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Episode Twelve


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Wild Thangs (home)

1.(in Victoria's car)
(she's in it driving, driving a red mustang gt convertible)
Victoria: I can't believe that Tracy found that number. She doesn't realize how close to the truth she really is and it's my job to make sure that she never realizes. I've kept it a secret this long so I can continue to do so now. To let it all come out and in the open now would just be stupid. I will keep you from the truth Tracy.

2.(in Tracy's car with Tracy driving, a black mitsubushi galant)
Tracy: I feel like I'm very close to finding out the connection between Victoria and I. Today has been quite a day. Whoever I spoke with on the phone must have known something or they wouldn't have hung up when I told them my name. Victoria knows how close I'm getting to the truth too, she's getting scared, I saw it all over her face. She may think that she can keep me from finding the connection but she won't. All I have to do is find out who this person is and where they live and I'll be home free.

3.(at the Morales house
(Diego comes back from the kitchen)
Kelly: Who was that on the phone?
Diego: Richard, he was calling from M&L.
Kelly: Oh, is anything wrong?
Diego: He needs help. It's getting busy. It always does around this time of year. I told him I'm nto sure if I'd be able to come or not.
Kelly: Why?
Diego: Well you're here. I think this whole Blain situation is more important at the moment.
Kelly: If you are talking about me then don't worry. I'm fine. Go to the hotel.
Diego: It's ok, I'll stay.
Kelly: No. I was just about to leave anyway. I'm going to go tot he hospital and see if I can make some progress in seeing Blain.
Diego: Alright, but when I'm done I'll come by the hospital.
Kelly: Alright. Talk to you later. (leaves)

4.(at Andrews Global)
(Mason is working on his current account with Kevin)
Mason: So how does that sound?
Kevin: It's good, however we'll need to highten the images a little, more bright.
Mason: Yeah I suppose.
Kevin: We should probably present these ideas at the next board meeting and get critiques from everyone. That way we'll have something to work from. We'll be able to draw up new ideas.
Mason: Alright. By the way, when is the next meeting?
Kevin: Wednesday at nine.
(Katheleen enters)
Katheleen: Excuse me Kevin, may I have a word with my son please?
Kevin: Of course. (Kevin grabs his papers and leaves)
Mason: What brings you around to this side of the building? We actually work over here.
Katheleen: I'm not here to fight with you Mason, I just need to ask you a simple question.
Mason: Shoot.
Katheleen: Have you been in my office lately? I was looking through my files and I think I'm missing two.
Mason: No I haven't. You don't allow me in there.
Katheleen: Yes but lately I haven't been locking it.
Mason : Well who's fault is that.
Katheleen: Forget it, it was a mistake coming here. (leaves)
Mason: No it wasn't, you came to the right place because I did take the file. (smiles)

5.(at David's apartment)
David: You might as wel forget about getting that file because there's no way that you're getting it.
Scott: You have no idea who you're messing with, do you?
David: What, you think you're special? You're no better than I.
(the doorbell rings)
David: Now who could that be?
(David goes to answer the door and it's Tracy)
(she walks right in and sees Scott)
Tracy: Well, if it isn't Scott Taylor. What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the hospital looking after your son? Or are you so heartless that you don't even care?
Scott: I don't have to answer to you, especially not a Lincoln.
Tracy: Well you just answered me question, you're heartless.
David: Scott was just leaving.
Scott: As a matter of fact
David: (interrupts) Goodbye! We'll finish this later!
(Scott leaves, slamming the door behind him)
Tracy: Mind explaining what he was doing here?
David: Trust me, it's not important. Now, what brings you here?
Tracy: I need a favor from you.
David: Ok, what is it?
Tracy: I have a phone number but I don't know who it belongs to. I need to find out who's it is and where they live.
David: Where is this all coming from? I'm lost.
Tracy: It's a long story, one which I'll tell you some time but not now. I figured that with your connections you might be able to help me.
David: Sure, I'll help. I'll do what I can do to help.
Tracy: Good.

6.(meanwhile Victoria pulls up in her car at a house)
(she pulls up in the driveway and gets out of the car)
(the house isn't surrounded by other houses, nothing but grass surrounds it)
(the nearest house is a mile away)
(Victoria walks up to the door and knocks on it)
(meanwhile the same man that talked to Tracy is inside, he goes to the door but doesn't open it)
Man: Who is it?
Victoria: Vicky.
(the man opens the door)
(Victoria goes in and then closes the door)
Man: She called today.
Victoria: I know, I was there when she did it. Don't worry though. I have everything under control.
Man: You muts not if she got ahold of the phone number.
Victoria: I don't know how that happened. Somehow the number just popped out of nowhere.
Man: So what now?
Victoria: It depends. If she finds out where the number came from then that means she'll come here. If that happens then you'll have to leave.
Man: And go where?
Victoria: Anywhere! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell. It's just that this has been a secret for years and there's no way that I'm going to let her find out now, no way.

