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Season Two Episodes (Wild Thangs)
Episode Twenty-Eight


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1.(at the Andrews mansion, at the library)
(Mason enters the room and locks the door behind him, he pours himself some brandy into a flass and gulps it down)
Mason: I need to think of a plan, to destroy both of them. This time it has to be something big, bigger than anything I've ever done. I want to make sure that whatever I do will leave a scar on both of their lives forever. (smirks) "Mason Andrews gets revenge on his own mother". What a headline that'll be on The Tribute. A headline I can't wait to read. Andrews Global is meant to be mine and I will make sure I get it. No one will stand in my way. And now Jennifer, she just has to stick her nose into everything. If she sticks her nose into my business one more time then I'll make sure I take care of her too. Hell! Why won't I just take care of all three of them. May they all be destroyed.

2.(at the Taylor's mansion, Scott enters the mansion, noticing how quiet it is)
Scott: It's so quiet. Oh, Rebecca isn't here. She's busy... ah! That little, I don't even know what to say about her.
(looks at his watch)
Scott: In approximately one hour my divorce will be final. You think you've put me out of your life Rebecca, but you haven't. Where's Blain? He should be here. He's probably over the Andrews with... Kelly. He really needs to find someone else besides a recovering drunk. Oh well, can't win them all. Right now I just need to make sure that all my secrets remain secret. If anyone finds out any of them, I'll be destroyed.
(heads to the bedroom)

3.(at South Bay General Hospital)
(Richard and Samantha enter the hospital together, Richard sees Dana and runs over to her)
Dana: Richard.
Richard: What happened? You sounded really upset over the phone. You never said what was wrong.
(Dana looks at him, trying to speak with no words coming out)
Richard: What's wrong? Tell me.
Dana: It's Joe. He's been in a car accident. He's been hurt bad. They have him in the ER right now.
Richard: Oh no.
(Samantha lays her hand on Richard's shoulder)
Richard: This isn't true.
Dana: I wish it weren't either. I haven't gotten much word on his condition yet.
Richard: He has to be ok, he has to. We can't lose him.

4.(outside of South Bay General Hospital)
(Diego is in the alley, leaning against the wall)
Diego: This is all my fault. Blain and my brother are in there fighting for their lives all because of me. All because of my foolish desires and feelings. Damn you Dana! You're the one that put all these sick and twisted ideas in my head! I never would have gone through with my feelings for Kelly if you hadn't pushed me. Then Blain saw me kiss Kelly and he ended up hitting Joe. If either of them don't make it, it'd be my fault. I'd be the one that killed them. I have to get out of here, I can't stand this anymore.
(he runs out of the alley and onto the road, a car coming down the road blows they're horn and quickly stops, almost hitting Diego, Diego stands infront of the car shocked)
Driver: Move the hell out of the way! Watch where the hell you're going!
(Diego continues running)

5.(inside of South Bay General Hospital)
(Richard and Samantha both are sitting down)
Samantha: I wish I knew what to say. The only thing that pops in my head is I'm sorry. But I wonder if that is truly enough.
Richard: It's ok. I'm just really worried. We just lost our parents a few years ago. To lose my brother too... it would just-
Samantha: Hey. You're not going to lose him. He'll pull through. You just have to stay strong for him.
Richard: Thank you. You're helping a lot.
Samantha: After everything you've done for me this is the least I could do.
(meanwhile Claire Roberts walks by, she glances at Samantha and stops)
Claire: Oh my God, it's you.
(Samantha hears her and rises)
Samantha: Excuse me? Do I know you?
(Claire stands in total shock, staring at Samantha)

6.(still at the hospital but in a different area)
(Marshall walks over to Kelly)
Kelly: Any news on Blain?
Marshall: Yes. (smiles) He's going to be fine. He's not badly hurt.
Kelly: Thank God. This is a mircale.
Marshall: He walked away with a few scratches and bruises. But he'll be fine.
Kelly: Thank you.
(she hugs Marshall)
(meanwhile Dana is right across from them and stares, Kelly looks over)
Kelly: Oh I'm sorry Dana.
Dana: Of course you are. I mean you're happy, why shouldn't you celebrate. I mean it's not like it's your brother in there fighting for his life while the man that hit him is perfectly fine.
(Kelly walks over to Dana)
Kelly: Listen I'm so
Dana: Don't! I really don't need your pity right now.
(Dana walks off)
(Marshall walks over to Kelly)
Marshall: It's not your fault. She's just worried, that's all.
Kelly: Yeah.

