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Season Two Episodes (Wild Thangs)
Episode Twenty-Six


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1.Jennifer: Why are you tense over Mason? Has something happened?
Kevin: Oh you can say that. He set me up. You know the files that your mother thinks she lost for her account.
2.Tracy: I think we've both said everything that we needed to say.
Nathaniel: I feel like we need to talk. I don't want any negative tension.
3.Samantha: I wanted to talk to you about the DNA test.
Richard: And?
Samantha: I've decided to take it. I'll do anything to find my biological parents.
4.Jennifer: This was written about my father the day after he died. "Ben Andrews dies of a severe heart attack". No kidding.
5.Kevin: I know that yout hink that I set you up but I didn't. I know that it looked as if I did but I was set-up. I'm not the one that did this to you, it was Mason.
6.Nathaniel: Tracy.... I'm your father. And Victoria, she's your sister.
(Tracy backs up in her chair, puzzled)
7.Rebecca: I'm at the Dominican Republic. You know where we got married when we were young.
Scott: What? What in God's name are you doing there?
Rebecca: I'm divorcing you Scott. I'll be counting down the hours. It's 7:00, only five hours to go. It's amazing what the Taylor name as well as Cunningham can do for you. Such power.
8.Scott: Your apartment burned down, so did everything inside.
David: Not everything Scott. I still have it and unless you give me what I want, it'll be prined in the L.A. TIMES. Now I expect you over here with the money in less than hour in exchange for your file.
9.(Diego pulls close to Kelly and kisses her, meanwile Blain enters from the front door and sees them kissing)
Blain: Oh my God.
10.Kathleeen: The point is to let you know that you're fired.
Mason: I'm fired? You can't fire me.
11.Mason: And Kevin, he doublecrossed me, son of a bitch. I'll destroy them both. I'll destroy them and anyone else that gets in my way.
12.(Kelly flashes her lights as she sees the light turning red, Blain sees her lights in his mirror, taking his eyes off the road to look at her)
(Joe approaches the intersection without seeing Blain coming, Kelly immmediately stops her car creating rough skidmarks)
13.(Blain steps hard on the brake, smoke comes from the tires, Blain's car hits the driver's side of Joe's car)
(Joe's car spins out of control and wanders off the road and down a hill finally stopping at a ditch whereas Blain's car twirls around and stops quickly)




1.(at The Tribute offices, in Scott's office)
Scott: David's bluffing. He has to be. My file had to been destroyed in the fire. There's no way that he could have it. Could he? And he's trying to blackmail me again for it. The day just keeps getting better! I get a call from Rebecca saying that she's at the Domincan Republic filing for divorce and then David calls me telling me that he still has my file. He has to be joking, he has to be. But what if he's not?
(Scott grabs his briefcase and jacket and leaves the building, he walks to his car and gets in, starts it up and takes off)
(meanwhile Mark, the private investigator Rebecca hired is in his car)
Mark: Alright Mr. Taylor. Where are you off to?
(he starts his car up and follows Scott's car)

2.(at the Morales house)
(Diego enters, rather in a slump, Dana comes from the kitchen and sees him)
Dana: Oh it's just you.
Diego: Thanks.
Dana: I didn't mean it like that. It's just that Joe was suppose to be home early for dinner. He was stopping at the grocery store on the way here. He should be here by now though.
Diego: He's probably stuck in traffic. I had a hard time getting here.
Dana: Where were you?
Diego: I really don't want to talk about it.
Dana: At Kelly's huh. Whenever you say that it's always about Kelly.
Diego: Dnaa, please. I haven't had a great day at all and all I want to do is just forget about it. If anyone calls I'll be in my room.
(Diego walks upstairs)

3.(meanwhile at Maple Avenue, at the car accident)
(Kelly runs to Blain's car, trying to open the door but it won't open)
Kelly: Blain? Blain?!
(she looks inside and sees Blain knocked out on the steering wheel)
Kelly: Somebody help!
(meanwhile Marshall is driving by and stops, he gets out of his car and runs over to Kelly)
Marshall: What's going on? What happened?
Kelly: There was an accident. Blain ran through the light and hit that car. (points to Joe's car which is off the road)
Marshall: Someone call 911!
(Marshall tries to help Kelly get Blain's door open but it won't budge)

4.(at the Lincoln's house, in the living room, Tracy and Nathaniel both are sitting)
Tracy: Wait a minute. What did you just say? I don't think I heard you right.
Nathaniel: I said, I'm your father. Victoria is your sister.
Tracy: This is a joke right? Trying to loosen me up before you tell me the real truth. Listen that's really funny but I don't have time. Just get to the real truth.
Nathaniel: I'm not lying Tracy. I'm telling the truth.
Tracy: But that can't be. I know who my parents are and besides I don't have any siblings. I'm an only child.
Nathaniel: No you're not. You have a sister and it's Victoria.
Tracy: But how can that be? You must be confused. Did Victoria put you up to this?
Nathaniel: No she did not. This is the honest truth.
Tracy: How could you be my father, how could Victoria... be my sister?!
Nathaniel: Tracy... you were adopted.

