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Episode Two


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Wild Thangs (home)

1.(at the Morales house)
Joe: Dana come in, let me get your bags.
(Joe gets Danas bags as she comes in the house)
Richard: How are you?
Dana: A little tired, the ride over here made me sleepy.
Diego: Yeah.
Joe: Listen, would you like anything to drink or anything?
Dana: No, I'm fine. I stopped on the way over
Diego: So, how was school? I bet it was really hard for you to leave huh?
Dana: School was ok. It seemed to go by really fast.
Joe: Yeah.
(silence fills the room)
Dana: Ok, this is really bothering me so I'm just going to say it.
(everyone looks at Dana)

2.(at the Taylors mansion)
Katheleen: What is it that you thought of?
Rebecca: I'm going to make Scott decide.
Katheleen: Ok you lost me.
Rebecca: Since it's the company that's splitting Scott and I apart then I'm going to use that to my advantage. I'm going to make him choose between me and the company.
Katheleen: You wouldn't.
Rebecca: I would and will. I've had it. It's come to this. If Scott chooses me then he can hand the company over to Blain.
Katheleen: And if he doesn't.
Rebecca: Then I have no other choice but to divorce him. It's as simple as that.
Katheleen: Well I wish I could stay for moral support but I have to head to the office.
Rebecca: Ok, thanks for stopping bye.
(Katheleen leaves)

3.(at "Pit Stop")
Marshall: Listen don't get yourself all worked up over her. I'm sure that this... connection is nothing at all.
Tracy: Yeah maybe.
(Marshalls pager beeps)
Marshall: It's the clinic. I'll be right back.
(Marshall goes over to the phones)
(Tracy looks at Victoria again)
Tracy: What is it about you that gets to me so bad? I don't understand it. I just have this feeling deep down inside... (sighs)
(Marshall returns)
Tracy: What's up?
Marshall: I have to go. Apparently there's some emergency at the clinic.
Tracy: That's a shame. I was hoping to take the rest of the day off with you.
Marshall: I'm sorry.
Tracy: No, it's ok. I understand.
(Marshall kisses Tracy and leaves)
(Tracy glances back over to Victoria and then resumes to her work)

4.(at Andrews Global)
(Katheleen enters)
(Andrews Global VP, Kevin Hughes goes over to her)
Kevin: Thank god you're here. I've been calling your home and cell-phone non-stop.
Katheleen: I was out and my cell-phone is turned off. What's going on?
Kevin: We have been offered the deal of a lifetime.
Katheleen: Go on.
Kevin: Nicholas Callahan wants to be our partner. He wants his company to join with Andrews Global.
Katheleen: Has Mason heard about this yet?
Kevin: I'm sure he has.
Katheleen: ok, thank you very much.
(Katheleen heads to Masons office)

5.(at the Morales house)
Dana: Coming over here I thought about a lot of things, mainly my returning home. What I thought would happen is happening.
Joe: What do you mean?
Dana: You're all treating me like I'm fragile. It's really bothering me. You're being so nice that it's too nice. It's beyond the limits.
Richard: We just wanted you to feel comfortable.
Diego: We wanted you to feel at home.
Dana: Yes but you are going way overboard and I know why. You're worried that I'm going to fall apart over our parents accident. And in a way you're right. I'm not completely over that but I'm not going to fall apart.
Joe: We just want to be there to support.
Dana: I understand. But I don't need it, atleast not yet. I'm not saying this to hurt any of you.
Joe: We understand.
(Dana smiles)

6.(at "The Tribute" newspaper offices)
(all the employees are hard at work)
(meanwhile Scott is in Jennifers office)
Scott: I really like the format you used.
Jennifer: Thank you. It's a new one that I'm trying out. I thought it might add a different touch.
Scott: It does.
(Rebecca appears and knocks on the door)
Scott: Rebecca, what are you doing here?
Rebecca: We need to talk, it's important.
Scott: Uh, Jennifer why don't you take off the rest of the day.
Jennifer: Thank you, Mr. Taylor.
(Jennifer leaves)
Scott: Why are you interrupting me here? This is my place of business, not your playpen. I have a lot to do.
Rebecca: Well it's going to have to wait because what I have to say needs to be said now.
Scott: Fine, you have ten minutes.
Rebecca: Oh no need, I'll only take five.
(Rebecca looks at Scott with a confident yet serious look)

