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Episode Four


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Wild Thangs (home)

Scott receives a disturbing phonecall

Katheleen and Mason discuss their "bond" with each other


1.(at the Andrews mansion)
(in Kellys bedroom)
(Kelly is asleep in her bed while Blain who stayed the night is sitting in the chair sleeping)
(Blain wakes from his sleep right when Kelly awakes too)
Blain: Good morning.
Kelly: Morning.
Blain: Did you sleep well?
Kelly: I most certainly did. I had nothing but sweet dreams.
Blain: Was I in it?
Kelly: Of course. You played the lead character.
(he smiles)

2.(meanwhile that morning at the Taylors mansion)
(Scott is on the deck reading the paper when Rebecca comes out to pour some orange juice)
Scott: Where is Blain? I wanted to discuss some matters with him.
Rebecca: He probably stayed over Kellys last night.
Scott: Really. You know the two of them are really starting to get close. I hope she doesn't distract him from work.
Rebecca: It doesn't matter. As long as he's happy in his relationship, unlike us, then it's fine. Business does not come first, but you'll never understand that.
(the cord-less phone rings and Scott answers it)
Scott: Scott Taylor speaking.
Man on phone: Yes, Mr. Taylor, it's me. I'm afraid I have some rather disturbing news to tell you.
Scott: What is it?

3.(at Davids apartment)
(he's reading over the file he found at Valentinos smiling)
David: This is music to my ears. What better way to get back on top then to have a story like this. This story is unbelievable. I mean I knew the Taylors and Lincolns weren't exactly fans of each other but geez, this is huge. All these years I've been wondering why they had this feud and now I know. No wonder why Marshall hates Scotts guts. I wonder if Mrs. Taylor knows about Scotts past. What a story this is going to be. The book I create out of this will surely have placement on the best sellers list for sure.

4.(meanwhile at "Pit Stop")
(Tracy is taking orders at the counter)
(Victoria enters and sits at a booth)
Tracy: (talking to a customer) Have a nice day.
(Tracy looks around and sees Victoria)
Tracy: Why does this have to be her daily stop? There's plenty of places she could go besides here.
(Tracy ignores Victoria and continues working)
(Victoria sees Tracy)
Victoria: Tracy is starting to get suspicious, I can tell. She can't learn the truth, no matter what. I will lose half of what I have if she does. I will never let her learn about the connection between us because if she does it'll destroy both of our lives, especially hers and once Marshall finds out he'll never want anything to do with her.

5.Scott: I'm listening.
Man: Apparently last night when we were having our meeting and you gave me the papers, something happened.
Scott: Yes.
(Rebecca stands there listening to Scott)
Man: When we lefted I dropped one of the files. The most important one that reveals everything.
Scott: What! You idiot! Have you retrieved it yet?
Man: No. We went back but apparently it's gone. We believe someone has it.
Scott: No! If someone reads that file it'll all be out in the open! I could be destroyed forever! I have to go. If you find anything, let me know.
Man: Yes Mr. Taylor.
(Scott hangs up the phone)
Rebecca: So, what was that about?

6.(at the Andrews mansion)
(in the kitchen)
(Mason is eating an apple when Katheleen walks in)
(both of them aren't saying a word to one another)
(Katheleen pours herself something to drink)
(Mason throws away the remains of his apple and starts to leave)
Katheleen: Mason wait. We can't go on like this.
Mason: Like what mother?
Katheleen: This anger and hatred between us. It has to stop.
Mason: Unfortunately you're the only one that can make it stop.
Katheleen: Can't you leave business out of this for one second! That's all you care about. Maybe that's why your father didn't leave you the company.
Mason: Oh what, you're going to give me your speech on how family comes first.
Katheleen: No, I wouldn't give you the satisfaction. I'm going to the office, I have a company to run. (leaves)
(Mason sighs)

7.(at "Pit Stop")
(Diego is there when Blain enters)
Blain: Diego.
Diego: Hey.
Blain: Been here long?
Diego: No I just got here myself. So, how are things with Kelly?
Blain: Better. We made up last night.
Diego: See I told you things would look up for the both of you.
Blain: Yeah, just hopefully it'll stay that way.
Diego: Why? Are you expecting something bad to happen?
Blain: It's just... well everytime things start going well for Kelly and I something bad happens. I just hope that this time we can just be happy.
Diego: I'm sure things will go fine.
Blain: I hope so.
(meanwhile one of the works comes up to Tracy)
Worker: Tracy, we ran out of sugar up front.
Tracy: Oh ok, I'll get some.
(she walks to the back room of the cafe)
(as she finds the box of sugar packets someone taps her on her shoulder)
(she gasps and sees that it's Marshall)
Tracy: Marshall? What are you doing here?
Marshall: I had to come see you.
Tracy: For what?
Marshall: To apologize for last night. I lashed out at you and it wasn't right. I'm sorry.
Tracy: It's ok. I think we've both been really stressed lately and it's been getting to us. You're forgiven.
Marshall: Good.
(they kiss)

8.Rebecca: Well are you going to answer meor what?
Scott: It's nothing.
Rebecca: Well it surely didn't sound like nothing when you were on the phone. It sounded really serious.
Scott: I said it was nothing, now drop it!
(Scott walks back inside and Rebecca follows him)
Rebecca: Don't yell at me. I'm just trying to see what's gotten you so upset, that's all.
Scott: I said that it's nothing now leave me alone.
Rebecca: Fine, I'm going out, as if you care. (leaves and slams the door)
Scott: God help me, if this comes out it'll ruin me forever.

9.(at the Andrews mansion)
(Kelly walks downstairs)
(while heading tothe door she glances at the bar)
(she looks at one of the bottles with just a sip in it)
Kelly: A sip won't hurt. Besides it'll be sort of a celebration for six months sober.
(she walks over to the table and picks up the bottle)
(she starts to drink it just as Jennifer walks down the stairs)
Jennifer: What in the world do you think you're doing?
(Kelly drops the glass bottle on the floor and it shatters)
Jennifer: You're drinking again.
Kelly: It's not what you think Jen.
Jennifer: Like hell it's not. How long have you been sneaking it in?
Kelly: I haven't been. This is the first sip I've had. I just thought a sip wouldn't hurt.
Jennifer: I'm telling mother, there's no way that I'm going to let you throw away six months for this.
Kelly: You're not going to tell her a thing.
Jennifer: And why won't I?
Kelly: Because if you do I'll be forced to tell her what I know about you.
(Jennifer stands frozen)
Kelly: That's right, I haven't forgotten about your big shocking secret that will rock the universe. It stands very fresh in my mind. So if you ever try to cross me then know this, I will expose your secret with no regrets. None at all.
(Jennifer leaves angrily)

10.(at "Pit Stop")
(while Tracy is cleaning a table she has a flashback)
*(in the past when Tracy was nine yrs. old)
(Tracy at nine walks down that stairs of her parents house and eavesdrops)
Mother: I should have known that this would happen.
Man: What did you expect? You know my family, you know what they are like. There's no way they'd expect this.
Mother: You know I am glad Tracy will never know you. Get out! Get out!
(the man leaves)*
Tracy: That was so long ago. What was that about?

11.(meanwhile at the park)
(Rebecca sits on a bench)
(she bends down to pick up a flower)
(she starts to pick apart the petals)
Rebecca: I should.... I should not.... I should... I should not..... I should..... I should not... I should... I should not... I.... should.
(she throws the flower on the ground)
Rebecca: What should I do? I'm afraid that if I go with the decision I have made that it'll only make things worst.
Blain: What decision mother?
(Rebecca turns around and sees Blain)