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Episode Fifteen


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Wild Thangs (home)

1.(at "The Tribute")
(eveyone is rushing and moving around trying to meet their deadlines for the next paper)
(Jennifer sits at her desk typing away on her computer)
(papers flood her desk and cabinet)
(one of her employees, Rachel, walks up to her)
Rachel: Trying to get that article done.
Jennifer: You know it. Lately I've been sidetracked, you know, with everything that's going on.
Rachel: Tell me about it. It's been crazy. With Mr. Taylors son getting shot and all, then Andrews Global. How is your mom doing?
Jennifer: She's worried. I guess that since everything has always been great at Andrews Global she never thought of what she'd do in a situation like this. She wasn't prepared for it.
Rachel: I'm sure something will work out.
Jennifer: (feeling hopeful) Yeah, maybe.

2.(meanwhile at Lillian apartments, in apartment number one ninety-two, Samantha's apartment)
(the apartment is rather empty, though it's filled with everything she needs)
(meanwhile Samantha is laying on her bed in the bedroom reading a magazine when the telephone rings and she answers it)
Samantha: Hello.
Mother: Hello dear, how are you?
Samantha: Mother, checking up on me I see.
Mother: Well I had to see how you were doing.
Samantha: I'm doing fine, no need to worry.
Mother: I know it's just you're away from home and you have your own place, it's different.
Samantha: I know mother. I even got a job today. I'm going to work at this cafe called "Pit Stop". I've heard a lot about it so I decided to check it out. (looks at her watch) Oh, you know what mother, I have to get going, I have an errand to run. I'll call you later.
Mother: Alright, bye.
Samantha: Bye.
(she hangs up)


3.(at Victoria's house)
Victoria: You know what, I think you need to leave, now.
Tracy: I'm not going anywhere until I get answers.
Victoria: This is my house and I'm telling you to leave. You can either leave yourself or I'll throw you out. You pick.
Tracy: Neither. Now if you want to make it easy on you, why don't you just tell me what you know and then maybe I'll leave.
Victoria: There's nothing to tell! I've already told you that.
(Victoria getting more frustrated)
Tracy: Yeah well I don't believe you.
(Victoria's left eyebrow rises when she realizes that it's going to take a lot mroe to get rid of Tracy then she thought)
Victoria: Get out. Now!

4.(at "The Tribute")
(still at Jennifer's desk)
(some of the workers have already finished and gone home but Jennifer is still there working)
(meanwhile Dana is standing behind her watching)
Jennifer: Finished! Thank God.
Dana: Someone seems happy.
(Jennifer jumps and turns around startled when she hears Dana)
Jennifer: You scared me.
Dana: I didn't meant to. I just decided to stop by since last time I really didn't get a chance to see you.
Jennifer: I'm glad you came because I'm done.
Dana: Where are you heading off to?
Jennifer: Don't you already know. I'm taking my best friend out to dinner. Let's go.

5.(at Andrews Global)
(Katheleen is in her office sitting down in her chair)
Katheleen: I just don't understand how any of this could have happen. It doesn't make sense. I'm always so careful, especially when it comes to business. I mean I know I've been a little busy and side-tracked lately but still. There has got to be an explanation for this.
(Mason walks by her office and Katheleen sees him)
Katheleen: Ok, why am I feeling this way? Why do I have this feeling that I need to talk to Mason? It's really strong too. Perhaps I should.
(she gets up and leaves her office to find Mason)

6.(meanwhile at an old abandoned warehouse)
(the warehoue is empty except it has some racks and carts inside)
(the only is what comes from the sun through the cracks of the warehouse and the single lightbulb inside)
(Scott pulls up in his car and enters)
(in the warehouse is the man he spoke with over the phone)
Scott: Good, you're here. Sorry about the weird location for us to meet but I couldn't risk getting caught. I have too many other problems and for this to be another would be too much.
Man: I understand Mr. Taylor.
Scott: Now I know that I spoke with you briefly about my proposition over the phone but I lefted out some of the details and information. But since you've worked with me on tihs kind of thing I just thought that you knew what I was planning.
Man: I understand it 100% Mr. Taylor.
Scott: Very well, then this is all you need then.
(Scott takes out a note from his pocket and hands it over)
Scott: This answers all your questions. The who, where, when and how. If you need anything else call me on my cellular phone. Don't try to contact me at home. Once I know the situation has been taken care of then you'll be rewarded properly. Don't contact me about it, I'll contact you.
(Scott leaves the warehouse)

7.(at Victoria's house)
Victoria: I want you to leave now.
Tracy: Just what are you hiding. You might as well give up because I am going to find out sooner or later.
(the telephone rings)
Victoria: I'll get that, hopefully you'll be gone.
(Victoria goes into the kitchen and answers the phoen)
Victoria: Hello.
Nathaniel: Victoria, it's your father.
Victoria: Dad, you're calling at a very bad time.
(meanwhile in the living room)
Tracy: For some reason I have this weird feeling about this phonecall, an urge to listen. I believe there's another phone in the dining room hallway.
(Tracy walks to the dining room and finds the phone)
(she picks it up slowly trying not to make noise, and then listens in)
(meanwhile the conversation continues)
Nathaniel: I s anything going on with this Tracy situation?
Victoria: She's here now, questioning me. She keeps demanding that I tell her the truth.
Nathaniel: Have you?
Victoria: Of course not. If it's up to me Tracy will never know. I just wish she'd give up. Listen I better go. I'll be in touch.
(Victoria hangs up)
(Victoria walks back into the living room and finds Tracy coming out of the dining room)
Victoria: What were you doing in there?
Tracy: So you say you don't know anything. What a liar.
Victoria: I'm not lying.
Tracy: I heard your conversation. I heard every word you said on that phone. Every word.
(Victoria feeling dumbfounded and annoyed)

