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Season Two Episodes (Wild Thangs)
Episode Twenty-Nine


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1.(at the Lincoln's house)
(Tracy is in the kitchen drinking some coffee as Marshall enters, he kisses her on the forehead and starts to get some coffee himself)
Tracy: How did everything go last night? You never told me.
Marshall: Not so good. Blain's alright, he was released but... Joe died.
Tracy: No. He died? Sad. I feel sorry for his family. They just lost their parents a few years ago.
Marshall: I know. The daughter, Dana, she took it rather hard. How did everything go with that Nathaniel guy?
Tracy: Oh it was something alright.
Marshall: What do you mean?
Tracy: Let's just say that I got a lot more than I bargained for.

2.(at the Taylor mansion)
(Scott is sitting in the kitchen reading the paper and drinking his morning coffee)
(Blain enters, Scott notices the bruises and cuts on his face)
Scott: I heard about everything that happened. I stopped by the hospital.
Blain: I know, Kelly told me.
Scott: I'm sorry about what you went through.
Blain: Thanks. But that's all through. Kelly told me some other things too. Why must you treat her like she's nothing? She told me all the things you said. Do you treat anyone right or do you only care about yourself?
Scott: That's enough Blain! Who the hell do you think you're talking to anyway?
(the doorbell rings)
Blain: I'll get it. (walks to the front door and answers it)

3.(at the Morales house)
(Richard walks into Dana's room, Dana is laying down on her bed, still in her clothes from the funeral the previous day)
Richard: Hey.
Dana: Hey.
Richard: Are you going to be alright?
Dana: Honestly? I don't know. I'll get through it somehow. But... it'll just take time. I guess I'm still somewhat overwhelmed and shocked.
Richard: I know what you mean. It all seems so unreal. Like a dream. A bad one.
Dana: I just wish that I could turn the clock back. Where's Diego?
Richard: I was hoping you knew.
Dana: Me? Why? Isn't he here?
Richard: No. He never came home last night.

4.(at the Taylor mansion)
(Blain opens the front door and there stands his uncle and aunt, Ross and Julia)
Blain: Uncle Ross... Aunt Julia. What are you doing here? I wasn't expecting you.
Ross: I know. We're in town for a few weeks and decided to drop by.
Blain: Cool. Did Matt come?
Julia: Yes. He's coming up the driveway now. He drove himself up.
(meanwhile Blain's cousin Matthew arrives)
Matthew: Hey, what's up?
Blain: Plenty, come in.
(they all enter the mansion and enter the living room, Scott enters)
Scott: This is a surprise.
Julia: We're in town for a few weeks. We were driving around and Ross decided to come by.
Ross: (to Scott) How's the company going?
Scott: Well, very well. Infact I have some things that I want to show you in my office.
(Ross and Scott leave to the office)

5.(at Nathaniel Prescott's house)
(Victoria knocks on the front door and Nathaniel opens the door)
Nathaniel: Victoria.
Victoria: May I come in?
(he opens the door and lets her in, she notices boxes everywhere, with most of the furniture gone)
Victoria: What are all the boxes for? Where's all your stuff?
Nathaniel: I packed all my things. I'm moving.
Victoria: Moving? Where?
Nathaniel: Not far. I'm moving in an apartment. I have no reason to hide anymore.
Victoria: Well I guess it's no secret as to why I'm here.
Nathaniel: I guess not. You're mad at me telling Tracy everything.
Victoria: I am. You promised not to but you did anyway. Now Tracy is going to make sure that I'm destroyed. My life is pretty much over. Unless....
Nathaniel: Unless what?
Victoria: I have to go. I'll be in touch.
(Victoria rushes out of the house)

6.(at the Lincoln's house)
Marshall: More than you bargained for? Sounds serious.
Tracy: I suppose it is.
Marshall: What did he say?
Tracy: Well you know that I've had this weird feeling that Victoria and I were connected. Then I thought both her and her father knew this connection but were keeping it from me. It's true. Victoria's father... Nathaniel.... he's my father.
Marshall: (sets down his cup of coffee) He's your what?
Tracy: He's my father. Victoria and I are half-sisters.
Marshall: But how? You know your parents.
Tracy: He told me I was adopted.
Marshall: You can't just believe him. You have to research.
Tracy: I did. I called my "parents" last night and they told me it was true. They never told me about it because Nathaniel insisted.
Marshall: And after all this time, even when he knew that you were searching for the truth he still didn't say a thing.
Tracy: Yeah but I blame that all on Victoria. She convinced him to keep his mouth shut.
Marshall: Convinced? What could she do? Was she holding something over his head? Is she hiding another secret?
Tracy: I never thought about that. You know what, I'm going to find out.
(she puts her cup in the sink)
Marshall: Where are you going?
Tracy: To Victoria's. I'll be home in the evening. I need to get some work done at "Pit Stop".
(she kisses him and leaves)

