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Episode Twenty-Three


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1.(at the Morales house)
(Diego enters the house, no one else is around, it seems as though everyone has turned in for the night, Diego sits on the couch burying his head in his lap, sighing, Dana walks downstairs and looks at Diego)
Diego: How could I have been so stupid? I can't believe I actually bought into all of Dana's stories. I actually thought that maybe Kelly and I might of still had a chance together. That maybe what we had didn't die. All I received was a night of embarressment watching Blain and Kelly kissing in the park tonight.
(Dana walks down the rest of the stairs and stands behind Diego without him noticing)
Dana: Lo siento.
(Diego turns around and sees her)

2.(at the Taylor mansion)
(Blain enters the mansion and Rebecca is in the living room, she looks to see who is at the door and sees Blain)
Rebecca: I must be dreaming, Blain?
Blain: It's really me mother.
(she rushes and hugs him)
Rebecca: (excited) Blain! You're here, you're home! Oh my goodness! I don't believe it. You should have called, I would have brought you home. You didn't even tell me you were getting out.
Blain: I know.
Rebecca: You know?
Blain: I wanted it to be a surprise and I wanted to spend some time along with Kelly before everyone knew.
Rebecca: I understand. I bet she was happy.
Blain: She was.
Rebecca: I am so glad that you're home. It hasn't been the same around here. So quiet.
Blain: I take it that you and Dad aren't getting along?
Rebecca: When do we ever?
Blain: I thought that maybe my shooting may have gotten you back together somehow.
Rebecca: Shooting? That reminds me. I have to call the detective to see if they have anymore information about finding the person who shot you.
Blain: Well I'm going to head upstairs, I've had enough excitement for one day, it's drained all the energy out of me.
Rebecca; Ok. Welcome back home.
Blain: It's good to be home.
(he walks upstairs to his room)

3.(at Nathaniel Prescott's house)
Tracy: What will it be Mr. Prescott? Are you going to tell me the truth? The truth that's been kept from me? Don't you think I deserve to know? I do. Please tell me. I have to know, I must. Don't keep this from me.
(Nathaniel looks at Victoria and then back at Tracy)
Nathaniel: I'm sorry.
Tracy: What?
(Victoria filled with relief smiles)
Nathainel: I'm sorry Tracy. But I can't tell you.
Tracy: Don't do this.
Victoria: You heard him Tracy, now leave my father alone.
Tracy: Shut up!
Nathaniel: I am very sorry for everything that you're going through.
Tracy: Are you really? Because if you were you'd know how important this is to me. You'd know that I have to know the truth. But instead you've chosen to keep it from me. I will find out the truth. I will.
(Tracy leaves the house)
(Victoria smiles at her father)
Nathainel: Wipe that smile off your face. Now!

4.(at the Morales house, in the living room)
Diego: Dana, I didn't realize that you were there. How much did you hear?
Dana: All of it. I'm sorry about how I pressured you and questioned you. I just wanted to see you happy.
Diego: It's ok. You were right, partially. I wouldn't admit my true feelings but you let me.
Dana: Except when you did that your heart was broken later when you saw Kelly and Blain kissing.
Diego: Yeah. I was walking around Hudson Park and bam, there they were.
Dana: Must have been real hard.
Diego: It was.
Dana: Listen I'm nto sure how you'll take this question but... what would you say to fighting for Kelly's love?

5.(at the Taylor mansion)
(Rebecca picks up the telephone in the living room and dials Detective Brown's office number)
(he answers)
D.Brown: Hello.
Rebecca: Detective Brown, Rebecca Taylor speaking.
D.Brown: Ah yes, Mrs. Taylor. It's good to hear from you.
Rebecca: I'm calling to see if you have any updates on my son's case.
D.Brown: Am I suppose to?
Rebecca: Well you are handling the case.
D.Brown: There is no case anymore Mrs. Taylor. Your husband came in tonight and closed it.
Rebecca: Why on earth would he do that?
D.Brown: I don't know. But I want to let you know that I'm going to keep searching privately.
Rebecca: Thank you, that's awfully kind of you. I'll be in touch.
(just as Rebecca hangs up the phone Scott enters the mansion)
Rebecca: You bastard!

