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Season Two Episodes (Wild Thangs)
Episode Twenty-Seven


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1.(at the Lincoln's house)
(Tracy stands before Victoria at the door)
Victoria: Excuse me?
Tracy: That's right Victoria. Your father is here. We've had quite a chat. He's told me so many things.
(Victoria walks in the house and finds Nathaniel in the living room)
Victoria: What are you doing here?
Tracy: What's the matter? Are you worried that he might have told me everything?
Victoria: Of course not, there's nothing to tell.
Tracy: Really?
Victoria: What are you doing here Dad? What have the two of you been talking about?
(Tracy smiles at Victoria)

2.(at David's apartment)
Scott: I'm only here on business David. I'm not here to have a chit chat.
David: You're not exactly in charge Scott. I am. You see, I'm the only one that has your file and knows your secrets.
Scott: I beg to differ. I find it very strange how even though your apartment was burned to ashes, you still somehow have my file.
David: I took it with me.
Scott: Right. And you've waited this long to blackmail. No, something isn't right.
(meanwhile outside the apartment stands Mark)
Mark: What are they talking about? Is Mr. Taylor being blackmailed? By a file? This file must be something big. Real big.

3.(meanwhile at South Bay General Hospital, Kelly bursts through the front door and runs to the reception desk)
Kelly: You have to help me!
Receptionist: What's wrong?
Kelly: My boyfriend was involved in a car accident. He needs medical attention. He's in my car, we decided not to wait for an ambulance.
Doctor: I'll help you get him.
Kelly: Follow me.
(Kelly and the doctor walk out of the hospital to Kelly's car when Joe is being rolled in the hospital)
(Marshal is walking alongside with the other doctors, they go into room ER5)
Marshall: I'll be right back.
(Marshall walks out of the room and walks over to the pay phone)

4.(at the Morales house, the living room)
Dana: Where are you Joe? You should be here. I've called M&L and they said you left hours ago.
(the phone rings nearby and she answers it)
Dana: Hello. Dana speaking.
Marshall: Hello Dana, this is Marshall Lincoln. I'm at South Bay General Hospital. There's been an accident.
Dana: An accident? What do you mean?
Marshall: Joe has been in a serious car accident. He's been hurt bad.
Dana: Is he ok? What's wrong? What happened?
Marshall: He's just been admitted and he's in the emergency room. I haven't received further details yet. I think you and the rest of your family should get here as soon as you can.
Dana: Certainly. Thank you.
(she hangs up the phone quickly, meanwhile Diego walks downstairs)
Diego: Who was that?
Dana: The hospital. Umm, Joe's been in a car accident.
(Diego's expression on his face drops when he heres the news)

5.(at the Andrews mansion, Mason enters the kitchen and sees Katheleen, he walks over to the trash can and drops a beer bottle in it making a big noise)
(he opens the food pantry door, looks inside and shuts it hard)
Katheleen: Will you please stop acting so childish?
Mason: Am I?
Katheleen: Damn it Mason! (tries to calm herself by breathing) Why are you so difficult? What is wrong with you? You're so different now. You never acted like this when you were a child. Then you knew how to respect someone, most of all me. If your father was alive now to see you-
Mason: What mother? He'd be disappointed. By the looks of it it seems that he already was. He didn't trust me enough to let me run Andrews Global.
Katheleen: That's all you care about. Andrews Global this and Andrews Global that. It's not the most important thing in the world. Your family should be. I only wish that you understood that. What happens if Andrews Global is gone one day? What are you going to do with yourself then?
Mason: With you running it then it will be soon. (leaves the kitchen)

6.(at the Lincoln's house)
Tracy: I already told you Victoria, we were talking.
Victoria: About?
Tracy: Oh sis, can't I talk to my own father?
(Victoria stands solid and stiff with her mouth wide open)
Tracy: My, I wasn't expecting that reaction.
Victoria: This isn't happening. It's a dream.
Tracy: Sorry sis, but this is not a dream, it's true. I know everything now, everything.
Nathaniel: I'm sorry Victoria, I had to tell her. I couldn't keep the truth from her any longer.
Victoria: You betrayed me. You promised to keep this a secret but you broke your promise.
Tracy: Oh please Victoria. I've had enough of you. You see, you're my problem and I'm going to make sure that I deal with you.

