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Episode Ten


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Wild Thangs (home)

1.(at South Bay General Hospital)
(in the lobby)
Tracy: I wonder what this whole deal about my hospital records is about. For some reason it's got me on edge. I have a really weird feeling about it. I can't quite make it out though but it's a really strong feeling. (looks at her watch) I better get going home if I have to return here early in the morning. I don't think Kelly will mind if I leave. Besides she has Diego by her side.
(Tracy walks out the front doors of the hospital)

2.(meanwhile Katheleen and Jennifer enter from the side doors of South Bay General)
(they spot Diego and walk over to him)
Katheleen: Where's Kelly?
Diego: I don't know. She just ran off about a second ago.
Katheleen: Ran off? Why?
Diego: It's a lot to explain.
Jennifer: Have you heard anything yet about Blains condition?
Diego: No. Although I just saw the doctor along with Mr and Mrs Taylor rush off into the room. Something seemed to have happened.
Katheleen: I hope nothing bad. Where could Kelly have gone? Why did she run off?
Diego: Mr. Taylor. Apparently he won't let Kelly get involved in any of this. He wouldn't let her hear about Blains condition when the doctor came out and he wouldn't let her in the room.
Jennifer: I can imagine how she felt about that.
Diego: It crushed her. She's really concerned about Blains well-being.
Katheleen: She shouldn't be along right now.
Jennifer: Listen why don't I go and look for her. I'll be right back.
(Jennifer goes searching)

3.(at the Andrews mansion)
(Mason walks upstairs into his mothers office)
(he goes through her desk)
(ruffling through all the papers and files)
(he comes across a file and stops)
Mason: Bingo. Just what I wanted.
(a big grin grows across his face)

4.(in Blains hospital room)
(all the nurses and doctors are busy at work)
(Rebecca and Scott confused of what's going on)
Rebecca: What's happening? Is he going to be alright?
Nurse: We're doing the best we can.
Nurse2: Pulse dropping rapidly.
Dr.Frazier: Crash!
Nurse: Ready.
Scott: What's going on?
Nurse: Please Mr. Taylor, no questions.
Dr.Frazier: One, two, three
Nurse: Clear!
(no change in Blain)
Rebecca: (whispering) Please dear God, protect my son. Don't let him die. Please. He's the only child I have.
(Scott looks at his wife seeing how much pain he's caused)
Nurse: Clear!
Nurse2: We have a pulse.
Dr.Frazier: Well, he's back.
Rebecca: Thank you God.

5.(at the womens restrooms at South Bay)
(Jennifer enters)
(she hears someone crying behind one of the stalls)
Jennifer: Hello. Is anyone there? Are you ok?
(Jennifer notices that the door is crack some)
(she opens it a little more)
Jennifer: Kelly?
(she then sees that it's Kelly)
Jennifer: This is where you were. I was looking for you. Are you ok?
(Kelly comes out of the stall)
Kelly: I'm about as good as I'm going to get today.
Jennifer: Mother is here. We came over as soon as we heard. How are you holding up?
Kelly: Not so good, I'm trying though.
Jennifer: Here.
(Jennifer takes out some tissues from her purse and hands them to Kellt)
Kelly: Thanks. (looks at Jennifer) Why are you being so nice?
Jennifer: Excuse me?
Kelly: It's just different, you know. Lately it seems we've been at each others throats and now
Jennifer: Yeah, it's weird.
Kelly: Why?
Jennifer: I don't know. I mean, we may fight, alot (chuckles) but deep down we're still sisters. You'll still be my little Kel and I'll be your Jen no matter what. I think that fighting is apart of our bond together that's all. Infact I think things would be boring if we didn't fight.
Kelly: Yeah, you're right.
Jennifer: Now, what do you say you dry away those tears so we can get out of here. I'm sure mother wants to see you.
Kelly: Yeah.

