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Episode Thirteen


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1.(at Andrews Global)
(reporters surround the front door of the building all awaiting for Katheleens entrance)
(meanwhile Kevin is trying to answer questions and calm thing down)
Reporter1: As Vice President what do you think about this current situation?
Reporter2: Do you think that the late Mr. Andrews was the backbone of this company? And because of his demise the company has gone downhill?
Kevin: I'm not able to answer your questions until word of our President and owner.
(meanwhile Katheleen pulls up in her car and parks)
(as soon as she gets out reporters surround all sides of her)
(meanwhile Mason smiles from the window of his office, looking down at everything)

2.(at David's apartment)
Tracy: Did you make the phone call?
David: Yes.
Tracy: So, what happened?
David: I have the phone number to my source and he's searching as we speak. He'll call as soon as he finds something.
Tracy: Great. Thank you so mcuh. This means an awful lot to me.
David: It's nothing, you've done a lot for me. Including giving free tab at the cafe during my rough times.
Tracy: How are things going now? Have you started any projects yet?
David: I have one thing working for me, it's sorta undercover tough, not public.
Tracy: Oh, I see. (looks at her watch) Darn, I have to get to the cafe.
David: It's ok. If I hear anything I'll just call you on your cell-phone.
Tracy: Thanks, bye.
(Tracy let herself out)

3.(at South Bay General Hospital)
(in Blains room)
Kelly: You seem so very sure Mr. Tayl;or.
Scott: I'm only giving you more credit than you deserve. What I meant was that even though I have certain opinions of you I don't think you'd shoot my son.
Kelly: Was that just a compliment?
Blain: Please, stop! I don't need this right now.
Rebecca: Blains, right. He needs his rest. Why don't we all leave.
(Rebecca escorts Scott out)
Kelly: I'll be right out here if you need anything.
Blain: Ok. Oh wait, listen I'm sorry about my father. I know he's not the easiest to get along with.
Kelly: It's ok.
(she smiles and then leaves the room)

4.(outside of Andrews Global)
Reporter1: What do you think of Andrews Global losing business?
Katheleen: Excuse me but I'm not talking about this.
(Katheleen tries to fight her way through all the reporters, finally making it in the building)
(she walks in and Jennifer is there)
Jennifer: Mother, there you are. What is going on? I've been receiving phone calls, I've seen highlights in the paper.
Katheleen: I've just lost one of our biggest clients and that's all. I had the entire presentation but I lost it somehow. I had it in my desk in my office and when I went back it was gone. I'm guessing that I misplaced it. Because of this other companies are worrying about what's going to happen if they sign with us.
Jennifer: My God, I didn't think that things were that bad.
Kathelen: Oh they are and if something isn't done about it, it could get worse, a lot worse.

5.(at the Morales house)
(in the living room, Joe is sitting on the couch watching television)
(Dana walks downstairs from her bedroom)
Dana: You better be over there picking up tips for tonight.
Joe: Really?
Dana: Yes. I'm taking you out tonight. You think you're going to backdown from my word but that's not going to happen.
Joe: I don't know, maybe I should go to M&L. Things are probably getting busy over there.
Dana: You have Richard and Diego taking charge of everything, it's fine.
(Richard entes from the front door)
Joe: What are you doing home? I thought you were suppose to be at the hotel.
Richard: I was at the hotel but things slowed down. Diego said that he could handle things so I came home.
Dana: (to Joe) See, there's nothing you can do to get out of this. Now I'm going to take me a nap and when I wake up we will prepare.
(Dana runs up the stairs)

6.(at "Pit Stop")
(a young woman, around twenty years old enters the cafe, looking around)
(she walks up to the rgisters desk to one of the employees)
Woman: Hi, I was wondering if you were hiring at the moment?
Employee: Well I'm not sure. I believe so. Why don't I let you talk with the owner. Hold on a sec.
(the employee walks in the back, and then both the employee and Tracy come out)
(the employee resumes with his work)
Tracy: Hello, may I help you?
Woman: Yes, I was wondering if you were currently hiring at the moment.
Tracy: What position are you looking for?
Woman: Anything that I could get.
Tracy: Hmm, I like that, willing to take anything. Let me see. I have almost everything that I need. Although summer gets out of hand and I'm always welcoming new employees. Well, what kind of hours are you looking for?
Woman: Possibly either the morning or night shifts.
Tracy: I think I might have a job for you. How would you like to be our hostess? You'd just show people to their seats, unless they just walk up to the stool area, you'd also give out menus. That's about it.
Woman: Great. When can I start?
Tracy: When would you like to?
Woman: Tonight?
Tracy: Sure.
Woman: Great. But may I go to my apartment first, and take care of a few things and come straight here.
Tracy: Sure.
Woman: Perfect. Thank you so much. (starts to leave)
Tracy: I didn't catch your name.
Woman: (turns around) Samantha, but you can just call me Sam.
Tracy: I'm Tracy. Well I'll see you later.
(the young woman smiles and then leaves)

7.(at Andrews Global)
(Katheleen is walking down the hall, she passes Mason's office, then she walks back to it and walks in)
Katheleen: Mason, what are you doing?
Mason: Come again.
Katheleen: Don't you see that there is a crisis going on here.
Mason: Really?
Katheleen: What is the matter with you? Have you not heard what is going on here?
Mason: Ah yes, you're talking about you losing one of our biggest clients, which also is having us lose others. I told you this was going to happen mtoher, but you wouldn't listen. I warned you that this day would come. But no, you were so confident of yourself.
Katheleen: Mason, I don't need this from you right now!
Mason: I'm not the one that did this. You are!
Katheleen: I am well aware of that. However it was a mistake.
Mason: Yeah, a mistake that may cost us the company.
(Katheleen leaves)
Mason: That went awfully well. (smiles) My plan is working. She thinks she is fully responsible for what's happened and everyone else thinks so too. No one will ever find out that this was all set-up and that it was set-up by me.