7.(at the Andrews mansion, in the library)
(Mason sits behind the desk in his father's chair)
Mason: (looks at his father's portrait hung on the wall) This would have been avoidable if you had just gone ahead and left me the company in the first place.
(Mason has a flashback)

(seven years ago, in the same library)
(Mason enters and walks straight over to his father's desk, opens a drawer and takes out a paper, reads over it)
Mason: What?! This has to be a misprint. He's leaving her Andrews Global.
(Mason's father Ben enters)
Ben: Mason? What are you doing in here? You know this is offlimits for you.
Mason: You're leaving her the company. She doesn't know a thing about the company let alone how to run one.
Ben: And what, I should leave it to you?
Mason: Why not?! I know everything. I know that company like the back of my hand. You've taught me everything you know.
Ben: I'm not going to argue with you. It's already done. I made my decision. Now please leave and close the door on your way out.

(comes out of his flashback)
Mason: Now I must take matters into my own hands.

8.Samantha: Excuse me? Do I know you?
Claire: You... you look just..
Samantha: What are you talking about? Do you know me? Please, I must know.
Claire: I have to go.
Samantha: Wait please. You don't understand. I'm in seach of my biological parents and I have reason to believe that they live here, here in South Bay. If by chance you know me, you could help.
Claire: I'm sorry, I don't know you. You just looked like someone I know. But you're not here. Sorry.
(Claire continues walking and turns the corner)
Claire: It's her. It's Samantha. She must know that she was adopted. That means she's looking for... after all these years.
(Claire rushes out of the hospital)

9.(Scott enters South Bay General Hospital, he spots Kelly and walks over to her)
Kelly: Mr. Taylor, I suppose you've heard.
Scott: Yes. Isn't this something.
Kelly: Pardon me?
Scott: You. What are you, a curse? Everytime my son gets near you, something bad happens. First he was shot, now in a car accident. What's next? Are you going to finish him off?
Kelly: How dare you!
Scott: Why can't you just stay away from him?
(Dr.Frazier walks over to Scott)
Scott: Doctor, how is my son?
Dr.Frazier: He's fine. We're releasing him tonight. He should be here any minute.
Scott: Thank you.
(the doctor leaves)
Scott: (to Kelly) Let Blain know that I was here, I'll be at home.
(Scott starts to exit the hospital when his cell-phone rings, he answers it)
Scott: Scott Taylor speaking.
(he hears bells ringing on the phone)
Scott: Hello? Who is this?
Rebecca: You know what time it is?
Scott: It's... (looks at watch) Twelve midnight. And?
Rebecca: We are divorced. I'm no longer Mrs. Scott Taylor, thank God.
Scott: Don't be so happy, you'll never make it without me. People only knew you as a Taylor, now that that's gone, they won't give a damn about you.
Rebecca: Please Scott, enough with the jokes. Have you forgotten that I'm a Cunningham. I never needed you Scott, you needed me. (hangs up on him)
Scott: (hangs up his phone) We'll see about that.

10.(meanwhile in the west wing of South Bay General Hospital)
(Dana walks over to Samantha and Richard who are talking)
Dana; I'm sorry to interrupt, but have either of you seen Diego?
Richard: No, why?
Dana: I haven't seen him for a while. I've been looking for him.
Richard: I'm sure he's somewhere.
(suddenly nurses and doctors rush into Joe's room)
(Dana stops one of the nurses)
Dana: What's going on?
Nurse: Please Miss Morales, I have to do my job.
(the nurse enters Joe's room)

(meanwhile in the ER room)
Doctor1: Pulse dropping. Breating rate low.
Nurse1: 500 ips.
Nurse2: Stitches from chest wound are open.
(Nurse2 applies pressure to the wound)
Doctor1: Flatlined! Crashcart, now!
(two of the nurses wheel in the cart over to the doctor)
Doctor: Ready, one..... two.... three. Clear!
Nurse2: Nothing.
Doctor. Again...... clear!
Nurse1: We're losing him.
Doctor: Keep going, we're not giving up. Clear!
(still no change)
Doctor: Alright, watch out.
(the doctor closes Joe's nose, starts performing CPR, pressing Joe's stomach hard three times)
Doctor: Come on. Breathe!
Nurse2: He's gone doctor.
(the doctor backs up)
Doctor: Um... call it.
Nurse1: 12:15 AM.
Doctor: I'll notify the family.
(the doctor walks out of the room to Dana, Richard and Samantha, all of them sensing something is wrong)
Dana: What happened? How is he?
Doctor: I'm afraid I have some terrible news. Your brother was suffering from some severe internal injuries and head injuries. He gave the best fight possible
Dana: But what? What are you saying?!
Doctor: We did the best we could but we lost him. We tried to revive him but
Dana: No. No. You have to keep trying. You'll see he'll be fine.
Doctor: I'm sorry.
Dana: No! You have to go back there. Are you listening!
Richard: Dana, come on. Shh. I know you're hurting.
Dana: Richard, they can't stop. They just can't stop. They have to keep trying. Tell them not to stop. Make them go back. Joe's fine. We can't just give up on him. You'll see. Go back.
Richard: Come here.
(Richard brings Dana to him and lays her head on his shoulder as she cries)