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Episode Twenty-Two


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1.(meanwhile at Hudson Park)
(Kelly and Blain walk hand and hand down the rocky trail together)
Blain: It feels good to finally get some fresh air. Being up in that hospital room wasn't so great.
Kelly: I can only imagine. I still can't believe that everything turned out so perfect.
Blain: Neither can I. I'm just glad to finally be free.
(they sit down on a bench)
(meanwhile Diego is walking in the park and spots them)
Diego: (sarcastically) Great, just who I needed to see.

2.(at Nathaniel Prescott's house)
Nathaniel: Stop it! Now I'm going to settle this, once and for all. I'm tired of it.
Victoria: What are you talking about?
Nathaniel: What I should have done a long time ago but I didn't.
Tracy: I'm sure Victoria was the cause of that.
Victoria: Shut up!
Nathaniel: I said stop it.
Victoria: May I have a word with you father?
Nathaniel: Victoria, I'm
Victoria: Now please.
(Victoria and Nathaniel go into a corner)
Tracy: What is she up to now? She's probably trying to get her dear dad to hush up.
(meanwhile in the corner where Victoria and Nathaniel are located, they chat silently so Tracy won't overhear)
Victoria: What do you think you're doing?
Nathaniel: What I should have done a long time ago.
Victoria: Are you out of your mind. You made a promise to me. You said that you'd keep our secret. Are you going to go back on that? Are you going to go against your word to me?

3.(at South Bay General Hospital)
(Doctor Collins walks over to Samantha and Richard)
Dr.Collins: Hi, I'm Dr.Collins. I've been informed with your current situtation. If you'll follow me to my office we can discuss the matter more.
Samantha: Ok.
Richard: Do you want me to come?
Samantha: Yeah.
(Richard and Samantha follow Dr.Collins to her office, Samantha closes the door behind her)
(the office is rather huge but is filled tightly with many file cabinets)
(they all have a seat, Dr. Collins behind her desk with Samantha and Richard infront)
Dr.Collins: Now I hear you're looking for your biological parents and you want to run DNA tests to see if any of our patients at this hospital match yours. Am I correct?
Samantha: Yes. I want to find my parents. I think that this may be the way to do that.
Dr.Collins: It could be, but there's a lot of other things that go along with this.
Samantha: I don't understand. What do you mean?

4.(meanwhile at the South Bay Police Headquarters)
(David is in the building sitting down waiting for help)
David: This lighter could have fingerprints on it. If so that could be evidence of what happened. If this wasn't an accident....
(Scott enters the building and walks to the front desk)
Clerk: Ah, Mr. Taylor, how may I help you?
Scott: I need to speak with Detective Brown right away.
Clerk: May I tell him what for?
Scott: It's about closing my son's shooting case.
Clerk: I'll be back. (leaves)
(David sneaks behind Scott)
David: Afraid that they'll find out your the shooter.
(Scott turns around recognizing David's voice)
Scott: David.
David: That's right, it's me. So, you're closing the case. You don't want to get caught huh. I understand. I mean the publicity, and you'd go to jail.
Scott: I'd take you down with me.
David: That's alright. But, what will your wife say about this? Isn't she eager to find the cruel human being who shot her son?
Scott: She'll get over it.
David: Will she?
(the clerk comes back)
Clerk: Mr. Taylor, you can go back to Detective Brown's office.
Scott: Thank you.
(Scott walks off)
David: Don't you know secrets never stay secret. It's only a matter of time before all your secrets blow you out of the water.

5.(at Hudson Park)
Kelly: You know I finally think that everything is going to be ok from now on.
Blain: What do you mean?
Kelly: Well you know how I always thought that something would go wrong or something would ocme between us. But I think all of that is gone.
Blain: I'm glad you think that. Because nothing could tear me from you beautiful.
Kelly: Nothing could tear me from you either. I love you so much Blain. You've gotten me through some of the most horrifying times of my life. When my dad died you were there for me. I don't know how I could ever repay you.
Blain: You already have.
Kelly: But I owe you so much more. You've done way beyond more for me.
Blain: Well I can think of something.
Kelly: Oh yeah.
Blain: Yeah.
(Blain leans in and kisses Kelly, he kisses her on her neck then moves back to her soft, moist lips)
(Diego watches not too far)
Diego: I can't stand around and watch this any longer.
(Diego walks off, looking back several times at Blain and Kelly who are still kissing)

6.Victoria: Are you going to go against what you told me?
(Tracy walks over to Victoria and Nathaniel)
Tracy: Sorry to break this up but I'm tired of all the side talk.
(Nathaniel moves from them, Tracy walks over to him)
Tracy: Tell me, I need to know. Will you help me? Help me to know the truth.
(Victoria walks over to Tracy and grabs her arm firmly and tightly)
Victoria: Will you stop it. Why don't you just leave, you have no business being here. You have no right.
Tracy: Oh I have every right in the world.
(Tracy jerks her arm from Victoria's grip)
Tracy: Mr. Prescott please, I need you to tell me everything that you know. I have to know.
Nathaniel: I understand that but...
Tracy: But what? Tell me.
(Nathaniel, very tired and restless, faces Tracy)
Nathaniel: As much as you want to learn the truth, I'm not quite sure you should.
Tracy: Why is that?
Nathaniel: Sometimes the truth can cause harm and pain. Sometimes it's better off not knowing the truth. Sometimes the truth can only hurt you in the long run.
(Tracy looks at Victoria who's biting her lip, hoping her father says no more)