6.(still at South Bay General Hospital)
(Diego and Katheleen are speaking with each other)
(Mason enters)
Mason: Hello.
Diego: Hey Mason.
Mason: Any news?
Diego: Not yet.
(Jennifer and Kelly come back)
Katheleen: (to Jen) You found her. (to Kelly) Are you alright?
Kelly: I'm better now.(Kelly smiles at Jennifer)
(Rebecca and Scott come out of Blains room)
(Scott continues walking)
(Rebecca walks over to everyone)
Rebecca: Kelly, I'm truely sorry for my husband being so rude. He had no right. I just thought that I should inform you of what's going on. Blain is doing fine. They think he's out of the woods. Scott and I are going to go home and return in the morning because they said that there's nothing to do tonight. I told the doctor to let you see Blain tomorrow morning before ten since that's when Scott and I will be here.
Kelly: Thank you so much Mrs. Taylor.
Rebecca: It's nothing. Good night everyone. (leaves)
Kelly: I can't believe Mrs. Taylor is so nice about this.
Katheleen: Well I saw that we all go home and get a good night sleep.
Kelly: That sounds good. You all go on, I'll be there in a second.
(Mason, Jennifer and Katheleen leave)
Kelly: (to Diego) Thank you so much for being there for me.
Diego: It was nothing. You're my friend and I'm suppose to be there for you. I'm just doing what Blain would have wanted.
Kelly: Still it means a lot to me.
Diego: Don't worry about it. You should go, they're waiting for you.
Kelly: Ok.
(she hugs him and then leaves)


7.(at the Morales house)
(in the kitchen)
(Diego is at the table eating when Dana enters)
Dana: Good morning.
Diego: Morning.
Dana: I heard about what happened to Blain last night. How is he?
Diego: Fine I suppose. I didn't get to hear so much at the hospital last night. Kelly was taking it bad though.
Dana: I would think so. She cares a lot about him.
Diego: Yeah. So, what about you? Aren't you and Joe suppose to be doing some big makeover for him today?
Dana: Yes as a matter of fact.
(Joe enters)
Dana: Perfect, right on time.
Joe: What?
Dana: Today I am going to transform you into a new man.
Joe: I forgot all about that. Let's just say we forget about it, huh?
Dana: No, I don't think so. We are going to do this.
(she smile at Joe who seems half awake)

8.(at the Taylors mansion)
(on the deck where Scott sits, Rebecca comes out with a newspaper in her hand)
Rebecca: Look at this, Blains shoot, front page news. You just couldn't resisit.
Scott: I know that this is a very sad occassion but it's news for The Tribute.
Rebecca: Damn it, he's your son!
Scott: I don't want to hear this now, I have a lot on my mind.
Rebecca: Like what! The only thing that matters is Blain getting better and finding the shooter that did this. Whoever did this I will forever make them pay.
(Rebecca walks back inside)
Scott: (sighs) No one may never know what happened last night.

9.(at South Bay General Hospital)
(Victoria enters to the receptionist desk)
Receptionist: Hi, may I help you?
Victoria: Yes, I'm here to see Doctor Michaels. I'm here for my monthly check-up.
Receptionist: Yes, he's currently tied up with a patient so if you'd just sit down and wait and I'll call you up when he's ready.
Victoria: Ok , thank you.
(Victoria goes to sit)
(Tracy then enters not seeing Victoria but Victoria sees Tracy but doesn't say anything)
(Tracy spots Dr.Collins)
Tracy: Dr.Collins.
Dr.Collins: Great you're here.
(Victoria listens in)
Tracy: Yes but before we begin, may you just do a brief overview of what's going on. I still don't quite understand.
Dr.Collins: Well basically we found that much of your hospital records are missing. We have barely any info on your parents, not even your father's name. We don't have blood records or any recent check-up records. I would like to do some tests and try to retrieve info for you so your file would be updated.
Victoria: (saying to herself) No! She can't do that. I deleted Tracy's file a year ago myself so no one could ever find the link between her and I. Tracy may never know any of that info and if she does she'll be one step closer to finding out the connection between us.
(Tracy and Dr.Collins walk off)
Victoria: I have to put a stop to this, now.
(Victoria follows them)