7.(at South Bay General Hospital)
(Kelly enters and sees Rebecca)
Rebecca: Kelly, thank goodness you're here. I've been looking for you.
Kelly: You have? Why?
Rebecca: I wanted to let you know that you could see Blain.
Kelly: How? Where's Mr. Taylor?
Rebecca: He's not here, he had something to do. I wanted to let you see Blain now while you could.
Kelly: Oh thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means to me.
(Kelly's face brightly pink)
Rebecca: I think I have some idea. Now hurry up and get in there, I want you to have as much time as possible.
(Kelly rushes to Blains room)
(Rebecca smiles as Kelly leaves)

8.(at M&L hotel)
(Richard is at the desk working as Diego walks in)
Richard: You're here. I wasn't sure if you were coming or not.
Diego: I'm here. Kelly went to the hospital so I came here.
Richard: How is she holding up?
Diego: Well she's doing better but anything could still happen. I think has hope though.
Richard: That's good.
Diego: We talked a little bit and I think I got her to settle down a little.
Richard: You two have been getting very close lately, haven't you?
Diego: Lay off of it Richard, it's not like that.
Richard: I'm just saying because I know that before Blain entered Kellys life that you and her were an item.
Diego: I said lay off.
Ricahrd: Ok.
Diego: How are things holding up here?
Richard: Business wise, good, but it's getting out of hand. We almost have all of our rooms gone.
Diego: Wow! That's great.
Richard: Yeah I suppose.

9.(at David's apartment)
Tracy: So what is it that you need to get the information I need?
David: Well if you'd just give me the phone number I can make a quick phone call and see what I can do.
(Tracy hands over the piece of paper with the phone number wirrten on it and hands it over)
David: Ok, I'll be right back.
(David goes into another room and makes the phone call)
Tracy: Please say that this is my ticket to finding out the truth. If I find out who this number belongs to and where this person lives then I'm homefree. I bet Victoria is already working on a scheme to keep me from finding out the truth. But I won't let her, not when I'm this close.
(David comes back out)
Tracy: So, what happened?

10.Man: Maybe we should just give up. Maybe Tracy should just find out the truth once and for all. Maybe it's about ime.
Victoria: No! Are you out of your mind! She must never find out. Don't you know what that would mean? Don't you know what that would mean for me?
Man: Yes but to keep her from something that she should know.
Victoria: Why are you all of a sudden on her side? I thought you understood as well as I that she must be kept from the truth. You're the one that persuaded me into keeping her from the truth.
Man: I know and I think that maybe that was a mistake.
Victoria: A mistake, I think not. Now, tell me that you will not back out of the plan that we've had for years.
(he doesn't answer)
Victoria: Don't back out on me now. We've kept her in the dark for all these yearsa nd we can continue to do it.
Man: (clears his throat) Fine, we'll keep it a secret.
Victoria: Good.

11.(at South Bay General Hospital)
(in Blains room)
(Kelly sits by Blains bedside)
(Blain starts to wake from his sleep)
Blain: Kelly? (dazed out some)
Kelly: (realizing that he's awake) Blain? You're awake. How are you feeling?
Blain: Ok, I guess. Where have you been? I woke earlier but I didn't see you here.
Kelly: It's a long story. But don't worry, the point is that I'm here now.
Blain: Are you ok? Everything happened so fast that I didn't get a chance to see if you had gotten hurt.
Kelly: No, I'm fine. The only thing that matters is that you're ok. You gave me quite a scare. I didn't know what to expect. When you were shot I was so scared that I was going to lose you.
Blain: Never, my time here isn't up yet.
(Scott enters, seeing Kelly and Blain)
Scott: (directing to Kelly) I warned you.
(Rebecca enters)
Rebecca: Scott please, leave her alone.
Scott: I won't. I told her to stay the hell away from here.
Blain: What... what's going on?
Rebecca: Nothing to wrry about Blain.
Scott: (to Kelly) You aren't to see Blain. You caused all of this to happen.
Kelly: Oh what, you're going to say that I shot Blain.
Scott: Oh come on, I know that you didn't shoot him.
Kelly: Really Mr. Taylor. You so positive, as if you were there when it happened.
(Scott backs up a little feeling slightly uncomfortable)