: Perfect.

4.(meanwhile Richard and Samantha pull up in Richard's car in the parking lot of South Bay General Hospital)
Samantha: This is a hospital. What are we doing here?
Richard: This is where we're going to find out who your parents are.
Samantha: How?
Richard: You said that your parents are suppose to be living here, right?
Samantha: Yes.
Richard: Well I'm sure that they have gone for check-ups at the hostpital at some point. Mostly everyone in this town goes to this hospital. What we can do is find DNA matches.
Samantha: I get it. You're brilliant. I would have never thought of that.
(she hugs him tightly)
(they both slowly pull apart just staring at each other)

5.(at the Taylor's mansion, in Scott's office)
(Scott enters the office)
Scott: Now where did I leave that article? I could have sworn that I took it to the office last week but it's not there. I have to find it in order for it to meet the deadline this week.
(Scott looks around)
(meanwhile Rebecca is hiding in the closet)
Rebecca: That was so close. If I had waited one more second I would have been caught and that wouldn't have been pretty. I can just hear the long speech I would get now.
(Rebecca backs up in the closet some so shecan close the door more, when she moves the door creaks some)
Scott: What was that? Sounded like the closet.
(he walks over to the closet)
Rebecca: (thinking in her head) Oh no. He's going to find me.

6.(at Andrews Global, Mason walks into Katheleen's office and enters)
(he closes the door halfway and then sits in her chair)
Mason: Soon this office will be mine. All I have to do is put the final pieces of my plan in action to drive my mother away.
(meanwhile Kevin stands outside the door listening to Mason)
Mason: She will never know that I'm the one that's causing her all this trouble. She'll never know that I took her files to her account. She'll believe that it's all her fault and she'll leave the company. Once she's gone then the company will be in the hands of it's rightful owner, me.
(Kevin enters the office)
Kevin: That will never happen Mason.
(Mason stands up from the chair)
Mason: Kevin, how long have you been there?
Kevin: Long enough to know that you're the cause of Andrews Global's problems.
Mason: Don't you know it's not nice to eavesdrop.
Kevin: In this case it's an exception.
Mason: What? Do you feel like the hero now? Are you going to tell my precious mother what you heard? Because you're not.
Kevin: And why is that?
Mason: I won't let you.

7.(at the Andrews mansion)
(Katheleen enters from the front door and is greeted by Jennifer)
Jennifer: Welcome home mother. I wasn't expecting you.
Katheleen: I decided to come home early. Is Kelly home?
Jennifer: No.
Katheleen: Did I get any calls?
Jennifer: No.
(Katheleen looks at Jennifer who looks rather pale and occuppied)
Katheleen: Is something wrong? You look worried.
Jennifer: Wrong? No, everything is just fine.
Katheleen: Alright, I'll be upstairs.
(Katheleen heads upstairs)
Jennifer: There's more wrong than you know mother. Could Kelly have had that tape in there. She's the only other person I can think of that could know. If she did, why would she have it? Is she planning on using it against me?

8.(at South Bay General Hospital)
(Richard and Samantha both enter the hospital)
(meanwhile Kelly and Blain are both leaving the hospital)
(Richard and Samantha go to the reception desk)
Receptionist: Hi, may I help you?
Samantha: Yes, my name is Samantha, I've been searching for my biological parents and I've come across info that they are located in this town. We (pointing to Richard) thought about DNA tests, trying to find ones that match mines.
Receptionst: I'll set you up with a doctor in a minute, just have a seat.
(they both sit)
Samantha: For the first time I actually believe I'm on my way to finding my parents.
Richard: I'm glad, really glad.
(They both smile)

9.Kevin: You won't let me? No you don't understand Mason, I don't follow your orders. Not only am I older than you but I'm also Vice President of this company. You have no high standing. You take order from me, got it?
Mason: I'm not going to let you tell my mother anything. You're going to keep your mouth shut.
Kevin: Why should I?
Mason: If you don't do it, then I will make sure that everyday of your life from now on is a living hell. I will devote all my time to making you miserable.
Kevin: I'm not at all intimidated or scared.
Mason: I'm not trying to intimidate you or scare you. I'm just warning you. I hope you make the right decision. Well, it's been a long day. I think I better head on home, my precious mother might get worried.
(Mason leaves)

10.(at the Taylor's mansion, in Scott's office)
(as Scott heads over to the closet his phone rings and he answers it)
Scott: Scott Taylor.... now....can't you handle it... fine... I'll be there.
(he immedaitely leaves)
(Rebecca comes from out of the closet)
Rebecca: Thank God for that call. That was so close. (sighs) You are up to something. All of these mysterious phone calls and everything, and the gun. What's your secret?