7.(at South Bay General Hospital)
(Kelly is pacing around when Marshall walks over to her)
Marshall: Are you alright?
Kelly: I guess so. I called Blain's house but I didn't get an answer.
Marshall: I just called Joe's.
Kelly: I can't believe this has happened. Blain just got of the hospital from his shooting and now... (starts to cry)
(Marshall sits by Kelly and she leans her head on his shoulder)
Marshall: Shh, it's ok. I understand. It's alright.
(Dana and Diego enter the hospital)
Diego: Kelly, what are you doing here?
Dana: What's going on?
Kelly: There was an accident.
Diego: I know but what are you doing here though?
Kelly: Blain was the driver that hit your brother.
Dana: No. This is a nightmare. How is he?
Marshall: I just got some news from a nurse. He's in critical condition. The next couple of hours are going to make all the difference.
(Diego looks at Kelly, they lock eyes)

8.David: What do you mean?
Scott: I just have a weird feeling about this. Show me the file.
David: Show me the money.
(Scott opens the briefcase and reveals the money, he closes it back up)
(David shows the file quickly)
David: On the count of three swap, one... two.... three.
(they switch)
David: Nice doing business with you.
(David leaves the apartment and Mark hides, when David is gone Mark returns)
Mark: This is serious. Serious enough for Mr. Taylor to pay him off.
(back in the apartment is Scott, he takes out the papers but they're fake)
Scott: That son of a bitch. He lied, these are fake. Asshole! (smiles)
(meanwhile in the parking lot of Lillian Apartments, David gets into his car)
David: Perfect. By the time Scott figures out that those papers are fakes I'll be long gone with my money.
(he kisses the briefcase)

9.(at the Andrews mansion, in Mason's room, he enters and slams the door)
Mason: Bitch. That son of bitch Kevin is going to be destroyed. I told him not to mess with me but he crossed me anyway. I'm going to make his life hell!
(he throws a vase to the wall, it shatters)
Mason: Kevin and my mother may think that all their problems are gone but the least of their problems have yet to come. She think she can fire me! Oh hell no! No one fires me! Especially not her! I'll destroy them both.

10.Victoria: What do you mean by "deal with me"?
Tracy: I'm going to make sure that you pay for what you've done.
Victoria: Just me? Have you forgotten that it just wasn't me that kept this secret, our father did too.
Tracy: I'm sure he only did it because you brainwashed him to. No, you're the one I'm going to take care of. I'm going to make sure that you live everyday of your horrifying life in agony. I'm going make sure you suffer. Now get the hell out now, before I throw you out.
(Victoria looks at Nathaniel and back at Tracy, she then escorts herself out)

11.(at South Bay General Hospital)
(a nurse walks over to Diego, Dana, Kelly and Marshall)
Nurse: Hello, pardon me. I need someone to give all of Mr. Morales information to the front desk.
Dana: I can do it.
Nurse: Thank you, follow me.
(the Nurse and Dana walk to the reception desk)
Marshall: Listen, I'll go and see what' s happening with Blain. (leaves)
(Kelly puts her head down to avoid Diego)
Diego: I'm sorry about what happened.
Kelly: Me too.
Diego: I know you probably want to forget but I have to ask. Was this accident because of what happened at the mansion? Did Blain get into an accident because what he saw?
Kelly: Yes, yes Diego. Blain was horrified. He was driving insanely. I followed him in my car behind him because he was driving so reckless. But he had quite a reason to. He wasn't looking at the road and ran through the light, that's when.... when he struck your brother's car.
Diego: But that means... that means that... I caused this. This is all my fault. Joe is here fighting for his life because of me. Both Joe and Blain are.
Kelly: It's not your fault.
Diego: But it is. If I never kissed you, none of this would have happened. It's all my fault. If I hadn't been so damn selfish... if I didn't have to go through with my desires...
(Diego runs off)
Kelly: Diego! Diego wait!