7.(at Andrews Global in Masons office)
(Katheleen walks in)
Mason: You're here. I suppose you've heard about Nicholas Callahan.
Katheleen: Yes, Kevin informed me when I got here.
Mason: Isn't it great?
Katheleen: No, it's not at all.
Mason: You're kidding me right? One of the greatest companies ever wants to partner with us and you think it's not great. You must be losing your mind.
Katheleen: No but you are. There's no way that we're going to partner with him, ever.
Mason: Are you crazy! Why not!
Katheleen: You shouldn't even have to ask that question. Your father would have an outrage if he heard you say that. Your father built this company by himself and made it into something to be proud of. This business is a family owned and runned company and that's the way it will always be. It's what your father wanted. I can't believe you'd even think of throwing away your fathers dream.
Mason: Oh come on, you're making too much of this.
Katheleen: I am not!
Mason: Fine if you want to see this company rot, then so be it.
Katheleen: It will not rot.
Mason: If you keep making decisions the way you are, then it will.
Katheleen: Oh here we go again. Masons big monologue about how he's upset he wasn't left Andrews Global in his father's will.
Mason: No need for me to recite that again, I think you know it already. Besides I'd be wasting my breath. (leaves)

8.(at the Andrews mansion)
(Jennifer enters the mansion and sets her stuff on a nearby table)
(she walks into the living room and sees Kelly sitting on a chair)
Jennifer: What are you doing here? I thought you and Blain had a big day planned together.
Kelly: Our plans were interrupted.
Jennifer: Why?
Kelly: He said that something came up, that something was me.
Jennifer: You?
Kelly: We got into a big argument. We talked about our relationship, problems, my drinking habits, my
Jennifer: (interrupts) Wait, you brought up your drinking again? God Kelly, are you deliberately trying to make things worst.
Kelly: I had to talk about it. You can't just push it in the back of your mind unsolved.
Jennifer: You could atleast try. You really know how to mess things up don't you. You need to learn how to just leave things alone.
Kelly: You know Jen, you should learn to take your own advice.
Jennifer: And what is that suppose to mean?
Kelly: I don't know, gee, let's think about that. How about how you love to gloat about how perfect your life is all the time when my is a total sham.
Jennifer: I do not!
Kelly: Oh like hell you don't! It makes me sick to my stomach.
Jennifer: Where is this coming from?
Kelly: Don't act like you don't know. But since you want to play clueless I'll refresh your memory.

9.(at the cafe "Pit Stop")
(Tracy is busy cleaning off a table)
(Tracy then turns around and bumps into Victoria)
Tracy: Victoria:
Victoria: Tracy.
(they both look at each other straight in the eye)

10.(at "The Tribute" newspaper offices)
Rebecca: I've been thinking a lot lately about our current situation.
Scott: Can't we discuss this at home?
Rebecca: No, we're going to settle this right now.
Scott: Settle what?
Rebecca: It's time that you
(Blain enters the office)
Blain: Mother, hey, what a surprise.
Rebecca: Blain.
Blain: Oh I'm sorry, am I interrupting your lunch break dad.
Rebecca: It's not
Blain: It's great seeing you two together still. So many parents divorce when their children grow older. I don't know what I'd do if that happened with you two. Well I'll be leaving. (leaves)
Scott: You were saying.
Rebecca: Uh...umm, I have to go. (leaves)
Scott: That's strange.

11.Kelly: Don't you ever get tired of being perfect? I certainly would. All my life I've had to be second because of you.
Jennifer: You're taking this way too far.
Kelly: What would everyone think if they found out that you weren't so perfect afterall?
Jennifer: What do you mean?
Kelly: What if everyone found out your terrible secret?
Jennifer: Shut up Kelly.
Kelly: Everyone would despise you.
Jennifer: I said shut up!
Kelly: No one would ever think of you the same again.
Jennifer; Shut up!
Kelly: Your life would be ruined.
Jennifer: That's it!
(Jennifer pushes Kelly against the wall)
Jennifer: I told you to never talk about that ever! Ever!
Kelly: What, you're getting scared?
(Kelly pushes Jennifer off)
(Kelly is slapped across the face)
Kelly: What, is that how you plan to shut me up?Beat me to death.
Jennifer: How dare you. How dare you!
(Jennifer goes upstairs)
(Kelly spreads out on the couch smiling)
Kelly: Oh Jen, don't you know secrets always come out, one way or another. There's no need for me to expose it. But when it does come out, it's gonna rock the world. (smiles)






Dana has a discussion with her family

Katheleen gets a business offer

Rebecca thinks about hers and Scotts relationship