7.Dana: He never came home. He must have.
Richard: I wish he had but he didn't. Frankly I'm starting to worry. There's no telling what he'd do in his condition. A lot has happened.
Dana: I don't believe this.
(she picks up her telephone and dials the South Bay Police Headquarters)
Secretary: South Bay Headquarters. May I help you?
Dana: Yes. My brother is missing.
Secretary: How old is he and how long has he been missing?
Dana: He's 21 and he's been missing since last night.
Secretary: I'm sorry but there's nothing we can do.
Dana: Excuse me? Come again.
Secretary: He has to be missing for atleast 48 hours. I'm sorry.
Dana: What the hell are you good for?!
(Dana hangs up the phone)
Richard: What do we do now?

8.(at the Taylor mansion, on the deck, Matthew and Blain are both sitting)
Matthew: That's wild. All of that happened to you. Getting shot and then in a big accident.
Blain: I know. I've had enough excitement to last me a lifetime. So what's going on with you? I haven't heard anything in a while.
Matthew: Same old crap. My old man keeps giving me lectures about how I need to better my life. I for one think my life is going great.
Blain: I know what you mean. I hear the same stuff from my dad.
(Blain's cell-phone rings)
Blain: Hello.
Kelly: Hi, it's me. I was hoping that we could get together and talk.
Blain: Um, sure. I needed to clear something up anyway. How about I stop by in a half hour.
Kelly: Great, bye.
(he hangs up)
Matthew: Taking off?
Blain: Yeah I need to take care of something. You gonna stick around?
Matthew: Sure, I'll be here.
Blain: Alright?
(Blain leaves)

9.(at the Taylor mansion in Scott's office)
(Ross and Scott are both sitting talking with the door closed)
Ross: Impressive. The Tribute has really grown into something massive. Father would have been proud.
Scott: I don't know about that. He wasn't so proud when I didn't become a lawyer like him.
Ross: He still loved you.
Scott: I beg to differ.
Ross: So where is the lovely wife Rebecca? I haven't seen her.
Scott: She's not here.
Ross: Where is she? At the country club?
Scott: No, she's probably on a plane back from the Dominican Republic.
Ross: For what?
Scott: She divorced me. It was official last night at midnight.
(Ross sits, shocked at what he's heard)

10.(meanwhile at Victoria's house, Victoria enters, immediately the doorbell rings, she opens it and it's Tracy)
Victoria: Do you mind? I'm really not in the mood.
(Tracy enters the house)
Tracy: Too bad because you're going to have one and it's me.
Victoria: I'm really not in the mood for you. Now I'm going to ask you politely, please leave.
Tracy: I'm not leaving. You should know well of that. remember what happened the last time.
Victoria: How could I forget.
Tracy: Good then you don't mind answering a few questions.
Victoria: Questions? What the hell else do you need to know? You know everything now.
Tracy: Not everything but almost. But I'm going to make sure that I find out this one last thing.

11.Richard: What do we do?
Dana: I don't know but I'm not going to just sit around and do nothing.
(she picks up her car keys)
Richard: Where are you going?
Dana: Out. I have something to take care of.
(she leaves)
Richard: What could be so important?
(the telephone rings)
Richard: Hello.
Diego: It's me.
Richard: Diego, where are you?
Diego: I'm fine. Don't worry about me.
Richard: Where are you? Why didn't you come home last night?
Diego: I just needed some time to myself. I heard about Joe. How is Dana?
Richard: Ok, she's worried about your though.
Diego: Tell her I'm fine. I'm just taking care of something first. I'll be home soon.
Richard: But tell me
(Diego hangs up)
Richard: Where you are. Great.

12.(at the Andrews mansion)
(the doorbell rings, Kelly answers the door to Blain, he enters the mansion)
Kelly: How are you feeling?
Blain: I'm ok. I get headaches every now and then but they pass.
Kelly: Good.
Blain: Look I'm not here to have a big talk. There's something that's bothering me. Yesterday is a little blurry in my mind and I don't exactly remember everything. I remember the accident but not what caused it. I have a feeling of what happened but I'm not sure if it happened.
Kelly: What are you saying?
Blain: I was on my way here. I came in and saw you and Diego, you were kissing. Was that happening? Were the two of you kissing? Is that what made me drive off so mad which led to the accident? Was it?
(Kelly's eyes water as she figures out what to say)