8.(at the Morales house)
(in Danas room)
(Dana is laid out on her bed taking a nap)
(she begins to dream)

(at UCLA, in Dana's dorm)
(the dorm is very small but is very cluthered)
(papers and clothes cover the carpet on the floor)
(posters stick to the walls)
(her parents are there)
Dana: Father no! I already said no, a thousand times.
Mother: Mija. Don't talk to your father like that.
Dana: I'm not going to make him decide for me. This is my life and I will do what I want.
Father: Even if I don't agree.
Dana: Especially if you don't agree. You've taught me my entire life to make choices, I'm doing that now and all you're doing is giving me the third degree about it.
Father: It doesn't matter.

(the dream ends and Dana wakes gasping for air)
(Joe comes upstairs and enters Danas room)
Joe: Hey. (realizing that Dana is shaking) What's wrong?
Dana: Um, nothing. I just had a very weird dream that's all.
Joe: Well I decided to just give in and go tonight.
Dana: About tonight, would it be ok if I back out? I'm really not up to it.
Joe: But you were more excited than I was.
Dana: I know, I'm sorry, something came up.
Joe: Sure. Anything you want to talk about?
Dana: No, I'm fine.
Joe: Ok, you get some rest. (he touches Danas face and leaves)

9.(at South Bay General Hospital)
(Kelly is sitting in a chair in the lobbby, Diego enters the hospital and sees her)
Kelly: Diego, what are you doing here?
Diego: I finished everything I needed to do at M&L so I decided to come here, I thought you might be here. Have you heard anything yet?
Kelly: I've seen him. It felt so great being able to see him and talk to him. I feel like now that I've done that I may stop worrying now.
Diego: That's great.
(meanwhile across from Blains room is Rebecca and Scott)
Rebecca: I really wish you'd stop treating Kelly so poorly. I don't know why she gets to you so much. She really is a nice girl.
Scott: As long as the two of them aren't married then I don't have to accept it. I mean honestly, do you really think that Kelly is the ideal woman for Blain?
(Rebecca opens her mouth to answer but Scott continues talking)
Scott: I don't. (getting into a daze, dream world) You know who is, Carrie Daniels. I always thought that the two of them were the perfect match. If our families teamed up with hers we'd be unstoppable.
Rebecca: God! You truely are despicable!
Scott: Why?
Rebecca: All you think about is business. You'd be willing to have your son live unhappy forever just to suit you.
Scott: Rebecca, it was
Rebecca: I'm going to get something drink, as if you care.
(Rebecca leaves)

10.(at "Pit Stop")
(Marshall enters and sees Tracy and walks over to her)
Tracy: Hey, I'm glad you're here. Lately I haven't been able to see you with all that's going on.
Marshall: (dryly) I know.
Tracy: I'm sorry, Come here.
(Tracy leads Marshall to the backroom so they can talk alone)
Tracy: I'm really close to finding out the connection between Victoria and I.
Marshall: Come on Tracy, I did not come here to hear about that, I'm here to have a nice conversation with my wife and just to see her.
Tracy: Just listen ok. When I was at the hospital for Blains shooting this doctor confronted me about my hospital records. She said that a lot of the information in it was missing. Info like my father's name, my birthdate, my blood-type, check-up records, e.t.c. That made me really suspicious. We set up an appointment to figure it out. I came back and we went to the records to look around. I found Victoria there also, snooping around. She had my file in her hand. In my file was a mysterious phone number without a name. When I called the number and said my name they hung up. I know I'm really close.
Marshall: But still? I don't know. I've been a little fuzzy about this since day one.
Tracy: Trust me, I'll prove it to you. After I found out about the phone number I went to David to do some checks to find out who ths number belongs to and
(meanwhile her cell-phone rings from her desk)
(she picks it up and answers it)
Tracy: Hello.
David: Tracy, it's me. I have the results.
Tracy: You found out who the number belonged to?
David: Yes.
Tracy: Well tell me, I have to know.
David: The number that you gave me belongs to a Mr. Nathaniel Prescott.
Tracy: Nathaniel... Prescott. Prescott. Prescott? Nathaniel Prescott, Victoria Prescott.
David: Hello?
Tracy: Um, yeah. Listen thanks, I'll call you later.
(she hangs up)
(Tracy stands frozen, not moving or saying a word)
Marshall: Tracy? What is it?
Tracy: I... think that... the person that phone number belongs to... is... Victoria's father.
Marshall: What? How?
Tracy: The number belongs to a Nathaniel Prescott. It must be. What could he have to do with me? Why would his number be in my file?
(Tracy looks back at Marshall confused)