10.(still at South Bay General Hospital)
(Kelly enters and walks to the receptionist desk)
Kelly: Hello. I'm Kelly Andrews. I've been given permissin from Mrs. Rebecca Taylor to see Blain Taylor.
(the receptionist looks over the visitors list)
Receptionist: I'm sorry but your name is no where on this chart.
Kelly: That's impossible. She told me that I could see him. Check it again.
Receptionist: It's not here. Did Mrs. Taylor tell you this in private?
Kelly: Yes.
Receptionist: She must have forgotten to check up here with us. Without her signature on this chart with your name on it I can't let you in. We have special rules at this hospital.
Kelly: But that's ridiculous. I would only be a couple of minutes.
Receptionist: I'm sorry but it's a rule. I'd lose my job if I allowed you. Perhaps you can see him later when Mrs. Taylor is here.
Kelly: I don't want to see him later, I want to see him now!
Receptionist: And I told you that you can not see him now. I'm sorry.
(Kelly bursts out of the hospital and stands outside of it)
(she tries to hold back the tears but one comes out anyway)
(she goes in her purse to get out a napkin to wipe her face)
(while digging through her purse she finds a small bottle of liquor that always kept in her purse for an emergency, however she had never drunk any)
(she looks at it laying in her purse)
(seconds later she takes out the bottle and opens it and drinks the entire bottle, throws it in the nearby trashcan)
Kelly: All that work of being sober, gone just like that.
(she shakes her head, looks around, then walks to her car)

11.(at Andrews Global)
(Mason enters the building)
(he sees Kevin and walks up to him)
Mason: Is my mother in yet?
Kevin: No I don't believe so. I think she's not coming in for another hour or two.
Mason: Thanks.
(Mason goes straight to Katheleen's office)
(he goes in and closes and locks the door behind him)
Mason: Perfect.
(the computer is turned on)
(Mason takes out the papers he got from the previous night)
Mason: If this doesn't get her out of here I don't know what will. Once she' s gone, I will be in charge.

12.(at South Bay General Hospital)
(in the records room)
(the room is rather large on size)
(there are racks and racks of files, and cabinets everywhere)
(meanwhile Victoria is at the hospital end of the room outside the door listening through the crack of the door)
Dr.Collins: For some reason I believe that some of your info is probably just misplaced. We just need to find it. So if you'd help me look.
Tracy: That's a lot to look through.
Dr.Collins: I know.
(Tracy and the doctor start looking)
(meanwhile Victoria enters at the opposite end of the room very quietly and closes the door)
Victoria: I ave to find that file that with Tracys info before they do. I thought I had destroyed everything. But once I find it, I'll destroy it.
(Victoria opens one of the cabinets near and it makes a screeching noise like chalk scrapping against a chalkboard)
Tracy: What was that?
Dr.Collin: What was what?
Tracy: That noise. It sounded like someone is in here.
Dr.Collins: It's probably just nothing.
(meanwhile at Victorias end)
Victoria: That was close. (continuing to looks through files) Come on you have to be here somewhere.
Tracy: (talking to Dr.Collins) How long do you suspect this will take?
Dr.Collins: Who knows? Depends on how good we look.
(meanwhile Victoria looks through a cabinet and finds the file)
Victoria: Bingo, just what I'm looking for. Now Tracy will never know.
(she closes the cabinet slowly)
Dr.Collins: (to Tracy) Listen, there are some cabinets at the other end of the room that you should check out.
Tracy: Ok.
(Tracy starts to walk in the direction of where Victoria is)
Victoria: She's coming.
(Victoria goes to leave but when she tries to open the door, it doesn't open)
Victoria: Oh no, it's locked. (pulling the door harder) Come on, open.
(Tracy finally gets there and sees Victoria standing with a file in her hand)
Tracy: Look what we have here. What a surprise to see you here. Mind explaining why you're here Victoria and why you have one of the hospital records in your hand?
(Victoria stands there shocked, not able to speak)