5.(Scott drives into Lillian Apartments parking lot, he gets out of the car and enters the apartment building, meanwhile Mark parks his car)
Mark: (watches Scott enter the building) What are you doing here Mr. Taylor?
(meanwhile in the building, Scott stands outside of David's door)
Scott: Ok, just play it cool Scott. Play it cool.
(he enters the destroyed apartment, totally blackened, ash everywhere, he finds David)
David: Scott, glad that you could come.
Scott: Get to the point Miller.
David: Not so fast.
Scott: Why did you have me meet you here of all places?
David: Well I figured that this would be one place that no one would come.
Scott: Got that right. Where is it?
David: Where is what?
Scott: Don't play dumb! Where is my file?!

6.Kelly: It's no use, the door won't open.
Marshall: Watch out.
(Kelly backs out of the way, meanwhile Marshall moves behind Blain's car, he kicks the back window in, breaks the outerglass with his hand, he enters from the back)
Kelly: Is he alive?!
(Marshall checks Blain's pulse)
Marshall: (yelling from inside the car) Yes, but his pulse is weak! He's unconscious! He'll need to get to the hospital!
Woman: (says to Kelly) I called 911, help is on the way.
Kelly: Thank you.
(meanwhile at Joe's car, off the road, people surround it)
Teen1: Man this car is a goner.
Teen2: I feel sorry for this guy.
Man: I don't think anyone could have made it out alive in that car when it got hit.
Woman: It was a big blow. Whoever is in there, they'll never make it out alive.

7.(at the Andrews mansion)
(Mason enters the mansion, very pissed off, he slams the door closed, the noise vibrants throughout the mansion, he throws his briefcase to the floor and enters the kitchen, he gets himself a beer, opens it and drinks it)
(Jennifer enters)
Jennifer: What the hell is your problem? You aren't the only one that lives in this mansion.
Mason: Jen, I don't want to hear it right now. I've had a very bad day and unless you want to get on my shitlist, then I suggest you shut up.
Jennifer: Who the hell do you think you're talking to?
Mason: You.
(Mason leaves)

8.Tracy: What? I was adopted. What are you talking about?
Nathaniel: Dean and Karen aren't your real parents. They adopted you.
Tracy: My God, you know there names.
Nathaniel: Yes. They adopted your three weeks after your mother gave birth to you.
Tracy: I can't believe you're telling me this. I don't believe you.
Nathaniel: I know it's a lot to take in at the moment and I understand that you may have problems believeing it, but it is the truth. I just want to tell you everything before Victoria interrupts.
Tracy: Continue. Why did you give me up for adoption? Was Victoria adopted too?
(he doesn't answer)
Tracy: What?
Nathaniel: You were given up because..... well your mother and I had you when we were both young and stupid. We didn't want a child. When we found out about you we were terrified. Your mother and I... well we weren't exactly lovebirds.
Tracy: My God, you're telling me that not only am I a bastard child but you and my mother didn't even love each other. You didn't even want me. Is that what you're saying?!
Nathaniel: I know it sounds harsh but--
Tracy: That's putting it mildly! I only have one more question for you. What about Victoria?

9.(meanwhile at Lillian apartments, outside of David's apartment stands Mark)
Mark: What are you doing here Mr. Taylor?
(Samantha and Richard are walking down the hall)
Mark: Excuse me. May I ask you a quick question?
Samantha: Sure.
Mark: Do you know who lives, or lived here? (pointing to David's apartment)
Samantha: I only know his first name. I haven't been living here long. His name is David.
Richard: It's David Miller. He's a novelist.
Mark: Thanks a lot.
Samantha and Richard: Welcome.
(Samantha and Richard walk to her apartment)
Mark: So David Miller, what's your business with Mr. Taylor?

10.Tracy: What about Victoria? Why did you decide to keep her?
Nathaniel: That's an entire different story.
Tracy: Well I'm listening.
Nathaniel: She's your half-sister. I'm her father too but you both have different mothers.
Tracy: This other woman, Victoria's mother, did you marry her?
Nathaniel: Yes.
(the doorbell rings)
Tracy: I'll... I'll be back.
(Tracy goes to the front door and opens it and sees Victoria)
Tracy: What a surprise. We were just talking about you.
Victoria: We?
Tracy: Yes, your father is filing me in on all sorts of things.

11.(Maple Avenue, accident)
(Marshall pulls Blain out of the car and lays him on the ground)
(Kelly runs over to them)
Kelly: Is he ok?
Marshall: I don't know. He has some cuts and bruises. His pulse is low. And he's breathing but not great. Where is the other vehicle invovled?
Kelly: There. (points across the road to Joe's car)
(Marshall runs over to it)
Marshall: Everyone watch out, watch out!
(the drives door of Joe's car is indented badly)
Marshall: Hello. Hello!
(he looks at Joe in the car but Joe isn't moving)
Marshall: What to do?
(the hood of the car bursts into flames, Marshall and everyone else back up immediately)
Woman: He's a goner.
Woman2: For usre.
(Joe lays in the car, knocked out, flames spreading on the hood of the car)