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Episode Twenty-Four


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1.(at the Andrews mansion)
(Mason, dressed and ready for work, walks downstairs and into the kitchen)
Jennifer: You're up early. How come?
Mason: I have some things to take care of at the office.
Jennifer: It's seven o'clock. Andrews Global doesn't open till nine.
Mason: And your point is? If you ever want to succeed in something then you need to be able to do extra.
Jennifer: And what exactly are you trying to succeed in? Getting the company all to yourself.
Mason: Why must you always tihnk the worst in me?
Jennifer: Someone has to.
Mason: (smiles) Well I must be off. You have yourself a great day sis.
(Mason leaves the kitchen)

2.(at the Morales house)
(Diego comes downstairs from his bedroom dressed for the day, he opens the front door and goes outside and sees Dana jogging up the steps)
Diego: Dana. What are you doing up this early in the morning?
Dana: I decided to go for a morning jog. A little exercise can't hurt. What woke you up?
Diego: Just wanted to get some fresh air.
Dana: Right. Our little conversation last night made you think. Infact you're thinking about it right now.
Diego: That's not true.
Dana: I can see right through you Diego. Have you figured out what you're going to do?
Diego: No I haven't. I'm still thinking.
Dana: Well if you want my advice I think you should try and see what may happen between you and Kelly. Listen I know that kind of person you are. You aren't the kind of person to come between two people, especially Blain and Kelly. But I think you should forget about their feelings and worry about your own.
Diego: No offense hermana, but I don't need your advice, I'm capable of deciding on my own.
Dana: Fine, if you want to live the rest of your life wondering what if then go right ahead, I won't stop you. I'm tired of trying to help.
(Dana goes inside)

3.(at the Andrews mansion)
(Kelly is in the kitchen preparing a basket for her and Blain's picnic, meanwhile Katheleen enters the kitchen)
Katheleen: Hmm, that smell. What are you doing?
Kelly: Blain and I are going to have a picnic. I'm just getting a few things for us.
Katheleen: Oh that's nice. So I take it that he's made a full recovery.
Kelly: Yes.
Katheleen: That's great. You look so happy.
Kelly: I am.
Katheleen: Good.
Kelly: Oh and I will be in the office as soon as Blain and I are done.
Katheleen: It's ok, take your time. Well I must be going to the office. I have a lot that needs to be taken care of. So I'll see you later.
Kelly: Bye mother.
(Katheleen leaves while Kelly resumes)

4.(Taylor mansion)
(Blain goes out on the deck where Rebecca is sitting)
Blain: Good morning mother.
Rebecca: Blain, you're up. How are you feeling?
Blain: Excellent. I'm about to go over to the Andrews. Kelly and I are suppose to have a picnic today.
Rebecca: Ok. Have fun.
Blain: I will.
(he kisses her on the cheek and leaves, Rebecca picks up the phone from the table and dials a number)
Rebecca: Hello, this is Mrs. Taylor. I know that you usually do business for my husband but this time I have a proposition for you. I want you to spy on my husband and before you say no I'd like to remind you thatI could have you put away to jail for things you've kept secret for my husband. I'll expect you over here a.s.a.p.
(she hangs up)

5.(at Andrews Global)
(Mason walks out of his office with files in his hands)
Mason: (to an employee) Has Kevin come into work yet?
Employee: No he hasn't Mr. Andrews. If I recall he called in and said he's running a little late.
Mason: Thank you.
(Mason continues walking and ends up infront of Kevin's office, he goes in and closes the door)
Mason: Now you know what I've done Kevin. If you were to tell everyone, then everything that I've done to get this company would have been for nothing. There's no way in hell that I'm going to let you get in my way. This company has my name on it and I intend on getting it.
(he opens Kevin's file cabinet and places the files in it and closes the cabinet)
Mason: Once I get my mother to look here she'll find her account files. She'll think you stole them from her and you'll be history. Everyone will think you did it and won't think to question me.
(Mason starts to leave and opens the door and Jennifer stands right there)
Jennifer: Mason?
Mason: Jennifer.

6.(at the Taylor mansion, a young man walks up the stairs of the deck where Rebecca sits)
Rebecca: Mark ,you're here.
Mark: I pressed the doorbell but no one answered.
Rebecca: Oh it's alright. Have a seat.
Mark: (sits) Listen I'm not sure of what's going on but does Mr. Taylor know about this?
Rebecca: No he doesn't and you're not going to tell him.
Mark: What is this all about?
Rebecca: I want you to do an extensive search on my husband, I want you to spy on him. There are certain things that I need to know. I believe that my husband is hiding a few things, things that are explosive. I want to know what they are. He has very private moments, like in his office or at work. He's always busy and never tells anyone where he's going.
Mark: Well I hate to tell you this but maybe he's having an affiar.
Rebecca: I know my husband and he's not having an affair. It's much more than that and I intend on finding out, that is with your help of course. So, are you going to help me or not? Or do I have to go to the police with what I know?

7.(at Hudson Park, Kelly and Blain both sit under a tree together having their picnic)
Kelly: I'm so glad you're home.
Blain: So am I. Listen I know I've probably told you this before but I just think I should say it again.
Kelly: Say what?
Blain: I want to apologize for all the things my father put you through. He's been out of control lately and he has been outright rude to you.
Kelly: Blain you don't need to apologize for him.
Blain: I do. My father isn't man enough to apologize for himself so I just have to do it for him.
Kelly: Well in his eyes I'm sure he thinks that he did nothing wrong.
(meanwhile Diego is walking around the park and spots them)
Diego: (sarcastic) Great, just who I wanted to see. I came here to get my mind off of them but now that I run into them I start thinking about them more. Damn you Dana, all your talking has boggled my mind.

