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Episode Eleven


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1.(at the Taylors mansion)
(Rebecca is in the living room watching television when Scott walks downstairs heading to the door to leave)
Rebecca: Where are you going?
Scott: I have somewhere to go.
Rebecca: We're suppose to go see Blain at ten. Infact we should leave now.
Scott: Oh. I forgot all about that.
Rebecca: I notice. Although I don't understand how you could forget. You even seemed to care less that our son was shot.
Scott: Can we not discuss this?
Rebecca: You truely are heartless. I mean I've always known it but it really shows now.
Scott: I'm leaving. After I'm done my errand I'll come by the hospital
(Scott leaves)
Rebecca: What is going on with you?

2.(at the Morales house)
(someone knocks on the door and Diego who is in the living room goes to answer it)
Diego: Kelly.
Kelly: May I come in?
Diego: Sure.
(she enters and he closes the door behind her)
Kelly: Where is everyone?
Diego: Dana and Joe went out somewhere, and Richard is at the hotel. What are you doing here? Aren't you suppose to be at the hospital visiting Blain right now?
Kelly: (voice cracks a little) I was. But the receptionist wouldn't let me. She said that my name wasn't on the visitors list. Apparently Mrs. Taylor didn't check in with them.
Diego: I'm sorry.
Kelly: It's ok, it's not your fault. It's funny. I don't think I'll ever get a chance to see him. Everytime I think of a way or find a way to get to him something always come in the way. All I want to do is see him and make sure he's ok.
Diego: I know. I'm sure he's thinking of you right now.
Kelly: He's probably thinking of how selfish I am.
Diego: Why would he think that?
Kelly: Because I haven't gone to see him yet. Who knows what he thinks. Knowing Mr. Taylor he'll use this to drive a wedge between Blain and I. I know he will.

3.(at South Bay General Hospital)
(in the hospital records room)
(Tracy looks at Victoria who has a file in her hand)
Tracy: So, are you going to answer me or just stand there? Why are you here?
Victoria: I'm here for my check-up.
Tracy: Of course and that would so explain why you're in the hospital records room.
(Tracy turns around, facing to the direction of Dr.Collins)
(Victoria tries opening the door but it won't budge)
Tracy: Dr. Collins, I think I found what we're looking for.
(Tracy faces back to Victoria)
Victoria: What are you talking about?
Tracy: You don't fool me. You know exactly what I'm looking for. The reason why you're here is because you want to keep me from finding the truth, but I won't let you. Never.

4.(meanwhile at David's apartment)
(David looks at his computer desk)
(he looks over Scotts personal files)
David: Atleast I still have these in my possession. Though I think I'll hold on using them for a while. Atleast until this Blain shooting is done and buried.
(his doorbell rings)
David: Who could that be?
(David gets up and walks to the door)
(he opens it and it's Scott)
(as soon as the door opens Scott grabs David by the collar of his shirt, pushes him in the apartment, throwing him on the couch)
(David lays on the couch confused and worried of why Scott is there)

5.(meanwhile at South Bay General Hospital)
(Dr.Collins comes over to Tracy and Victoria)
Dr.Collins: What seems to be the problem?
Tracy: When I came down here I found Ms. Prescott here, alone. I don't suppose that the doctors at this hospital make a habit of giving the records room keys to patients, do they?
Dr.Collins: Not at all. Infact we don't. It's not allowed.
Tracy: Really, interesting. So, how did you get in?
Victoria: That's none of your business. Now if you'd excuse me, I will be on my way.
Tracy: Not so fast.
(Tracy takes the file out of Victorias hands)
Victoria: Give that back!
Tracy: What do we have here?
(Tracy opens the folder and looks at the papers inside)
Victoria: (thinking to herself) Oh no, I'm finished. I didn't even get a chance to see what was in there. There could be information that tells Tracy everything.
Dr.Collins: What's in there?
Tracy: It's my file. It has everything, from updatesfrom check-ups, dental records. Though nothing unusual. Everything seems..... (pause when she finds something) wait a second. What's this?

6.(meanwhile at the clothing store "Nightlife")
(Dana and Joe enter the store)
(there's a little background dance music playing)
(the place is very colorful, people walking all around)
Dana: Well, we're here.
Joe: Now what?
Dana: Now we're just going to build you an entire new wardrobe.
Joe: I'm sure. Let's just forget about this.
Dana: No, we're staying. Besides, you wouldn't want to upset your little sister, now would you?
(she makes a sad puppy face)
Joe: Fine, you won. Let's get this over with.
(Dana walks over to a blue plaid shirt)