6.(at the Lincoln's house)
(Tracy enters the bedroom, Marshall is already in bed but awake)
Marshall: You're home, I was worried about you.
Tracy: No need, I'm fine.
Marshall: Physically yes I see. How did it go?
Tracy: Not as well as I planned.
Marshall: Do you feel like talking about it?
Tracy: Not really. All I want to do is take a hot shower and call it a night.
(she walks into the bathroom and closes thedoor after her, she turns the water on in the bathtub)
Tracy: You may think you've won now Victoria but you haven't. I'll find what I want to know.

7.(at Nathaniel Prescott's house)
Nathaniel: You should be ashame of yourself! Smiling!
Victoria: What do you expect? I'm just grateful that you didn't tell her.
Nathaniel: You have no idea how hard that was. All I wanted to do was tell her everything. I was so close to doing it too.
Victoria: But you didn't and that's all that matters.
Nathaniel: You are so selfish!
Victoria: Dad!
Nathaniel: You are. All you care about is yourself and how everything will affect you. You could care less about other people. As long as it doesn't have anything to do with you then you don't care.
Victoria: You're not being fair.
Nathaniel: Fair? Fair?! What do you know about being fair? Fair would have been telling Tracy the truth, the truth that she's been kept from. That's fair. Fair would have not been lying to her anymore. That's fair. So don't you go telling me about what's fair.
Victoria: Well if you're done I'll be leaving.
Nathaniel: Go on, go. Everything's fixed now, your life is perfect.
(Victoria grabs her things and leaves)

8.Diego: What do you mean by fighting for Kelly's love?
Dana: I mean not holding back from your feelings for her. I think you should let her know about it. I know Blain is your best friend and you don't want to destroy that friendship but.... but you need to be happy too.
Diego: So you're telling me to try and steal my best friends girlfriend.
Dana: I'm not. I'm saying you should just let Kelly know of what you're feeling. What happens, happens. Think about it.
(Dana walks upstairs)

9.(at the Taylor mansion)
Scott: Excuse me? Did I miss something here?
Rebecca: Oh no you didn't but I most certainly did.
Scott: Have you been drinking?
Rebecca: Oh please Scott.
Scott: What is this about?
Rebecca: I called Detective Brown to see if he had any updates on Blain's case. You know what he told me? He said that you had went down there today to close the case. Is it true?
(Scott wanders but Rebecca follows)
Rebecca: It is, isn't it? How could you be so stupid? Why would you even do such a thing?
Scott: I have my reasons.
Rebecca: And what might they be?
Scott: We don't need to give this family more publicity than it already gets.
Rebecca: So, you just let the shooter go free. No, there's something more to this, something you're not telling me. I don't expect to get a straight answer out of you therefore I'll have to figure this out myself. But I want you to know that I am very much on to you.
(Rebecca heads upstairs to the bedroom)

10.(meanwhile in Blain's bedroom)
(he lays under the covers of the bed and calls Kelly on his phone)
Kelly: Hello.
Blain: Hey beautiful. I hope you weren't asleep.
Kelly: No, I wasn't.
Blain: Anything wrong? You sound different.
Kelly: It's just Jen, but let's not get into that. How are you doing?
Blain: I'm doing good. It's good to be home, that's for sure.
Kelly: That's great. I'm really happy for you.
Blain: Thanks. I was thinking maybe we could do something tomorrow.
Kelly: I'd like that. What exactly did you have in mind?
Blain: I thought perhaps we could go on a little picnic tomorrow, just the two of us.
Kelly: Sounds great. I'll pack food.
Blain: Great. So I'll see you in the morning?
Kelly: You will. Goodnight.
Blain: Night.

11.(the Morales house, in Diego's bedroom)
(he sits on top of his bed)
Diego: Maybe Dana is right. Should I atleast try and fight for Kelly? Or should I give up and let Kelly and Blain be? I don't know.
(he turns off the lights and goes to bed)

12.(at the Taylor mansion in Scott's office)
(Scott is smoking a cigar, he takes a few puffs)
Scott: All of my plans have gone perfect. My file was destroyed in David's apartment fire and he'll never know that I was the cause of it. Blain will never find out that I was the one that shot him since I closed the case. And Rebecca will be off my back. Nothing can stop me. Nothing.
(he resumes to his cigar)