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Season Two Episodes (Wild Thangs)
Episode Thirty


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1.(at the Taylor mansion)
(Rebecca enters through the front door and immediately sees Julia and Matthew)
Rebecca: Well this is a surprise. Is Ross here too?
Julia: Yes. We're in town for a few weeks.
Rebecca: That's great.
(Julia notices all of Rebecca's luggage)
Julia: Been somewhere?
Rebecca: You could say that. Is Blain around? I heard about everything that happened. Please tell me he's ok.
Matthew: He's fine. He just stepped out for a second. He'll be back soon.
Rebecca: Thank God he's alright.
(Ross and Scott enter the room, Scott sees Rebecca)

2.(at Andrews Global)
(Katheleen walks into Kevin's office)
Kevin: Morning.
Katheleen: Hello. How are you?
Kevin: Ok.
Katheleen: I came by because I wanted to apologize for everything. I feel awful about what Mason did. Then he tried to convince that you did it and he did convince me. I shouldn't have believed him so quickly. I was completely unprofessional about the situation.
Kevin: It's alright. You were under a lot of pressure at the time. You didn't have time to think. You just had to act. Besides the matter is taken care of.
Katheleen: Great.
(she leaves his office, as she exits she runs into Mason)
Katheleen: Mason? What are you doing here?
Mason: I'm here to clean out my office. You fired me remember.
Katheleen: It didn't have to be this way.
(Mason smirks and then walks off)

3.(at the Andrews mansion, Kelly and Blain are still talking)
Blain: Kelly?
Kelly: (coming out of a daze) Hmm.
Blain: You didn't answer the question.
Kelly: Oh I'm sorry.
Blain: Well?
Kelly: Blain this is really hard to do. I'm afraid that once I tell you, you'll just leave and I won't be able to explain.
Blain: My God. It's true?
Kelly: Yes. You walked in on Diego and I kissing? But-
Blain: But! Is there something going on that I don't know about?
Kelly: Never!
Blain: I don't want to hear anymore. (starts to leave)
Kelly: Blain waits! (notices that he's gone and sighs deeply) I didn't even get to explain that Diego was the one that pursued it. Not me.
(the doorbell rings, Kelly rushes to the door hoping it's Blain, she opens it and it's Dana)
Kelly: Oh Dana. I didn't know that it was going to be you.
Dana: Hello Kelly. I think we need to have a little talk.

4.(meanwhile at "Pit Stop")
(Samantha is there working but helping manage the place until Tracy gets back)
Samantha: (to co-worker) Did you get the boxes from the back?
Employee: Yeah, I took everything out and placed them on the front table.
Samantha: Thanks.
(meanwhile Claire enters and sits at a booth)
Samantha: It's Claire, the woman from the hospital. The one that thought she knew me but said I only reminded her of someone.
(she looks at her more)

5.Ross: Rebecca.
(Ross walks over and gives Rebecca a hug)
Ross: It's great to see you. I haven't seen you in a while.
Rebecca: I know. It's great to see all of you.
Ross: Same here.
Julia: So how is everything going here?
Rebecca: (looks at Scott) Oh they're going alreight. But enough about us. What about you Julia? I heard that your brother is resigning from office. What happened?
(meanwhile Ross and Scott move to a corner)
Ross: This must be very weird.
Scott: Weird isn't the word.
Ross: I still can't believed she divorced you.
Scott: Neither can I. Even though we didn't get along I never thought about the day she'd do that.
Ross: Once she's gone your political status will be too. I mean you do have your connections but her family brought most of that for you.
Scott: I know. I was counting on that.
Ross: For what?
Scott: I have a few problems going on right now. Ones that I wish I could get rid of.
(Ross looks at Scott curious)

6.(at the Andrews mansion)
Kelly: Come in.
(Kelly escorts Dana inside)
Kelly: I have to say that I'm surprised to see you this morning.
Dana: I wasn't planning on coming here but I suddenly felt the urge to.
Kelly: Really?
Dana: Where is my brother?
Kelly: Who? Richard?
Dana: No, Diego. He didn't come home last night. He didn't come home this morning either. Richard and I are worried.
Kelly: Well I have no idea where he could be. The last time I saw him was at the hospital.
Dana: This is all your fault.
Kelly: My fault? Why are you placing the blame on me?
Dana: Don't be so dense Kelly. You can't be that stupid. I'm talking about Diego and Diego being in love with you.
Kelly: What? You must be confused.
Dana: No I'm not. Just look at all the events that have happened lately. My brother still loves you and when he tried to show that you pushed him away.
Kelly: No. I mean he has been acting differenly lately.
Dana: You're destroying my family. You've broken Diego's heart and you're killed Joe!