8.(meanwhile at the book cafe "Blair's")
(Richard is sitting near a window reading a book)
(Samantha enters)
(she walks over to the bookshelf next to Richard)
Samantha: Now where is that book that I saw earlier? It should be right here. I've been wanting this so long, I hope no one took it. Who would of thought that someone would have checked out "The Lessons of Truth". I swear if I ever find the idiot that has that book.
(Richard overhearing her and turns to her)
Richard: I'm sorry, I couldn't help overhearing, but I think I'm the idiot that you're looking for.
Samantha: Oh, I hope you didn't take my comment personally. It was just me ranting.
Richard: It's ok, I know the feeling.
Samantha: Yeah.
Richard: Are you new in town?
Samantha: Is it that obvious?
Richard: Well it's just that I know many of the faces in town and I don't believe I remember yours.
Samantha: Well you're right. I am. I moved here from Oregon.
Richard: Interesting. By the way, I'm Richard Morales.
Samantha: Samantha.... (pauses a second) Samantha Lotts. I'm adopted. I don't know my real parents. That's why I'm here. I have reasons to believe that they're located here.
Richard: Oh, well I wish you the best of luck.
Samantha: Thanks. Well I'll see you around, maybe.
(she starts to leave)
Richard: Wait, here. (hands over the book to her) After thinking it over I don't think I need this book as much as you seem to.
Samantha: (smiling brightly at how generous and how much of a gentleman Richard is) Thank you. Thank you very much.
(Samantha leaves)

9.(meanwhile at Andrews Global, in Kevin's office)
(Kevin and Mason are discussing business)
Mason: With everything that is happening we'll just need to make the best of what we have left.
Kevin: I agree.
Msaon: One good thing is for sure, the account that you and I have hasn't dropped from the company, yet. We need to continue what we're doing to continue getting their business.
Kevin: I think it'll go fine. We're giving them everything they could possibly want.
(Katheleen enters knocking on the door lightly)
Katheleen: Excuse me gentleman. Um Mason, may I have a word with you?
Mason: Can't it wait? I'm in the middle of discussing busienss with Kevin. We're trying to hang on to what's left of this company.
Kevin: Really Mason, it's fine. I think we've said all that needs to be said. I guess I'll head home now.
(Kevin picks up his things and leaves)
(after Kevin departs Katheleen closes and locks the door)
Mason: What is this about?
Katheleen: The company. It's about you wanting the company. It's about the account that I lost. We have to talk.
(Mason's eyes squint some because of his curiousity of where this is coming from , and where it will go)

10.(at Victoria's house)
Tracy: Who were you talking to Victoria?
Victoria: That is none of your business and how dare you listen in on my phone call.
Tracy: Oh boo hoo. It's a good thing I did. You were talking about me to someone. Infact...
(Tracy remembers about her talking to Nathaniel earlier on the phone)
Tracy: The person you were speaking with, his voice sounded very familiar. As if I've heard it before.
Victoria: (trying to shift Tracy's focus) I don't understand how that could be.
Tracy: I think it can. It's the same person I talked to earlier on the phone at the hospital. The strange number I found in my file. You know the file that you had. Infact I know that man was. That was Nathaniel Prescott, your father.
Victoria: What?
(Tracy comes forward some but Victoria backs up)
Tracy: That's right. I found out who it was. It was your father. Now what could your father have to do with any of this? Are you both in this together?
(Victoria doesn't answer)
Tracy: I must be on the right track.
Victoria: That's it.
(Victoria starts to head for the door but Tracy pulls her back by Victoria's sleeve)
Victoria: Get your hands off of me.
(Victoria swings back from Tracy's pull and slaps Tracy straight across the face as hard as possible)
(Tracy feels a short but painful sting)
(Victoria heads to the door once again but Tracy goes after her)
(Victoria halfway opens the door but it's slammed shut by Tracy)
(the loud bang of the door vibrants against the walls)
Tracy: You're not going anywhere.
(Tracy pulls Victoria's arm back but Victoria breaks free)
(however when Victoria breaks free her foot slides against the polished wooden floor, she slips and falls, falling towards her antique lamp, smashing through it and hitting her head on the floor)
(Tracy watches in terror)
(when Victoria hits the ground she's knocked out cold, not moving)
Tracy: What have I done?

11.(meanwhile at Davids apartment)
(in his bedroom)
(David is dressed to go to bed, with a white beater on and red running shorts on)
(he lays in bed watching the news)
David: (sighs) What a day, what a day. First Scott barging in here demanding I give him the file. Then Tracy with her suspicious situation. I hope I helped her out though. But one thing is for sure, there's no way Scott is getting that file.
(he turns off the television and the lights and falls asleep almost instantly)
(meanwhile outside his apartment front door)
(the man Scott was talking to at the warehouse is outside the front door)
(he looks around, making sure no one is around)
(once it's secure he starts picking the lock of the door)
(after a couple of seconds the door unlocks and he enters the apartment quietly)