7.Dr.Collins: Well first off, this kind of testing costs. I mean really costs.
Samantha: I understand but I have that covered. My adoptive parents are taking care of it. They are one hundred percent behind my finding my biological parents. They understand how important this is to me.
Dr.Collins: I'm glad. But there's other things too. For example, if we do find your parents it could bring pain to your life. I've had clients who have found their parents and they couldn't live with themselves afterwards. I'm not trying to scare you off or anything, I just like to have my clients completely sure that this is what they want. Because there's no turning back after you've found out.
Samantha: I never thought about all that.
(the phone rings)
Dr.Collins: Excuse me. (answers the phone) Dr.Collins..... ok.
(She hangs up)
Dr.Collins: I'm needed in the ER. Listen why don't you think about it and set up an appointment at the front desk if you still want to go through with it. I hope everything works out.
(Dr.Collins leaves)
(Richard looks at Samantha who seems unsure of what she really wants now)

8.(at South Bay Police Headquarters, in Detective Brown's office, Scott enters)
D.Brown: Mr. Taylor, I'm glad you stopped by.
Scott: Really.
D.Brown: I wanted to touch base on your son's shooting.
Scott: Well there isn't any need to.
D.Brown: I heard, the receptionist told me that you wanted to close the case. I just don't understand why. I would think that you would want to find the shooter.
Scott: It doesn't matter, all you have to do is do what I say.
D.Brown: Well by all means Mr. Taylor, you can't close the case.
Scott: Why not?
D.Brown: Well your son is of legal age, so he's the only one that can do that. And since I haven't heard from him that he's closing the it, then it stays open.
Scott: Do you have any idea who you're messing with Detective?
D.Brown: Please Mr. Taylor. You can't scare me off that easily. You think you're so high and mighty but you're not.
Scott: We'll just have to see about that now won't we Detective.
(Scott leaves, slamming the door)
(Detective Brown picks up the phone and dials an ext. number for one of the offices inside the headquarters)
D.Brown: Yes, this is Detective Brown. I'm handling the case of the Blain Taylor shooting. I need you to find everything we have on Scott Taylor. All files. Thanks.
(he hangs up)
D.Brown: There's something I just don't trust about you Scott. And I'm going to find out what.

9.(at the Andrews mansion)
(Kelly enters the dark mansion but flicks on the lights, revealing Jennifer in the nearby corner standing)
Kelly: (scared and gasps) Oh my God! What are you doing just standing tere? You scared the living lights out of me!
(Kelly puts her coat in the closet)
Jennifer: Oh, I'm just hanging around, enjoying the night.
Kelly: Really. Well that's great but I think I'm going to go ahead and head to bed.
Jennifer: So early?
Kelly: It's not that early Jen. It's nine-thirty. I have to get plenty of sleep if I'm going to start at Andrews Global tomorrow.
Jennifer: Right, of course. I should have known.
Kelly: Are you ok? You seem... different.
Jennifer: Different? What do you mean?
Kelly: I don't know. You're just not yourself. Is something going on?
Jennifer: You could say that, you could definately say that.

10.Tracy: It doesn't matter what the truth brings, as long as I know it.
Nathaniel: You say that now but once you know everything you may have changed your mind.
Tracy: But you'll never know if you never tell me.
Victoria: And he never will.
Tracy: Stay out of this Victoria.
Victoria: No I won't. I'm just as much apart of this as the two of you and I say that you don't need to know a damn thing.
Tracy: Well that's just something that we'll have to disagree on.
Victoria: I suppose so. But the question is, who's going to get their way. You or me?
Tracy: I don't know. (faces Nathaniel) Are you going to tell me the truth Nathaniel, or are you going to keep it from me?

11.(in the parking lot of "Pit Stop")
(Samantha and Richard both stand at Richard's car)
Richard: What are you going to do?
Samantha: I don't know. At first I was pysched about this and I wanted to go through with it. I finally had a chance of finding my parents.
Richard: And now?
Samantha: My feelings have changed. Everything the doctor said sunk into me. It made me think of everything that could happen and everything that could result after I found out.
Richard: It's going to be a hard decision.
Samantha: I'll have to think it over a little more. But I want to thank you for everything you've done. From the moment we first met you've been nothing but kind to me in every way possible.
Richard: It was nothing.
Samantha: Yeah, well I thought it was something.
(she gives him a peck on the cheek)
Samantha: See you around.
(Samantha gets into her car and starts it up and takes off)

12.(at the Andrews mansion)
Kelly: What's going on Jen? You're really acting strange.
Jennifer: You want me to tell you what's going on, well I'll telly ou. It's about you being a two-faced liar!
Kelly: What?! Whart are you talking about?
Jennifer: Oh what, you have amnesia now. You said to me that never would you expose my secret but then I find your little evidence in the mansion. What liar.
Kelly: Evidence? I have no idea what you're talking about.
Jennifer: I'm talking about the little home video you made of the night that Dad and I had our incident. You placed the videotape in the library for someone to find! You tried to expose me!
Kelly: I didn't do that Jennifer, you have to believe me. You have this all wrong.
Jennifer: The only thing I have wrong is my trust for me.
Kelly: I didn't place that tape there. I never knew one existed.
Jennifer: Sure you didn't. But it doesn't matter, the tape has been destroyed. And now I just want to give you a warning. If you ever think of exposing me, I will destroy you, completey. Sister or no sister. Got it?
(Jennifer walks upstairs)