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Season Two Episodes (Wild Thangs)
Episode Twenty-Six | Episode Twenty-Seven | Episode Twenty-Eight | Episode Twenty-Nine | Episode Thirty

!!! Welcome to Season Two of Wild Thangs !!!

Dear Wild Thangs Readers,

Welcome to season two of the online series "Wild Thangs". We're glad you've decided to join in our fun. There have been some slight changes that you should be aware of. We're added four new characters (two leads and two guest characters). Our leads are Matthew Taylor and Claire Roberts. The guest stars are Ross Taylor and Julia McDaniel Taylor. Check out their character profiles for more information. Another change has taken place and it occurred in our crew. Damon Miller has left to pursue an online series of his own, set to premiere in 2002. However we're welcoming Amanda Carter who previously worked on the now canceled series "Brentwood" and "New Yorkers" with Jay. We're glad to have her on board.

Welcome back!

Wild Thangs Staff

Jay Thompson
Laurel Reins
Amanda Carter

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