7.Kelly: I knew things were going to get bad sooner or later. I even told Blain this. Everytime things start getting good between Blain and I something always goes wrong.
Diego: I'm sure it's just a coincidence.
Kelly: I don't think so.
Diego: Listen, you just need to concentrate on getting things better. Forget about Mr. Taylor and forget about all that's happen.
Kelly: I'm trying but it's not working! Nothing works! (calms herself) I'm sorry. I'm just getting really mad.
Diego: It's ok, I understand. What you're going through is a lot. It'd be a lot to handle for practically anyone. When my parents had their accident years ago I couldn't take it. I worried about what that meant for the future. I didn't know what that meant for me, Richard, Dana or Joe. We didn't have anyone to turn to. Most of our family was no where to be found since my family moved here from Spain. I remember Joe trying to contact our family there but they were no where to be found.
Kelly: I remember that.
Diego: I know, you were the only one that I could talk toy abotu that.
(the telephone rings)
Diego: I'll be right back.
(Diego goes to the kitchen)

8.(at David's apartment)
(David gets up off the couch)
David: Scott, what brings you here?
Scott: You know damn well why I'm here!
David: I do?
Scott: Don't! I would have came here sooner but there were other things I had to deal with.
David: Listen, why don't you just calm down.
Scott: Calm down! How the hell am I suppose to calm down! You, someone who I thought was a friend, someone I even offered a job, is trying to blackmail me. Not to mention while blackmailing me that resulted to my own son getting shot! Now my son is in the hospital trying to hang on to his life!
David: I'm not the one who pulled the trigger, you are.
Scott: Shut up!
David: It's the truth.
Scott: I know! I'm very well clear of that. Now my wife wants to try and find out who the shooter was. But that's not why I'm here. I came here to get sometihng. Something that I am not leaving without.

9.Dr.Collins: What is it?
Tracy: Well all the information about my parents is missing. There's nothing here.
Victoria: (thinking) Thank god.
Tracy: But wait? There's something else. A phone number. It's some sort of contact number? I'm sorry Doctor but I have to call. I've been searching for info and I think this is it.
Dr.Collins: I understand. You can use the phone in my office. Follow me.
(Dr.Collins takes out her key and unlocks the door and walks out)
Tracy: (looking Victoria straight in the eye) This isn't over yet. Not close.
(Tracy walks out)
Victoria: You're right Tracy, this isn't over yet. I'm going to make sure you never find what you're looking for. Where the hell did that phone number come from? I never heard of a phone number. Who could it be? I have to know.
(Victoria walks out of the room)

10.(meanwhile at "Nightlife")
(Dana and Joe walk out of the store)
Joe: Whew, that's over with.
Dana: Oh come on, that wasn't so bad.
Joe: How much more of this?
Dana: Well we're done with cltohes. All we have to do is get ready for your night out on the town.
Joe: Excuse? Night on the what?
Dana: In other words I'm taking you out tonight. You are going to have some fun tonight.
Joe: Come on Dana. This is getting out of hand now.
Dana: Why do you say that?
Joe: I'm twenty-nine years old. I think my time of going out and stuff is a little over. Why don't you and Jennifer go out tonight instead?
Dana: Good thinking. I might bring her along. You might as well stop trying to change my mind because there's no way you're getting out of this. No way at all.
(Dana smiles)

11.(at David's apartment)
David: What could I have that you want?
Scott: My file. I want it.
David: Well I don't think I see any money on you right now.
Scott: You must be out of your mind! There's no way in hell that I'm paying you after all that's happened.
David: Then there's no way that you're getting your file.
Scott: Oh trust me, I'm getting it, one way or another.
David: You're wasting your time. No money, no file.
Scott: I'm warning you Miller, if you don't give me my file, I'll make you. Save yourself the trouble.
David: Like I said, I'm not giving you the file.
Scott: Fine then, but don't say I didn't warn you.

12.(in Dr.Collins office)
(Dr.Collins and Tracy enter)
Dr.Collins: The telephone is on my desk. Press nine, then the area code and the number.
Tracy: Thank you.
(Dr.Collins leaves)
(Tracy sits in the chair next to the desk, she dials the number)
(the phone rings and an older man answers)
Man: Hello.
Tracy: Hi, I'm sorry to interrupt you in whatever you were doing but I have some very important questons for you.
Victoria: (outside the office whispering to herself and listening to Tracy on the phone) Who the hell are you talking to? Say a name, something.
(back in the room)
Man: Um, who is this?
Tracy: Oh I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Tracy Lincoln.
(the man hangs up)
Tracy: What... he hung up.
(Tracy writes down the phone number on a pad)
(she leaves the file on the desk but takes the pad and leaves the office)
(Victoria hides around the corner until Tracy is gone)
(afterwards Victoria walks into the office)
(she finds the file and looks at the phone number on it)
Victoria: Oh my god, that's his number. If Tracy finds out who that is, it's over with.
(Victoria dials the number)
Victoria: I'm going to put a stop to this now.