8.Mason: Jennifer.
Jennifer: Mason, what are you doing in Kevin's office?
Mason: Kevin's office? Right. Well Kevin and I are working together on an account and I needed to drop off some files for him to look over.
Jennifer: Oh, well I was looking for mother but she's wasn't in her office so I came here.
Mason: Well she's not here either.
Jennifer: Well I have to get going to the office but give her this message. Tell her that a Mr. Joel Henderson called the house.
Mason: I'll tell her.
Jennifer: Ok, thanks. (walks off)
Mason: That was close.
(he walks to Katheleen's office and enters, Katheleen is in the office)
Mason: Mother, you're here. Jennifer came by but said you weren't here.
Katheleen: That's because I just got here. By the way, I need all of your account files for reviewal. I need to make sure everything is ready for the meeting.
Mason: Oh they're in my office right.... oh wait a second they're not. I just remembered that Kevin has them in his file cabinet. We were looking over them the other night. I'll get them.
Katheleen: That's ok. I'll get them. I need to stop by the copying room and his office is on the way.
(Katheleen leaves the office)
Mason: Things couldn't be any better. As soon as you open that file cabinet and see your files in there you'll have an outrage. She'll be so mad that she'll fire Kevin and he'll be out of my way for good.

9.Rebecca: So, what will it be?
Mark: I can't do it Mrs. Taylor. I'd be doublecrossing Mrs. Taylor.
Rebecca: Fine, your choice. I'll just call the police now.
Mark: Wait! There's no need for that.
Rebecca: I gave you a choice Mark and you made your choice.
Mark: But I can't go to jail.
Rebecca: Oh but you will if you don't help me. Are you going to reconsider?

10.(at Hudson Park, Kelly lays in Blain's arms under the tree until his cell-phone rings, she gets up)
Kelly: You better get that.
Blain: Let it ring, I don't want to be interrupted.
Kelly: I know but it might be important. It could be the hospital.
Blain: I guess you're right.
(he picks up his phone and answers)
Blain: Blain Taylor speaking.
Scott: Blain, it's your father. I need you in the office now.
Blain: Now, can't it wait?
Scott: No it may not. I need you here immediately.
Blain: Fine, I'll be there. (hangs up)
Kelly: Who was that?
Blain: My father, he said that he needed me at the office. But I'm not going to go. You're more important.
Kelly: No, go ahead. It's business. Besides I have to get going to Andrews Global.
Blain: You sure?
Kelly: Positive, go on.
(he kisses her and leaves)
(meanwhile Diego walks over to Kelly after Blain takes off in his car)
Kelly: Diego?
Diego: We need to talk.

11.Rebecca: Have you changed your mind?
Mark: Yes, I'll help you spy on your husband.
Rebecca: Now I have to go catch a plane but I'll call you from the plane to finalize some things. Ok?
Mark: Very well. I'll be expecting your call. Good-bye Mrs. Taylor.
(Mark leaves)
Rebecca: I won't be Mrs. Taylor for long. As soon as I come from the Dominican Republic my divorce will be final and I'll be back to my maiden name, I'll be Rebecca Elaine Cunningham.

12.(at Andrews Global)
(Katheleen walks into Kevin's office)
Katheleen: File cabinet, file cabinet. There.
(she finds the file cabinet and opens it, going through all of the files, she comes across a certain file and stops)
Katheleen: What is this? This is....
(She takes out two files)
Katheleen: I don't believe this. This is my file. These are the files I thought I had misplaced. What are they doing in Kevin's office? I know I didn't place them here and Kevin shouldn't of had them. My files couldn't have gotten mixed up with his because I had mine locked up. He must have... must have taken them. But why? This cost me so much. Because of this most of our clients have backed out! That bastard. Bastard! And all along I thought it was Mason but it was Kevin. He pretended tlike he was a friend.
(Kevin enters the office)
Kevin: Hello Katheleen.
Katheleen: You bastard!
Kevin: Excuse me? What are you talking about?
Katheleen: You stole the files to my account. You betrayed me. You lied to me and kept secrets. You acted as if you were so innocent but in reality you're nothing but a backstabber.
Kevin: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Katheleen: Liar! You stole the files. You cost me so much! I want you out of here now! You pack your things and leave this company.
Kevin: What are you saying?
Katheleen: You're fired! Get out of here and never lookback!
(Kevin leaves the office and as soon as he enters the hallway, Mason is right there)
Mason: (grinning) Going somewhere?
Kevin: You? You did this, didn't you? You set me up. You put those files in my cabinet so it'd look like I stole them from her.
Mason: Why would I do a thing like that?
Kevin: To shut me up. I overheard your conversation last night about how you stole her files just to drive her insane enough to want to resign. That way you could take over Andrews Globa.
Mason: Well it doesn't matter, you're fired. I almost feel sorry for you, almost. When other executives hear that you were fired from Andrews Global they're not going to want to hire you. Your career is over.
Kevin: You're not going to get away with this Andrews. I'll get my revenge, you can bet on it.
(Kevin stomps out of Andrews Global leaving Mason there smiling and feeling very proud)

13.(at Hudson Park)
Kelly: We need to talk. Ok.
Diego: I'm sorry to just spring up on you like this.
Kelly: It's ok.
Diego: Were you just about to leave?
Kelly: Well I was but don't worry about that. What's up?
Diego: Well lately I've been thinking about certain things. Things that bothered me. I've tried to just forget about them but... but... this is too hard to explain in words.
(Diego embrances her into a passionate kiss)