7.(at "Pit Stop")
(Claire turns around to find her waiter and sees Samantha, she turns around quickly so Samantha won't see her looking)
Claire: It's her. I can't believe I've run into her abgain. She must live her. That's not good. Not at all.
(Claire walks out of the cafe, meanwhile Marshall walks in and goes over to Samantha)
Samantha: Oh hi Marshall.
Marshall: Hi Samantha, is my wife here?
Samantha: No she hasn't come in yet.
Marshall: Hmm. Where could she be?
(he remembers Tracy saying that she was going over Victoria's)
Marshall: Victoria's. I better go over there before she gets herself in more trouble than she already is in.
(Marshall leaves)

8.(at Andrews Global, in Katheleen's office)
(she's on the phone with a client)
Katheleen: I'm so thrilled that you've decided to give your account back to us. We greatly appreciate it. We were just going through a bad time but it's all been taken care of. All right. All right. Bye.
(she hangs up the phone as Kevin enters)
Kevin: You're smiling. Something good happened?
Katheleen: Did it ever. I called some of our clients that left and got them back.
Kevin: Great.
Katheleen: Andrews Global is going to be fine for now on.
(meanwhile Mason is outside the office listening)
Mason: That's what you think mother. But as long as I have something to say about it, it won't. I'm going to destroy you, I don't care if the company has to go down with you. Besides once you're gone I'll be incharge and I'll rebuild the company into something bigger and better.
(he grins and walks off with a box in his hand)

9.(at the Taylor mansion)
Ross: Well we're going to head on out of here brother.
Rebecca: So soon? We barely had a chance to talk Julia.
Ross: We'll be back. We're going to be in town for a while.
Scott: You know you can stay here. This mansion has plenty of rooms.
Julia: Ross has a beachhouse here. It's really nice. It's nothing like the mansion but it's decent.
Ross: We'll be seeing you.
Matthew: I'm going to stay. Blain's coming back.
Ross: Alright. Well I'll see you both later.
Rebecca: Bye.
(Ross and Julia both see their way out)
(Matthew walks out on the deck leaving Scott and Rebecca alone)
Rebecca: Did you tell Ross?
Scott: Yes. He was shocked.
Rebecca: Well he didn't really know what was going on in this pathetic marriage. Anyway, I came by to get my things. Seeing the sight of you just makes my skin crawl. You haven't told Blain, have you?
Scott: No.
Rebecca: Good. Keep it that way. I want to tell him.
Scott: Where are you going to go?
Rebecca: Who knows. I haven't thought of it. I was thinking of my father's. Either way I'll manage.
Scott: I'm sure.
(Rebecca walks upstairs)
Scott: Wait until I'm finished with you bitch.

10.Kelly: Dana please, those are some harsh accusations.
Dana: What? You've feeling some guilt there. I mean God forbid you take some of the blame for this.
Kelly: That's not what I meant.
Dana: Then what did you mean?
Kelly: I'm sorry. I really am. Your brother dying was a tragedy. He didn't deserve to die, especially at his age. But blaming me is not going to help the matter. You just need to try and cope with it.
Dana: Cope with it? How dare you! This isn't something you just get over.
Kelly: I know.
Dana: Do you really? Do you know what it's like to lose your mother, father and oldest brother in less than six years. I'll save you the trouble of answering that because you don't. So don't even pretend you know what I'm going through.
Kelly: But see that's where you're wrong. I know exactly what you're going through. I lost my father around the same time as your parents death. And as you know I loved my father to death. Losing him was the hardest thing in the world. I couldn't get over it. I would blame myself, blame others. All that ended up to my drinking. So you see Dana. I do know and I know that it's not easy. No one said it is. But somehow you must get through it and remember your brother is in a better place now.
(Dana sits down on the couch and cries some, Kelly walks over and sits next to her)
Dana: I just don't know what' sgoing to happen now. Joe was the oldest, he was the leader of the family. After my parents died he looked after RIchard, Diego and I. He took over the family business as well. Not am I only sad of his death... but I'm afraid now.
Kelly: (confused) Afraid? Of what?
Dana: Of what the future holds. I'm the oldest now. I feel like now I have to be the support for my family and that scares me.
Kelly: That's not true. You don't have to do this alone, you have a wonderful family. Diego and Richard will be there to help you. They love you so much. You're there only sister.
(Dana lets out a few more tears)
Kelly: Shh, come here.
(Dana rests her head on Kelly's shoulder)

11.(meanwhile Blain is driving in the Taylor's spare car)
(he's driving down the road when he spots Diego, Blain immediately parks his car and hops out)
(Blain walks over to Diego)
Blain: Diego!
(Diego turns around and sees Blain)
Diego: Blain?
(Blain swings big and punches Diego in the face hard)